Shooting 10:15 Sat. Night on 1400 Block of R St, NW

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From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting which occurred in the 1400 block of R Street, NW, at approximately 10:15 PM.”

DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“1400 blk of R St NW / A/M shot in the leg conscious and breathing L/O for (2) B/M’s (1) wearing a gray shirt (2) wht shirt, blue jeans”

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  • Damn it. Just had a friend in town for a conference staying at a RI Ave Hotel. The Conference organizer told them be very careful around the area, DC is not safe compared to other big cities like NY or Boston. Walk in groups, take taxis at night.

    I told my friend not to worry, DC is safer then it used to be, 14th street is okay. Guess I owe my friend an apology.

    • No, you just need to avoid generalizations — as does your friend’s conference organizer. 14th Street is ok. The 1400 block of R Street is not. Especially at night.

    • I am guessing shooting victim wasn’t a trademark lawyer??

      • Sorry for sounding insensitive and crass, but I have yet to see a shooting or stabbing go down where a young black man harmed a white yuppie. If that happened all hell would break loose and Jim Graham would lose his job.

        • Are you freaking kidding? Or did you just exclude gay men from your analysis? The amount of black on gay crime in NW, a lot of which involves the buildings on 1400 R, is significant.

  • i mean, you knew what the neighborhood was like when you bought into it.

  • God speed to the victim, may he recover quickly.

    There is one reason why that block is dangerous and always has trouble. All you have to do is walk down that block and anybody with eyes OR ears will find out very quickly. Nobody wants to talk about that obvious reason and that is the reason why that block stays dangerous. Keep being scared to speak the truth and you will keep on having incidents like this. Sooner or later you will get tired of it and deal with the problem. For now you are enabling the problem and these are the results you get. This is America, all men are created equal and therefor all men should be held to the same standards, judged the same, rewarded the same and punished the same. If you keeping giving one group a free pass for any reason, this is what happens. When we really start walking the walk in this country and allow all people to be equal, requiring all people to be responsible for their actions and their life’s direction and choices, we will be all the better for it. .

    • >>> “Nobody wants to talk about that obvious reason and that is the
      >>> reason why that block stays dangerous.”

      If that’s case, why don’t you enlighten us by saying what you mean? Your post is just as vague as the people you are trying to criticize.

    • Streetlights? That block needs more lighting? Did I get it right?


  • Not a surprise at all. Horrible block. Always problems. Something needs to change.

  • It’s all the public housing on that block it’s an eyesore and a nightmare for the neighborhood remove it. There I said it.

  • That block is dangerous, not as dangerous as the militarized zone in Anacostia or Graffiti City in NE, not because of anything other than our tolerance of guns and ammunition in the hands of people who have a long history of taking justice into their own hands and who seem to worship the gangster thug ways.

  • Heard the shots last night, sounded like about 10 of them right in a row. The first thought I had was the hope it was some firecrackers for Cinqo de Mayo, but realized it sounded too much like gunshots. Second thought was that there is a good chance it was coming from the 1400 block of R Street. Third thought was why did it take so long to hear any sirens. The few other times I heard gunshots police sirens usually start up pretty quick, but this time it took forever (making me think it maybe was after all firecrackers). There should be a serious crack down on that one block as it has been the scene of the majority of gun shootings in the immediate area (a 9:30 a.m. one not too long ago, as well as 2:00 a.m. by R and Johnson Alley). Although the area is generally safe (within big city standards), anything could certainly happen on any block; yet, it is that one in particular to avoid, whether on foot or bike.

  • I rode down this block about an hour before the shooting and there were a ton of dudes just hanging out – one asshole yelled and threw a half-empty soda bottle at me. This block has been a shithole for at least 25 years. Can’t believe it’s still the same crap, just surrounded by expensive condos and fancy restaurants.

  • Low Income housing bull****… everyone on here needs to stop defending them. The city should have never consolidated so much of it in one area. Sorry good for nothing thugs.

  • The buildings are not own by the government or the city. There are 6 buildings which are owned by two different management companies. Four of the buildings are owned by one company who has worked hard to make the buildings and the area safe. They have hired security guards and evict tenants who violate the rules. The other management company, which owns two buildings does not do these things. The buildings are work tax credit buildings. This means that one has to have a minimum income and a verifiable job in order rent there. Tenants cannot make over a certain amount of money. I have lived in one of the apartments owned by the management company who owns four buildings and works to keep the area safe. I have never had a problem. All my neighbors are nice and friendly. We help each other out and chat about random things. Making judgements about something you do not know shows your ignorance and intolerance. I am a young working professional as are many people who live in these buildings. We deserve housing like everyone else.

    • Very well said.

    • Yeah. The person on the lease may be an upstanding citizen but that doesn’t mean that the other people who are there (friends, relatives) are… I bet if you checked most of the people responsible for crime don’t live on the block but were “visiting friends.”

    • I have lived on this block since 2000. Both sides of contention have merits: historically, there have been more than a few incidents/troubles arising from south side of R street. Whether those issues are from residents themselves or former residents who come over and hang out, or are friends of residents who don’t live on this block but seem to like to hang out here, the fact is that when you compare the statistics, the majority (if not all) of the problems are related to the south side buildings (vs. the north side of the buildings). I agree that EVERYONE, including the people residing in south-side buildings, deserve residence. However, as a resident and thus being part of the community, responsibility must be into place. Time and time again, I’ve seen people hanging out on the south side litter the streets with trash from food materials, etc.. You hardly see that kind of littering, and loitering for that matter, in the north side buildings. Then there’s also the noise problems at wee hours (I mean, past midnight) when people loiter around the porch areas. Even during the week, I’ve often have to call the police to file a noise complaint so that I can get a decent sleep before going to work in the morning. And that’s during the week! Just imagine what it’s like in the weekend when the weather is nice (Fri and Sat nights). There are some nice people living in the south-side buildings, but you also have to open your eyes and face the truth that there are problems — even if the problems are caused by a handful of troublemakers. Something must be done (and not just the night police patrol that disappears after a few weeks of peace) to solve these problems once and for all!

    • +1 You are a blessing to the community.

    • mid city guy

      Just a few salient points.

      The shooting on Saturday night actually occurred on Johnson Ave between R and S.

      The shooters ran west down the alley toward 15th.

      The victim ran into 1424 R Street, the building facing the terminus of Johnson Ave.

      Shortly thereafter a female fled the building got in a car parked illegally at the corner, and drove off at a high rate of speed

      There were 7 shots.

      The first police cruiser arrived within 60 second of calling 911.

  • Would anyone who cites this particular block being dangerous be willing to pull some crime statistics to back up their claims?

    I am asking this question seriously. I try to avoid that block myself because, as others have pointed out, the residents on the south side of the street are rude, threatening, and obnoxious to other people who don’t live there. But it’s a big leap in my mind from low-class behavior to gunfighting.

    I’m sure I’ll get criticized for being blind to reality, naive, stupid, etc. But I am not sure I agree with the notion that rude and scuzzy people hanging out on their stoops are the cause of violent street crime.

    • If you want your arguments to be taken seriously, you’ll dig up some crime stats that aren’t 2 years old. What’s been going on there since then? Have the police increased their presence, meaning this shooting shows a failure on their part to enforce the law, or is this simply a rough block-long neighborhood without effective policing?

      I’m not the one making the argument that the south side residents are criminals, so I’ve got no obligation to figure out the issue here. Without the crime statistics, all you’ve got are loud-mouth opinions and anecdotes.

      • is anyone making the argument that all south side residents are criminals? jeez. the fact is that some of the people that live there are probably either prone to do crime or are friends/family with other people who are. there was a daytime shooting here just 6 months ago. I’ve lived in logan for 6 years and I haven’t heard of a shooting in my neighborhood that isn’t on this block.

      • Here’s a stat for you: Someone was shot on that block Saturday night! Recent enough for you?

        • That doesn’t prove the claim that others are making that this is a “dangerous” block and the south side folks are criminally-inclined.

          Somebody got shot on my Adams Morgan street corner 2 years ago…it was a random mugging gone wrong and somebody got hurt. But it didn’t mean I lashed out at the subisdized housing residents nearby.

  • I’m sure this article has been posted before, but it covers the history of the 1400 block of R Street, its crime problems and links to statistics:

  • The notion that “one block” is unsafe and the next block is “safe” is silly.

    • The fact that most of the crime is generated from that one block is not silly. No your facts or go talk in another blog.

      • How does a block “generate” crime?

        What is silly is the idea that walking one block automatically makes you “safe” and you can magically let your guard down at 13th and R because you don’t see a couple young Black men on a stoop like you did at 14h and R. That’s the kind of irrational fear that has George Zimmerman going to trail. Just trying to offer some sound urban advice here.

        …. And “know” how to spell “know.”

        • To RozCat and Annonny, you can deny realities if you want and I’m not going to take the time to compile statistics for you, but a) there have been plenty of incidents on that one block of R Street, much more relative to other streets, and b) this has been well documented in articles and blog postings over the last two years. Even police in the area acknowledge this, having said (in a non-official statement):

          “’If there’s a report of a robbery, assault, anything of that nature in the area, the first place that officers will go is the 1400 block of R Street…If I’m off-duty and walking by myself, I would walk five blocks out of my way to avoid that block,’ a police officer told Hess in that article.” (source: article on another shooting on that specific block –

        • Yep, crime levels never change with location…

          Oh, I think George Zimmerman’s going to “trial.”

        • Know how to spell trial, Roz. If you’re going to criticize for a simple error, make sure you’re flawless. You’re not.

        • Had to bring up Zimmerman, this will happen for the next year. We don’t know what happened there, thats what the courts are for. But do you think maybe all the young black males sitting on stoops, creating crime may be the whole reason for the Zimmerman case.

          I have said it before, I truly feel bad for the hard working, respectable young black men of DC. Because I do, and it’s a part of being city smart, avoid any known locations that are a hangout for young black males. Unfortunately this demographic is creating the most trouble in DC.

          • I don’t think there’s a lot of stoop-sitting near where Zimmerman lived, since there are no stoops there.

    • Sparta

      Anybody who lives in DC knows the ‘one block’ rule. I learned it back in the 1980s when I lived on 14th and Harvard Sts. NW–when almost no one of my demographic lived there and it was not a trendy spot with a Metro. Walking between 15th and 14th on Harvard was fine. One block over, it was a war zone. You never went on Girard because of the drug dealers and violence. Look at a DC crime map. Chances are, there will be a concentraion of crimes on one block, and one block over few or none.

      • A lot of people are in denial, they want to pretend that crime doesn’t happen in DC, and they want to ignore the demographics in play.

        • Well said

          • Interesting, no TV, newspaper will talk about demographics that contributed to the crime situation in DC.

            Of course, all TV, newspaper WILL talk about how bad Zimmerman is.

            When an Asian is killed by a black, nobody cares and nobody notices–because that’s the norm; when a white is beaten by a black teenager, no decent news agency will say anything about racial hate–and it’s accepted that it’s the norm of the city….

          • dc buyer,
            if you’re such a victim then go call the cops.

          • “d. plan” most of us have called the cops… some of us have even been beaten or held at gun point. You must be a criminal yourself if all you can do is defend them.

  • I think it’s strange that people are debating whether or not some really horrible people live on this block. Those of us that live in Logan know that R between 14th and 15th isn’t a safe place to walk. I am too lazy to look up crime statistics, but I’ve been harassed many times by people on that block and no other place in my neighborhood. And almost every time I walk down 14th past R, I see people meandering around, acting funny. I’m all for more low-income housing and for integrating it into rich neighborhoods, but it’s pretty obvious that the way it’s implemented it on this street isn’t working.

    • not to get off topic (because I know this block is a problem from personal experience) but what has happened is wealthy people being integrated into a once poor neighborhood, not vice versa. just to make sure we frame the debate correctly.

      • That is your arguement? It is acceptable for crime to happen because the wealthier people made the neighborhood too nice? Really? And why we are on that topic.. I am sick of the term “wealthy” being used negatively. I have worked my butt off to get to where I am today (coming from a poor, horrible background) and should NOT be blamed for someone else’s incompentence.

        • Its not an argument its the truth. You worked your butt off, and pulled yourself up from poverty and a horrible background. Then you decided to live right next to “incompetent” neighbors who live in poverty and come from horrible backgrounds. You had that choice. Try to enjoy the block 🙂

        • Who said it was an argument? and if so what was the argument for? I was just pointing out that anon at 8:45 said:

          “I’m all for more low-income housing and for integrating it into rich neighborhoods, but it’s pretty obvious that the way it’s implemented it on this street isn’t working.”

          I was just pointing out its not the case of putting poor people in rich neighborhoods.

          And I never said being rich was bad. Why would I say that?

          • well, it’s a rich neighborhood now and talking about its past isn’t going to make anything more clear. the way public housing is run in this city (and yeah, let’s just ignore the technicalities on what these buildings really are because I don’t care) is demoralizing to low-income people.

          • Anon 1:52pm. Have you ever lived here? I am just curious. You seem like an expert. However for some reason I doubt you are.

          • Anon 1:52pm. Have you ever lived here? I am just curious. You seem like an expert. However for some reason I doubt you are. I could talk about the projects or a meth infested trailor park, but it does not mean I have extensive knowledge of it.

  • Nov 18th, 2011 there was a daytime shooting on this block.

  • raze the buildings if there’s another shooting. ps I know this is wishful thinking but that’s the only real solution.

    • For the hell of it I went to the DC crime map and did a search for gun crimes occurring in the last 12 months within 500 feet of three locations: 14th and U, 9th and U, and 1428 R (the middle of the block).

      For 14th and U there were two: two gun robberies, zero shootings.

      For 9th and U there were five: three gun robberies, two shootings.

      For 1428 R there also were five: one gun robbery, four shootings.

      My amateur conclusion? Statistically speaking, the area in the immediate vicinity of the 1400 block of R street is much more prone to gun violence than either 14th and U or 9th and U — particularly 14th and U, which has had less than half the number of gun crimes despite having many, many more people around. It’s also noteworthy that in the past year there have been double the number of shootings (4) near the 1400 block of R than 14th and U (zero) and 9th and U (two) combined. I’m going out on a limb here, but most shootings (as opposed to robberies) tend to involve people who know each other. This tells me that, while the 1400 block of R street may not be statistically more dangerous for an innocent bystander, it’s not a real safe place for a resident.

      • Thank you.

        That’s a whole lot better than the argument “poor people are always hanging out on the sidewalk being rude, so they probably are the ones who shot the guy.”

  • These buildings are not public housing. They are mixed income and have mixed demographics, mostly professionals and families.

    The management issue described by an Anon poster on the 6th is accurate and there’s a team of security guards that patrol the buildings.

    1424 and 1428 tend to attract the trouble you here about. Amanda’s outdated and irrelevant article (from TBD) even points this out.

    I’ve lived here for 2 years and no ones ever been rude or threatening to me on the street. The only nuisance comes from some GW kids who throw hipster parties in one of the basements — go figure.

    These are beautiful Wardman buildings that do not need to be torn down. ‘The Aston’ being built on the corner of 14&R, however, is an eyesore.

    If you want to look at crime stats, then Wisconsin & M looks like a pretty scary area to me. There was a shooting there a few months ago, right? Maybe that’s why all the dudes who wear suits to bars are cabbing over to U St these days.

    • Amanda Hess’s article (“In gentrifying Logan Circle, affordable housing meets hate crimes”) is only a year and a half old. I don’t see how it qualifies as outdated or irrelevant.

      • Irrelevant because we’re not talking about an incident that has been identified as a hate crime, or anti-gentrification.

        Outdated because there was a strong response by MPD and management to address the problem.

        I’m speaking from experience. You’re searching on Google.

        Maybe my experience has been different from others on the block. But you’re the one talking about qualifications.


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