How Was Your Rush + Commute?


Metro is enhancing rush hour to serve more customers, reduce crowding and provide new transfer-free travel opportunities. It’s all called Rush+ and it begins June 18, 2012.

Rush+ will improve service for nearly 110,000 customers on the Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange lines. Twenty-one stations will get more frequent service with six additional trains every hour of rush hour.

Was your commute improved?

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  • Got on petworth this morning around 8:40 and the train seemed way more packed than usual. I think there is an extra yellow line train at that time? Or maybe its just that yellow lines now run that far north at rush hour. Its confusing but I do know that things seemed worse.

  • New Rush + suggestion: When it rains, buses tend to be more crowded–people who may usually walk to the metro don’t like to walk in the rain, and thus, jump on a bus instead.

    Upgrade to Weather +. When it rains, run more buses on typical bus routes. Because the 16th street buses are overwhelmed, packed, and filled with people holding coffee cups!

    • Where would they get the other buses and drivers? Pull them off other routes? Call them in on their days off?

      • Metro could possibly look ahead at a weather forecast and plan ahead? Or at least run more double-length buses to carry more people per driver. Metro already anticipates planned heavy metro ride times (holidays, conventions, etc). Restaurants do it with their staff if a larger-than-normal volume of patrons are expected.

        That being said, I’m just the ideas person here 🙂

        • I would guess that rush hour is the resource stretching time period of metro bus operation. They probably dont have any more buses to add. Whereas holidays and conventions are less peak times confined to a small area so more resources can be added from the resource pool.

          I would like to add another suggestion. Just because it is raining doesnt mean the heat needs to be on

        • what’s annoying is waiting for a bus longer than usual because 2 of them are traveling a minute apart…usually more of a circulator issue for some reason.

  • Didn’t notice anything different about times this morning… the trains seemed a little less packed. We’ll see how the afternoon goes.

  • Already sent WMATA a nasty comment. My train at Pentagon City was SO packed this morning I could barely get on. And it was 6 cars…

  • The commute from Pentagon City to Farragut West was MUCH worse than usual. It added almost 25+ minutes to my commute this morning and was much less comfortable. Every train was packed, especially blue line trains. This is going to make Metro a huge inconvenience if it stays this way.

  • Mine was worse, but that’s because there was a sick passenger at U Street and trains were single tracking.

    Point being, why even bother asking and answering this question now? Rush+ has been in effect for what, several hours now? Not even close to long enough to form a sensible opinion on how well it works. Give it a few days, heck, maybe even a whole week! Then let’s talk about it.

  • Coworker who walks in the door every single day within a 3-minute window was 25 minutes late–from Huntington to McPherson.

  • Columbia Heights to Crystal City commute was exactly the same. Caught the Branch Ave and transferred at Mt. Vernon.

  • My commute was great today. Mostly because I drove. The office subsidizes parking fees, but not Metro fares.

  • Pentagon city to Foggy Bottom:

    Longer wait, busier train. Thanks, WMATA!

  • I travel downtown on the Green Line at around 7:45 and my commute was much easier. My train was less crowded than usual, and it looked like there was supposed to be a Yellow Line train servicing my stop two trains after mine which would also ease congestion.

    That being said, I think we should give it about a week before judging. Also, does anyone know if the northbound Yellow Line will always go to Fort Totten now, or will it still sometimes terminate at Mt. Vernon?

    • The yellow line will always go to at least Fort Totten. Prior to Rush Plus it went to Fort Totten during non rush-hour times and only to Mt. Vernon during rush hour. The Rush plus brings the yellow line to Greenbelt during rush-hour and non rush0hour is the same, just to Fort Totten.

    • Northbound Yellow trains from huntington will still terminate at mt. vernon square during rush hour, only the yellow trains from franconia keep going all the way up through fort totten to greenbelt. Rush+ changes nothing with the Huntington based trains as far as i know.

    • Unfortunately, Mr. Greenline (above) is incorrect. This post does a pretty good job of explaining how Rush+ affects the Yellow line:

      Basically, there will be a handful of Yellow rush hour trains that go all the way to Greenbelt, but the majority will still terminate at Mount Vernon Square. Very disappointing.

  • My commute from Petworth to L’Enfant was much quicker today. The trains were less crowded and about 2 mins- 4 mins apart, which is much less than the usual 6 mins apart. I got on around 7:40.

  • Could someone clarify this for me. Are they adding additional trains for the rush crush or are they pulling trains from different lines that are less travelled and using those trains as the added train services for the highly-travelled routes during rush crush?

  • It is going to take a few weeks for people to try different routes/options before we will all see the impact of Rush+.
    My Orange line from Foggy to Smithsonian took forever – we held at stops for 12 minutes on that short trip. What should have been a 30 minute trip turned out to be 50 – thanks WMATA and rain.

  • Allison

    Columbia Heights to Dupont Circle at 7:20am w/ a transfer at Chinatown seemed same as usual.

    • CH to Dupont? Obviously I don’t know where you live exactly, but it seems like the bus would be a better option for you if you walked to 14th St. and took the 42 or 43 bus. That said, to each his own…

  • I ride the Green and Red lines from Petworth to Farragut North everyday. Having the yellow line permanently go to at least Fort Totten makes it a lot easier when telling people that they can hop on either the green or yellow lines when coming to my house.

    This morning’s commute was nice since there was a train every 3-5 minutes instead of every 5-7 minutes. Very little wait for the yellow line train to come by. There were two people on my train debating on if the train would go to the Eisenhower stop or not because they thought the map was not very clear. They knew it was a Yellow line to Franconia, but the map with the new dashed line shows it almost touching the Eisenhower stop. I pointed out that the King Street stop is the transfer station, so if we were on a Yellow Franconia train, it would not go to Eisenhower.

    Although, the new Rush Plus lines ran well this morning, the red line was horribly over crowed and backed up. On top of that the train conductor did not leave the doors open longer enough at Farragut North to allow everyone off, so no one was able to get off and many people missed their station.

    • I’m not sure that’s true about the yellow line always going to at least Fort Totten now. I think I remember reading that some yellow line trains will still stop at Mt. Vernon Square, though admittedly the new map doesn’t make it look like that’s the case.

      • Yep, that is sadly the case: yellow line trains coming from Huntington still end at Mt. Vernon Square during rush hour.

  • Commute this morning from RI Ave to Courthouse was pretty smooth. MY usual 5-8 minute wait at Metro Center for an orange train was cut to about 30 seconds, with trains running every 2-5 minutes.

  • Maybe consider this like a “soft opening” for a new bar or restaurant. It could’ve been a rough start to this newly-engineered program and it may take a few mornings for the wheels to get the squeaks out in this new commuting schedule.

  • Way better for my Columbia Heights to King St. commute. Was able to get the yellow to franconia train after a two minute wait, great to not have to transfer at rush hour.

  • I got to the Shaw mtero today about 8:30 and had a 7 minute wait, which is about twice as long as pre-Rush+, and the train was absolutely packed.

  • My commute from King St to downtown was much worse. Usually take the blue line and get off at Mcpherson, but didn’t want to wait 10 minutes for a blue line train at 7:30am. Took a yellow line to Gallery Place and we stopped in the tunnels at least 6 times waiting for other trains to clear the platforms.

  • My commute from U Street to Elephant Plaza took about the same amount of time. However, the train seemed more crowded than normal.

    • novadancer

      Normally it’s shaw to CPark, but today it was L’enfant plaza to CPark (dr’s appt). We stopped at pretty much every station (took almost an hr). Single tracking due to a sick passenger. I never understand why there are so many sick people on metro!

      • it’s those drivers that like to alternate breaking and hitting the accelerator way too much…always makes me a bit nauseous and I’ve been riding for a few years now. Imagine how the tourists must feel.

  • alxindc

    DC to Arlington, Orange Line > awesome, it was my lucky morning.

  • It seems to me that they could’ve gone about this in a far less confusing way.

  • I loved not having to transfer this morning to get from Columbia Heights to the Pentagon. If all the yellow rush hour trains would go all the way to Fort Totten I would be really happy though…

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