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  • First of all, their branding is absolutely horrible, but I suppose that’s not everyone’s focus..

    Coworkers of mine went there on Monday and said the first bite was good but it got progressively worse as they continued. By the time they finished their two slices (these guys can put down 3-4 slices normally) they were miserable and wishing they hadn’t have eatten there. So, there’s that.

    • Hello Laura,

      This one of the owners. I don’t know what you mean about our branding.. Is there something wrong with how we present ourselves? Note to you co worker.. How does food progressively get worse? If his quality of food was horrible I will be half to refund him his 5.50 for the two slices. Please let him know he can swing by anytime for that refund. So.. There is That.

  • Haven’t had their pizza because it was kind of expensive (I think that was before the 2.50 deal) but the $9 cheesesteak I got was not too great. Maybe I’d buy it again for $6 but it was just too expensive for the size and quality. Haven’t been back since because there are so many other good options in that area.

    • John,

      Hello I’m on of the owners of 3 Pizanos. The cost of food and labor and the quality is taken into consideration. Sorry that you may feel we over charge but we are reasonable for the area we are located. The cheese steak has gotten many wonderful reviews it’s unfortunate your experience was like wise. Hopefully you will give us a try and not base everything on $, especially becuase people now a days are ok with spending $5 on a cup of coffee. Thanks

  • I work a block away, and went in the other day for a couple slices. I asked what their special pizza of the day was and they said they were out and wouldn’t have more pizzas ready for another 20 minutes; I could instead select from the three unappetizing slices of cheese pizza on the counter. (This was at 12:15 — one would expect a better selection for the lunch rush.) I said no thanks and went to Qdoba; my coworker got a meatball sub that he didn’t finish. Too many good options around here ever to give this place another try.

    • Hello ES. I’m the owner of the establishment and I am there every morning and we dont leave cheese or pepperoni pies out on display.. We only keep the house specialties. At 12:15pm on we have 4 pies out at all times and it doesn’t take 20 mins to make a pie and our staff know that.. Max 10 mins! So I know for a fact you have not actually visited out establishment due to your comments. So please stop posting lies to make yourself feel better or to detour others from enjoying our food!

  • I just finished a chicken cheese steak from there a few minutes ago. It was their special for the day. Not terrible, on par with the average NY/NJ pizzeria cheese steak. I probably won’t be back too often unless I’m specifically craving cheese steak given the other good options on that block alone.

  • PDleftMtP

    Y’all just saved me a walk.

  • I like their pie a lot and the people working there are friendly. There’s not many places to get a slice in this area so I’m glad to have a reliable, tasty slice instead of the junk at other slice joints.

  • I agree that their food is overpriced, but it’s really not as bad as others have posted. The chicken cheesesteak is comparable to many I’ve had in Philly, where I lived for a long time. I don’t like paying almost $4 for a plain slice, though.

  • I like them myself. Pizza is pretty good. I’ve had better, but it’s not bad. The ones they make with toppings are better than the plain ones for some reason. The meatball sub on the other hand is awesome. Best I’ve ever had. Good sub roll too.

  • They skimp on the portions and the taste was not that great. Over priced for the quality. Eat there if you are desperate.

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