Shooting 700 Block of Florida Ave, NW

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From MPD at 3:10pm:

“A short time ago officers responded to a call for a shooting in the 700 blk of Florida Ave, Nw. One victim was located and is at a local hospital for treatment.

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact MPD at 202 727-9099.”

@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“3D is working a confirmed shooting in the rear of 711 Florida Ave. NW. Male victim shot in the back conscious and breathing.”

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  • It is the nighttime that should comprise such evils…
    The daytime is for rainbows and smiling at strangers…
    I don’t like this at all.

  • WTF…DC??

    In 2010, the povery rate in DC was 19.2%, Philly was 26.7%, NYC was 19.2%, Boston was 23.3%. The violent crime rate in DC was 21.9/100,000, Philly 19.6, NYC was 6.4, and Boston was 11.4.

    Yeah, urban poverty is part of the story here. But, it can’t explain why DC’s crime is so much higher than other cities with similar economic issues. DC has the lowest poverty rate and the highest violent crime rate on the east coast!

    • It is so because DC elected leaders have tolerated it for so long. Organized crime, corruption, tolerance of guns and youth violence, it’s been like this for years. Until the elected leadership changes its approach, and decides it wants to commit to a different path, we’ll continue to lead the pack.

    • I think part of the issue in DC vs Philly and NYC at least is the concentration of poverty

    • Interesting statistics. I can’t help but think that DC’s status as a federal enclave matters here. In cities like Philadelphia, Boston, & New York, being mayor is a springboard to much higher things governorship, U.S. Senate, etc. That attracts better and more ambitious candidates which, generally seems to lead to better candidates. In DC, we have a pitiful and corrupt political class (with a few exceptions, of course) who know that they can’t really rise too high, so staying on the council or shooting for the mayoralty is the highest objective. Plus, Congress is always waiting to interfere for political gain back home. I’m sure this is one of many reasons, but the disparity is especially stark when you reflect on the fact that DC has a very stable economic engine that has been historically kind to middle class minorities and whites alike.

      • Good points. Most of the politicians holding the highest offices in District government would be a laughingstock elsewhere. Also, in NYC, a zero tolerance policy toward crime over the past few decades has been extremely effective. Until somebody steps up to the plate in DC who is willing to ruffle some feathers and take a hardline stance on crime without worrying about being politically correct, things will not change.

    • Hey, look 4 data points. That oughtta be plenty. Can I have my MPA?

    • baltimore is even worse.

  • Interesting indeed.

    People have already mentioned a weak political class and soft punishments as explanatory variables. Those sound plausible.

    What’s missing?

    You also need something like a Gini coefficient I think.

    DC has the most material inequality of all the cities you mentioned. I think it is possible that that adds, through both direct and indirect channels, incentives for crime.

    • Interesting, DC is pretty normal when it comes to income inequality also.

      The Gini for DC is .532, vs. .505 for Philly, .535 for NYC, and .543 for Boston.

  • What other things do DC & Philly have in common that account for the differential between Boston & NY?

  • There seems to have been a lot of violence in this immediate area recently (two stabbings and now this shooting). Does anyone have a concrete sense of what is behind it, other than general societal factors/urban environment, etc.? Is it a particular gang or any particular issue?

  • will Cleveland elementary or Shaw neighborhood groups protest drug dealing and public drinking within the 2-3 block radius of this shooting, instead of a new restaurant?

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