1920dc – a New Neighborhood Bar – Soft Opens at 1920 9th St, NW (9th and U St, NW)

One of the owners writes:

“1920dc is really aiming to provide an affordable but cool option over here in the 9th and U St. side of town. We’re bringing great djays, a great crowd and some of the best wings in the
city (in my biased opinion) to the table.

1920dc is all about great music, great drinks and great people.”

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  • The 1920 bar has a hip-hop theme. That’s confusing. Aside from the name it seems like a cool place and I wish them luck.

  • I can hear the gunshots now…..

    • Booooo anonymous.

      Wish them well, welcome to the neighborhood!

    • Of course a comment like this would come from someone who posts anonymously.

      If it is like the hip hop they play at Lounge of 3 and Queen Makeda this isn’t going to cater to a rough crowd. The typical person who likes this kind of hip hop is in their 30s and 40s, grew up loving A Tribe Called Quest and is now an established professional.

      Lounge of 3 has had a similar format for a couple of years now and I haven’t heard of any problems there.

      It was probably a quick comment from this person who was going for a quick laugh, but I found the comment to be uninformed with undertones of racism.

      With that said I am a hip hop head who can’t wait to check this place out!

      • But you’re no less anonymous than Anonymous above.

        • Fair enough, my point about being anonymous is that if you are a frequent reader of POP, you get to kind of know the view points of some commenters. You form opinions on who frequently have insightful points and people who I don’t find value from their opinions. I would prefer to know who the commenter’s POP identity is to help weed through future posts.

  • This is actually by the same folks who owned/operated Queen Makeda across the street. Looking forward to checking it out!

  • Was there last night for the soft opening. Great drinks, great music, great people. Same guys that made Lounge of 3 and Queen Makeda awesome. Glad to see them back in another spot.

  • Can we get a hipster/indie rock bar. I don’t like hip hop and somewhat agree with anon. You don’t get shootouts with stoners, punks, hippies or hipsters.

    There was an article in the post recently that talked how hip hop and rap lost the anti drug message it started with and has been coopted by a culture of misogyny and glorified violence.

  • I wish them well and have nothing against anyone operating a club or restaurant there. It’s a great location. I just hope the management remembers to keep their windows closed to keep in the sound rather than have it bleed for blocks around. The former management seemed to struggle with that while other businesses on the 1900 block manage to do that for the most part.

  • I’m not a hip-hop fan, but after watching season two of Treme, I would like to check out a Bounce club one of these nights.

  • Reading some of the ridiculous comments here reminds me why DC sucks so much as city. A bunch of country bumpkins who have no idea WTF they’re talking about. SMH. Gunshots …

    • Seriously! I guess living in fear of hip hop makes people uptight.

    • So you mean to tell me that every person that listens to hip-hop isn’t a crime-loving thug that objectifies women and plans to shoot at the harmless upstanding citizens in the area?? But that’s not what the Washington Post told me!!

    • You would have similar comments, if not worse, in any city in America. If anything sucks about this city it’s that some people here don’t know how good they’ve got it.

  • This is the brainchild of the same people behind Queen Makeda and Lounge of Three. Both of these establishments have absolutely zero history of any gunshots, violence, etc. They cater to a crowd that grew up on old school Hiphop, meaning 30’s and 40’s professionals with disposable income.

    I stopped by the soft opening last night and the space looks great! They had a DJ on the first level playing rap classics and then karaoke upstairs with a huge crowd. The demographic was an eclectic mix and the drinks were amazing. They were definitely cheaper than other bars in the same area. I see myself coming back here often.

    I’ll vouch for the wing statement too.

    • 1920Dc is going to be a great place for people to hear some great hip hop and meet really cool people that are grown and professional without being pretentious.

  • (not so) thinly veiled racism in the house! what year is it again?

  • Soooo on the same block there’s DC9, 1905 and now 1920dc? That grinds my gears, for whatever reason

  • If you’re familiar with Lounge of Three and/or Queen Makeda, which are the forebearers for this spot, then you would know you are only in danger of two things at 1920:

    1) Sore neck from bobbing head too hard to dope music

    2) Getting slightly more drunk than you wanted to based on unanticipated heavy pour

    That’s it.

    On the subject of noise pollution, the whole U Street Corridor is noisy. Like Adams Morgan. Or DuPont Circle. Or Georgetown. That’s kinda what happens when a bunch of bars glom together a few blocks apart.

    Try as they might, 1920 would be hard-pressed to accomplish a greater bleed of their music than you get from Nelly’s, which you can hear from 2-3 blocks away sometimes.

    No one complains about Nelly’s, do they? Really, why would they? Nelly’s is cool. 1920 is cool. Be more like Fonzi, B. It’s what Sam Jackson would do.

    • That was my first thought about the complaints about potential noise. Rooftop bar and DJ at Nellie’s all the time. Can hear it from 3-4 blocks away. Besides, I love all kinds of music pumping through the doors of a bar/club… as long as I don’t live next door!

  • halfsmoke

    Hip hop bar?! Where’s the Hpnotiq, Ciroc and Passionfruit Alize on the back bar?!

  • U Street really needs a country/western bar.

  • Anybody remember The Common Share? Rap dive bar with super cheap drinks: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-common-share-washington

  • Nothing wrong with this place – white suburban kids need a place to feel like they’re in the game too.

  • I gotta check this out!

    ATCQ are overrated, though.

    • WORST.POST.EVER!!!!!

      C’mon Son!!

    • ATCQ is one of the greatest groups ever (for the first three records, but I dig the fourth too).

      If there were more acts like ATCQ on modern urban radio, I might actually listen to it.

  • Opening Weekend Finalized. No Gunshots heard!!!!!! Only Shots Fired were the liquid ones to the Dome . Thank You Very Much…
    Monisa Fisher (owner)

  • 1920 is going to be a great neighborhood bar. The owners are the same people that made Queen Makeda a great spot down at the stepchild part of U. Street . The drinks are undeniable and the crowd is wonderful. Don’t be fooled by it being called a Hip-hop Bar because it’s way more than that. It’s a PEOPLE BAR that plays Hip-Hop from some of the best DJs in the local bar scene! EVERYONE is welcome with opened arms by the management and the regulars.

    To be honest, I think 1920’s goal is to suck YOU (and you and you) in with their drinks, vibe, and music in order make you part of their colorful regulars.

  • The most frequent illegal behavior going down on U. Street is not gun violence, it’s illegal drug (specifically Cocaine) usage. 1920 is not one of those places where you will see either. I guess that’s what certain posters on here prefer; a “POWDER ROOM” at their regular bars. It’s a shame that some people have to result to ignorant postings when they realize that a new bar is not having a readily available “Powder Room”!!!

  • Wow – interesting comments. 1920dc is about bringing people together, showcasing great dj’s and just having a good time. It’s pretty simple.

    I’m sure those who know Reggie, Monisa and Jeremy from Queen Makeda and Lounge of Three and those who stopped by the soft launch last weekend understand that.

    There are some great events lined up so feel free to stop by, grab a drink or three, get some food, listen to some music and enjoy. See you at the bar…

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