YES! Organic Market Coming to Barracks Row Applies for Liquor License

410 8th Street, SE

Back in Nov. 2011 we first heard that the old Blockbuster (Erol’s) on Barracks Row was going to become a YES! Organic Market. Looks like they’re slowly progressing and have just applied for a liquor license. While they’re a bit pricey they def. have a good beer selection.

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  • I guess that’s a pretty nice addition to the neighborhood, but I wish Eros Video would open back up. There really aren’t a lot of adult video options left in this town, sadly.

  • I wish Yes! were a better store. I’ve tried hard to like them, because I’m a big believer in organics and local businesses, but I’ve given up on them. I can deal with high prices and a small selection, but they don’t even actually carry much organic produce. Every time I go there I leave disappointed.

    • This has been a long time coming. I believe they were in dispute with the landlord at the current place on Penn which promted the coming move. The produce is generally horrible, agreed, but a lifesaver in a pinch when all you need is a piece of ginger and some cherry tomatoes. They really don’t have much room to work with, especially after the whole back section was closed off, so they really had to cut down on the variety and quantity of goods sold. This will hopefully help.

    • +1. Wish we could get a Whole Foods on the Hill.

  • I basically live between the current Yes! in Eastern Market (on Penn Ave) and the one further south on Penn, over the bridge. the price difference is DRASTIC! it’s crazy! the one over the bridge is so, so much cheaper. and it’s bigger. hopefully the new Barracks Row/Eastern Mkt one will be bigger than the current one.

  • the history of erol;s is pretty interesting. they actually are related to that erol’s dial up internet service from back in the day

  • YES sucks i find myself going in there wanting to buy something then i walk out. YES has a simple business model open where there is no other market. If any other supermarket opens it will put them out of business swiftly.

  • The Yes! on GA Ave has a nice wine selection. I find it to be a good option for picking up a few items on the way home after work.

  • Ally

    I asked the clerks about this the other day and the Yes! store will simply be the new location of the existing Yes! market on Pennsylvania, but at least the space will be a little larger then the current store. Not sure what’s slated to go in where the current Yes! store is on Penn.

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