Awesome New GAIA Mural on H Street, NE

From a press release:

“Commissioned by local restaurant Smith Commons Dining Room & Public House (1245 H Street, NE), the artist is covering a 35′ x 30′ space on the building side wall with an image originally painted on canvas, entitled ‘Dusk.’ The mural is a realistic depiction of a hybrid rooster / man in a cape pulled open to reveal a pastoral landscape in the vein of 19th century Romanticist painters, with the business name blended in at the roof edge.”

“This is the second work by GAIA for the restaurant. The first image, a single hand (a recurring theme in his work) posed in a manner reminiscent of classic paintings of spiritual figures, was added to the 2nd level of the building in early 2011.

On Sunday, June 10, from 5-7pm, Contemporary Wing will host an artist talk and reception with GAIA, who will share the story of his work, his inspirations and thoughts on street art, and examples of his international installation and artworks. More detail will be available through the gallery’s website (”

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  • very cool!

  • Love the mural; hate the bar

    • What exactly? I have my own problems with it but hate’s a pretty strong word.

      • I will never forgive them for taking their pork belly, blue cheese, and apricot brussel sprouts of the menu.

      • Let’s see here: Surly staff, catering to the “Clarendon crowd”, overpriced, and mediocre at best food.

        • Which restaurants on H are worth going to? My girlfriend and I end up there sometimes but can’t find any great palces to have a nice dinner. Taylor and Shwafel are too fast/causual, Granville Moore’s seems too divey to be worth the wait, and we’ve tried some others but weren’t fans. She likes Khan’s but I’m not crazy about the ambiance and the bowls are ridiculously small compared to other Mongolian BBQs I’ve been to. Any recommendations?

          • Granville’s is NOT to divey and is definitely worth that wait if you like muscles and good Belgian beer. Queen vic has some good English food, but the menu is rather small. Sticky rice has good sushi but is slightly overpriced IMO. Biergarten has some decent German food. I’ve heard good things about both Liberty treet and Boundary Road.

            My suggestion would be to try everything, and don’t go in with preconceived ideas based on the look of a place.

          • atlas room
            toki underground
            you’re missing out if you don’t try these places

          • Thanks grr, we haven’t made it to those three yet.

            M, we’ve tried Sticky Rice and Queen Vic and didn’t either. The food at Sticky Rice was drowning in heavy sauce and the staff were arrogant. I wanted to like the Queen Vic but the fish and chips were the worst I’ve eaten anywhere.

            I get what you’re saying about Granville’s, but we live near Eastern Market and can get good mussles at Montmarte or Belga Cafe and be able to sit outside. The dark, cramped interior of Granville Moore’s might be appealing on a cold January night but not this time of year. Of course if the mussels really are phenomenal I’d give it a try, but I’m having a hard time imagining what they could do to make them that much better. I guess that’s why I haven’t tried Toki Underground either– how great could ramen possibly be?

  • i hate how good the food is. those bastards

  • The hands kind of remind me of goatse.

  • I like the bar, but never liked the hand on the right. It just looks too religious to me (don’t ask me why- and I’m sure it’s not religious too).

    And a giant rooster opening his robe up? I just don’t see how that fits in with H street or the bar. Personally it’s super creepy and a giant eyesore. I would’ve loved to see something a bit more appealing.

    And yes, we all have our own tastes and preferences. This is just mine.

  • The internet has ruined me. All I can see is goatse….

  • seems like it would have fit better as a mural for a chicken place, but i admire their attempt at the avant garde! spices up the block. once autozone is torn down and replaced with a mixed unit property, this mural will be blocked off by an adjoining building…

  • The murals are beautiful! We need some in Shaw please. New Jersey ave. has some great big walls that could use some inspired art.

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