Fruit Bat Bar Closing June 10th on H Street, NE; Will Reopen July 1st with a New Concept

1236 H St, NE between The Pug and Granville Moore’s


A Fond Farewell to THE FRUIT BAT

Dear Fellow Drinkers and Gintender Faithful,

We opened Fruit Bat two years ago as a way to share my Colombian heritage through fresh South American cocktails and food. It was a fun experiment, a fusion of great drinks and complementary cuisine.

H Street NE continues to evolve, and I’m eager to build a new idea. Saturday, June 9th, will be Fruit Bat’s last night.

We’d love for you to join us to celebrate and say goodbye to Fruit Bat. Beginning next Tuesday, June 5th, we’re offering every drink in the bar for $5 from 5-7 p.m. and Summer Punch for $4 all night, every night until we close. Sincere thanks to all our patrons who have dined and drunk with us over the last two years.

We will close for renovation and reopen July 1st. To welcome the new concept, we will hold several private opening parties the first week. Please stop by Fruit Bat next week to add your name to the guest list! If you’d like to track our progress, we invite you to follow us on twitter @mysterybardc.

Church & State, upstairs at 1236 H, will be open during renovation and will now be open Tuesday-Saturday. Follow @churchstatedc to get info about upcoming events and specials for the summer.

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  • Remind me, what on earth was a fruit bat?

  • I will miss the awesome drinks and the guano dip. Hopefully the new concept is as cool!

    • Really? I only went a couple of times, but I thought the drinks were awful and overpriced. Can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed it’s closing.

      • Guano dip? Guano is another name for what’s usually known as bat shit. Hope guano was not in the ingredients, but one never knows!

  • “H St continues to evolve”, “new concept” – we can charge more for drinks now. Mahogany interior paneling for everyone!

  • This was place absurdly overpriced and not that great. $8 for a tiny rice and beans plate! And the one time I went the server said they “weren’t doing” the build-your-own cocktail thing, which was the whole reason we went. Hopefully whatever opens here executes better.

  • I remember being really excited about checking this place out, but being really disappointed. It was weirdly empty, the staff was awkward, they were out of half the drinks on the menu, and everything was overpriced. Hmm.

  • I went two or three times. Good concept, but terrible execution. And yes, everything was extremely overpriced.

    We get that a new bar on H street is hip these days but don’t gouge us for every penny. There are plenty of other options we can go to.

    Oh and the upstairs has ridiculously overpriced drinks too (that taste pretty terrible). Good concept though.

    • So true. Both good concepts, terrible pricing models and execution. Both places (Fruit Bat and Church & State) are/were terribly confusing and ridiculously overpriced. Add that to the fact that the drinks are TERRIBLE at both places and yeah… wanted to love you, but there’s no shortage of other options on H.

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