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  • Really not a fan of this place. Prefer Chop’t by far.

    • I second that. And yet, the line out the door at Sweetgreen is absurd today.

    • Got a burrito at Sweetgreen once, I don’t know what the heck they were thinking. The ordering process was way too “gimmicky” and who puts walnuts in a burrito? It was one of the most gross things I’ve ever paid 9$ for…

      I enjoy the chopped salads at California Pizza Kitchen much more thank you.

  • Two thumbs down. Bonmi’s right around the corner with better food and prices.

  • I strongly disagree! I’m totally addicted to this place! Guac Greeens, Santorini, Chic P…and the one with the miso dressing? I can’t get enough. Personally, I don’t get Chop’t. I’ve tried half a dozen salads there, and haven’t liked a single one. If someone from Sweetgreen reads this…PLEASE open a location downtown or Chinatown.

    • I don’t like Chop’t either – I’ve given it multiple chances and every time, I am let down. Everything kind of tastes the same.

      Haven’t tried Sweetgreen, so I can’t judge.

  • What’s the status of the rumored Sweetgreen at City Vista?

  • Great tart froyo.

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