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  • Wow. DC has arrived, I suppose…. when the NYC chains start coming in…. wow.

  • I don’t know anything about Tasti D, but the way it looks, coupled with Panera and Panda Express, makes me think of a trashy suburban mall food court.

    • It’s a NYC institution

      • Then I wonder if this institution will class up Panda and Panera or if this is a sign that Tasti is going food court. The fact that it’s a chain (even if an institution in NY) makes me think the latter. We’ll see. And as an opponent of frozen yoghurt (blaaaach!), I’ll certainly give it a try.

      • I think stating that Tasti D Lite is a NY institution is a little too strong. Really, an institution?

        I believe that Tasti D Lite is supposed to be a no-fat or low fat frozen treat option that is non-dairy and comes in lots of flavors. If I also recall correctly, there was some controversy over their health claims to be healthy.

        • Not true! For the lactose-intolerant among us, it is important to note that the Tasti D Lite site says that it is a “dairy based” frozen dessert.

    • Or an airport.

  • It may be a NYC institution, but it’s no comparison to FroYo!!!

  • Well now I know what I’ll be eating for dinner all summer.

  • I’m trying to be open minded about all of since I was raised in Columbia Heights, but is this going to become a trend? Redundancy?

    Tasti-D lights…it’s frozen yogurt right? Fro-yo is right up the street. Then there’s the Mexican joint called Lime, but Chipotle is across the street, or Z-Burger a block and a half away from Five Guys, or the Sports Zone literally right next to Modells. I’m trying to figure out what the model is here, it just seems like the area has 2 of everything, who wins in the end?

    • Yes- and you’ve redundantly pointed out what has been lamented ad nauseum on this site. There are worse problems to have then redundancy in commerce. Would I have preferred something else in this place – yes – but something instead of an empty storefront is better.

      Ps. you forgot to point out the two mattress places within 1.5 blocks of each other

      • +1. In my opinion, it’s better to have the space filled, even if it’s a chain, and even if it’s redundant. I also don’t get the animosity toward chains. Don’t get me wrong, I personally would rather have small, independent businesses. There are lots of people in CH, however, who like places like iHop, Panera, etc., and Tasti D will probably do fine.

      • Mattress discounters on Park Rd and…where else?

    • talula

      It’s not frozen yogurt, but it’s not technically ice cream… it’s like the cool whip of frozen desserts.

  • I’d rather have a DQ.

    C’mon get one DQ in DC… please!?!

  • That garbage isn’t even worthy of being called food.

  • I love dairy queen but they wouldn’t make it in DC which seems to be obsessed with frozen yogurt and everything healthy. i hate FAKE ICE CREAM. I prefer the nostalgic deliciousness of fatty flavorful ice crema. dairy queens got good burgers too! used to be one in wheaton mall i think.

  • The Frogurt is also cursed…But you get your choice of topping!

  • Just curious about the whole business plan/thought process of opening here when FroYo is the cathedral of frozey sweet things. And the name f**king pisses me off too much to ever visit anyway.

  • all I want ALL I WANT is for DC to have a legit ice cream parlor with ACTUAL ICE CREAM in all its unhealthy deliciousness. ice cream. home made ice cream. with cookie dough, and mint chocolate chip, and birthday cake flavor, and Rocky Road, and everything else. and hot fudge. and whipped cream. and sprinkles (in New England we call them jimmies)… and fake cherries. I WANT ALL OF IT.


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