Tryst at Phillips (Museum) Opens Today

1600 21st Street, NW

On Friday afternoon, I mentioned that Tryst Coffeehouse was opening up a 2nd location at the Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle. They’re open for business today!

For folks that were wondering, you don’t have to pay museum admission to get into the cafe. And there is free wifi. They’ll operate with the same hours [Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm; Thursday 10 am-8:30 pm; Sunday 11 am-6 pm] as The Phillips Collection. In addition to sandwiches and pastries they’ll also have a bar.

And while the inside looks pretty sweet:

The huge outside courtyard is going to be the best part (unfortunately it was raining yesterday but you can see the potential):

More photos including the menu after the jump.

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  • The hours are kinda wonky but sounds like a nice relaxing alternative to the sometimes-frantic brunch at the Adams Morgan Tryst.

  • I remember Gary Condit being interviewed about Chandra Levy. He said they used to meet at Tryst in Adams Morgan. Must have said Tryst 5 times in the interview. Not sure he captured the irony.

  • So pretty much the same as it’s always looked but with a different menu.

  • no chaipuccinos?!?! that’s the only reason to go to tryst!

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