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  • Sigh.

    On a related not, took me almost thirty seconds to catch it. Been a slow Monday morning for sure.

    • Anonymous

      +1 I’m from Illinois and it still took me a minute to catch it. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, I guess.

  • Mike

    Me too, I staerd at it for awhlie before it finally regisetred.

  • DDOT doesn’t spell good.

  • Andy

    Lets face it, DC’s street signs are a mess. From funky and varying fonts, to awkward alignments (just look, why is the 500 off centered) to now misspellings, I don’t think anyone should be surprised.

    • Anon X

      You must be in PR or something equally obsessed with “style manuals” and being overly picky about things that matter to absolutely no one. The horrors! Varied fonts!? Awkward alignments!? THE HORRORS. The fact that the tens of thousands of signs in the city arent identical bothers you that much?

      On the fonts, the signs have been made over the course of several decades. Things change.

      On the offset “500” its clearly there because they have to leave room for 4 digits (or 4 letters in some cases). Centering it just isnt how they do it and I imagine it is because of the way that their sign machine works. These signs, at least older ones (I have no idea how new signs are made) are made mechanically, and changing the alignment of the numbers would require a physical change to the machine, as opposed to just not printing a number in one position with the way the one in this picture was done.

      • anon

        Say what you will about alignments… there’s no excuse for bad spelling, not on something expensive and (relatively) permanent, like a street sign.

        • anon

          The alignment is not excusable, either. Every sign has one or two digits before two zeroes. There should be one size for 100 to 900, and another size 1000 and up. When you need hundreds or thousands of each, there should be no real additional expense in doing it right. And I promise you the misalignment was not an attempt to save taxpayer dollars, it was simply a misalignment.

  • Patrick

    I can always rely on Prince of Potworth for things like this

  • Tim

    A sign near Wilson High School says “Albermarle St.” Not as bad as this one, though.

  • Hopester

    How does the sign even make it this far? At a planning stage, production stage, and installation stage, DDOT failed on this one.

    • Exactly, mistakes like this are beyond embarrasing.

      At a minimum, 3 completely seperate people had to miss this.

      The sign maker
      The sign installer
      The DDOT PM in charge of the project and inspecting when complete.

      The gauling part is, those signs cost a relative fortune by the time you pay for the hands that have touched it.

      • Doug

        The “gauling” part? Is this the part that gets divided in three by Caesar?

        • JustDivine


    • saf

      DDOT doesn’t proof. Ever.

      Have you ever looked at the blue wayfinding signs? It’s a disgrace.

  • Hillizen

    wow, it took me way more than 30 seconds to catch it. clearly one cup of coffee was not enough for me today.

    • For those who didn’t catch it at first – don’t feel bad. I live on this block, pass this sign every day, and until I saw this post, I hadn’t realized the mistake either.

  • caballero

    Potentially even worse…..this might even be the 4500 block (not the 4600), depending on which side of Buchanan the sign is placed.

    • Hopester

      This is on the northeast corner of Buchanan and Illinois. It’s wrong on both sides of the sign. The signs on the southwest corner are correct, thankfully.

  • K

    Last year or the year before, when they started putting signage on bus stops, they spelled Connecticut as either “Connecticutt” or “Conecticut” (can’t remember which). It took them a few weeks to figure it out, but they did eventually change it!

  • tony

    Don’t feel bad, the hmaun mnid rcgnoiezs wrdos for the ltetres in tehm, and not the oderr tehy are in, jsut as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltetres are the smae.

  • dave b

    Maybe we shouldnt assume this Ave is named after a state. Maybe it is named after a Greek family

  • Novatnik

    Like Stelios Kontos?


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