Rendering of AAMC Coming to Mt. Vernon Square

655 K St, NW

This will be the future headquarters of the American Association of Medical Colleges. What do you think of the rendering – thumbs up or down?

It’s also the spot where they moved all the buildings:

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  • now I know where those tuition dollars are going….

    • Medical students pay tuition to medical schools, not an association that represents them… and medical schools only pay a very small amount to be a members…

  • Not bad, but the rendering still shows the NPR building in the background, which I believe will be torn down before this gets built.

  • I love those old buildings that get moved around on stilts like the developer is playing sim city or something.

  • Thumbs up. It’s a little boxy on the NY ave. side, but I like the view from the west side and it’s a huge improvement over the mostly-vacant lot that it was before. I live a few blocks away, so I’m excited to see what retail/restaurants they get for the ground floor.

    • boxy buildings in DC are a direct result of the height restrictions

      • Because there’s never an ugly boring building over 10-stories tall. Buildings are boxy today because of changes in material and structural technology that flatten out wall surfaces and investors squeezing every penny out of the build budget and allowed zoning. Not saying that’s wrong or awesome, but to say that the height limit is the cause of boxy buildings can only be sarcasm at best.

  • I like it, too, probably in large part cause it’s so much better than the deadzone the place is now. BTW, it’ll probably be done long before they complete Progression Place and O Street Market in Shaw.

    • Huh? Have you seen progression place lately? The office section is nearly completed…

      • Yeah…and the residential portion is well underway. Also, the O Street Market has been moving along pretty well ever since they broke ground. I’m not buying this prediction.

    • I knew I’d get blasted for this.

      I’m just really anxious for it to be done. And because I see it every day, it feels like it’s going in slow motion. Crazy, I know.

  • It looks alright. I wish it would have some ground floor retail. I’d love to see the vibrancy of 7th street extended beyond Chinatown up to Mt. Vernon. It’s definitely a dead-zone for retail right now though.

    • BB,

      There actually is a good deal of retail on the first floor, including some along New York Avenue (which was shown to potentially be a restaurant).

  • tonyr

    What are they going to do with the buildings that they moved?

  • It looks BO-RING from the NY Ave side, but pretty nice on K St. according to this rendering:

    • tonyr

      Ah – also explains what they’re going to do with the moved buildings.

    • Those little buildings look so scared!!

    • I like the different elevations because they respond to the site and solar conditions. Big unshaded windows on the north side where solar heat gain is not an issue. Deep set, shaded windows on the south where direct sun is a big issue. If buildings are going to be sustainable, you start with design and that’s what this building does.

  • Sweet! MVS is moving along so fast.

  • The rendering looks very good. The triangular shape of the lot helps keep the design unique and interesting. Anything is a major upgrade over what has been a dead block for over a decade.

    The building will have retail space, but that isn’t a major concern because City Vista isn’t 100% leased yet, and most of the half dozen new buildings that will go up within 2 blocks of this building in the next five years will also have retail space.

    As a new resident in historic Mt Vernon Square, any development that replaces parking lots, or vacant buildings is a major win.

    • in all honesty, City Vista is over-booked on its retail space but the owner of the space is always running tenents out through renogitation and price escalation. For example, Graffiato which had to relocate to its current space, RYSE which was run-out as well to be replaced by Sweet Green, Fuel which relocated as well, not to mention the Results/Vida debacle. The retail space owner is a victim of its own success.

  • So tell me, what exactly does the American Association of Medical Colleges do, and why do they need so much office space?

    • It’s actually the Association of American Medical Colleges, and they do a lot more than just the MCAT and application services AMCAS and ERAS. They deal with the distribution of the physician workforce, lobby Congress on issues pertinent to medical schools, teaching hospitals, and physicians, accreditation of medical schools, etc. Check out their website!

      • they have nearly 600 employees and right now they are in two buildings on M and N st and 24th over in West End. new building brings all employees together.

  • Here’s a link to the AAMC’s press release which gives all the details and answers a lot of the questions asked in the comment section:

  • This looks amazing. Well done. Good for the community and good for DC.

  • I love it! Now they just need to rehab that NPR building next door. It looks like it belongs in Manchester, UK.

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