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  • Rave: Recruiter emailed me on Sunday asking for the best time to interview on Wednesday.
    Rant: I emailed back on Sunday & followed up on Monday with my times. And still no word from them. I don’t want this opportunity to pass me up. But I’m afraid of badgering them.

    • Around lunch time or a little after that, I would call the recruiter. Just apologize and say, “I’m so sorry to be bothering you, but I just wanted to make sure the interview you emailed me about is still occuring this Wednesday. Just wanted to see where we’re at in the process of scheduling it.” Done. Good luck!

      • It’s for a position abroad. Can’t call. Should I send a third email?

        • If you emailed your available times two separate times, then I would leave it as it is. If you emailed only on Monday to give them your confirmed times, than I would follow up with a very simple, short email. Again, apologize for “bothering them,” but just ask. People are busy, so they should understand why you need to have this thing scheduled sooner rather than later.

          • I’m amending my comment since I saw that the person you’re dealing with is not a recruiter, but a hiring official. I would sit back and see where it goes. They have your contact information. If they’re interested, they’ll call you. It’s still morning, so they have a few hours to contact you about tomorrow.

      • Is this a head hunter type recruiter working on commission? I would not worry about badgering them. If you are the right fit they will want to get you in there. If it is with the company itself then tread a little lighter.

        • It’s the company itself. Should mention that the person isn’t a ‘recruiter’ per se – he/she is the Deputy Director of the office I submitted an application with.

          • Ok then. I say give it a day or two. I would do nothing today and follow-up tomorrow. You might also consider timing your email to be received just before the start of the business day overseas. If your response came in at an odd hour for them, it might have gotten overlooked or pushed aside as they attend to other tasks.

    • They got back to me!

  • Rant: I feel so utterly trapped and depressed with my current job, and other things in my life, that I feel physically ill sometimes. I desperately need change, but there is only so much I can do to make that happen.
    Rave: The rain stopped. Trying to think of something positive here.

    • Sorry to hear that, UtterlyAnon. What’s going on with you? Maybe you’d feel better after getting some off your chest and getting sympathy from us. 🙂

    • As Brad Pitt said in Fight Club – You are not your job. Sounds silly but it is true. I am not in my dream job, I envy those that are. I will strive for the dream job within reason but until then I am fine with the realization that my job is just something that helps me pay bills and provide for my family. My life is defined by my family and my relationships, not my job. I think that 99% of us are in the same boat. I want to be the 1% but I refuse to believe that I am doomed to melancholia if I never get there.

      • You are right. And believe me, I have tried a million times plus to just *deal*, and pretend my job is just a way to make the rent. I know we can’t all have our dream jobs. I have things I love outside of work but coming here every day exhausts me to the point where I don’t want to even do anything else. I don’t even work long hours, just depressed all the time.

        • Yeah, I guess if you really hate it to that point then my advice is harder to implement. I am not at that point with my job, although on certain days I can be.

          • I think my biggest problem is that I resent getting to this point. I never wanted to get into this line of work, but my degree proved somewhat useless out of college, and I took the first job I could get (almost 10 years ago) in this field. And, now since this is my main work experience, it’s hard to get out of this and start over so to speak. Which I am thinking of doing, but I just have to think/plan carefully.

        • Try to get some exercise if possible. Even if it’s just a brisk walk to get your heart going it will hopefully give you some relief from the stress.

    • I once took the deposition of a lady in a business dispute ten years ago. I kept asksing her if it occurred to her to ask why here company had decided to do x, y and z. She said no. I then said, “weren’t you even curious.” Her response, which still sticks with me, was that she is a single mom with two kids. She shows up to do her job to make money for those kids and could basically care less about her company or why they did anything so long as her pay checks cleared. She was not upset, nor was she a bad employee. She just saw the job as a means to an end. It was a pretty decent attitude actually.

    • I once worked for an anxiety-ridden horrible little man who ran his own small business. After a few months in this place, I started scaling back my spending big time and putting aside as much money as possible every month — I wasn’t making a ton and was paying for a 1br alone, but I did my best. After a few months I calculated that I had enough to live on for 6 months or so… this made work incredibly more tolerable. I could afford to not care anymore and I was wishing he would fire me. Of course my performance was the same and I actually got a raise, but my state of mind was changed completely. It’s just a job. And you’ll get a new one at some point. I realize some people have other circumstances that make it more stressful (mortgage, kids, debt), but you might find that if you get your finances in order you’ll feel more at peace.

    • UtterlyAnon, please try to think of happy or pleasant things that will take your mind off of depression. Depression is a serious illness. Sometimes bad weather like rain doesn’t help others moods.

    • UtterlyAnon, if you’re so depressed that it’s been making you feel physically ill, please see a doctor (if you haven’t already). It sounds like you have clinical depression, and medication and/or talk therapy (ideally both) can help. You don’t have to suffer like this.

    • pablo .raw

      I don’t hate my job, but music and photography are my escape from the routine. Do you have any hobbies? Maybe there is something you would like to do/learn in your free time?

  • Rave: Notified by the IRS that I’d overpaid my taxes and would be getting a refund 🙂

    Rant: Bitten or stung by something and my eye is swollen shut. Fortunately my MD can fit me in today.

    • bfinpetworth

      Careful with that bite. I had what I think was a bite a few weeks ago and because of the swelling assumed I was having an allergic reaction. But after benadryl did no good, I went to the emergency room. Turned out I had a MRSA (antibiotic resistant) infection and was quickly placed on IV antibiotics. All turned out well but I would not take chances if I were you. Apparently bites are one of the leading causes of MRSA infections.

      • bites do not cause MRSA. staph infections often look like spider bites so that has caused some confusion. the bacteria often infects pores, small cuts or microabrasions.

        keep in mind that boils and infections can be caused by staph but not all staph infections are MRSA (methocillin-resistant staph aureus)

        • bfinpetworth

          Well, that depends on the definition of “cause.” As multiple physicians informed me, it was the bite that allowed the bacteria to enter my skin. So the bite was certainly a “cause” of the infection, albeit not the only cause. But that type of small puncture wound is apparently quite susceptible. My older brother suffered a MRSA infection from a spider bite on his hand.

          Regardless, my point remains – be careful and get it checked out.

          • Thanks – I saw my MD who said it was an allergic reaction (exact cause unknown but likely a bite of some kind) & put me on steroids.

  • Rant: Need to get my house together for rent and there is a fair amount to do that I don’t have the time to do. Can anyone recommend a good handy-man/carpenter. I need to do these little things right but I also can’t afford to break the bank. I am just talking painting and rebuilding some outside stairs in the back as well as some little concrete type work on the steps in the front.

  • Rant: Army 10 Miler sold out already. GRUMBLE.

    Rant: I always get really down in the summer. I think I am the opposite of normal.

    Revel: I ate lots of $1 hotdogs at the Nats game last night. With my $1 ticket. And the rain wasn’t too bad. Hooray baseball.

  • Rave: We’re supposed to get severe thunderstorms today. I love a good summer storm.

    Rant: Gonna mess with my plans to get a hair cut today though.

  • Rave: Aunt made it safely through surgery!! She starts chemo next week but the cancer has not spread so we’re all hopeful!!

    Rave: Planning on making a yummy dinner and dessert tonight and just relaxing with my husband!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work is lame.

    Rave: Because the redline was fubar I got to give my new rush+ commute a practice. I cannot wait to have a commute where I don’t have to change trains!

    Rant: Found out cousin is sending Grandpa postcards & letters. If I can get her 2 huge brothers out of the way I can take her out. NO ONE IS TAKING OVER MY STATUS AS FAVORITE GRANDKID!

    Rave: I’m the favorite grandkid (even if only in my head).

    • Your grandkid rant made me smile. Our 97 year old grandpa is more or less on his way out and through Facebook I’ve been able to see my cousins’ reactions to their possibly last phone call with him. I haven’t had much communication with them otherwise, but it makes me glad to know that they all are reaching out to him when he needs it most. Grandparents are for treasuring and your lucky to have a family that seems to do just that. 🙂

    • thanks for reminding me to get on it, print out our pictures from our last visit, and mail them to my grandfather. I, too, must work hard to maintain the favorite grandkid position 😉

  • Rant: We need a like button on these comments PoP. I need affirmation when I think I am being clever or funny. Also, if I am not being clever or funny, I need to know that PoPville thinks so in order that I don’t get a false sense of my awesomeness. Please look into this.

  • Rant: Conservative coworkers in a large federal building who in no way find their anti-large government rants ironic.

    I get it, you don’t like the government. Except when they pay you.

    • bfinpetworth

      Reminds me of the summer of 2008 and the tea party folks ranting about welfare, etc.. Turned out an extremely large percentage (something like 40%) of those attending the rallies across the nation that summer were on unemployment or SS Disability Income. Hypocrits.

      • Unemployment is not the same as welfare. You pay into unemployment when you’re working and you’re allowed to collect it when you’re unemployed.

        • And Social Security isn’t welfare either. It’s a public insurance program. I’m no Tea-partier (far from it), but I think the distinctions are important.

          • Welfare is also an insurance program. They are all social protections, we just value certain ones more so when we directly use them.

            “Welfare” doesn’t even exist anymore – it’s TANF.

            However, if you work in the largest low-rise office building in the world and rant about how the government is too big and we have given up too many freedoms, you’re a hypocrite.

          • TANF is not an insurance program. Don’t get me wrong–I don’t disagree with your larger point about hypocritical government workers/contractors.

      • Reminds me of Ron F’in’ Swanson!

        • they’re all insurance program because we pay in to a pot and when necessary get out from that pot. Is it perfect? No, but no insurance is….however, it is still a form of social insurance.

  • Rant: Stepped in vomit on a Metro platform this morning.

    Rave: At least I didn’t slip and fall in it. And the rain helped rinse it off my shoe.

  • Rave: Baseball. I think it’s my favorite thing (excluding people and intangibles) in the world. So happy the Nats and my home team are both doing well this year so far

    Rant: Major insecurities still plaguing me, about pretty much everything in my life.

    • Additional rave: Just got word that I have a job interview at a large and well-respected int’l development firm for an entry-level position in the region I am most interested in. Would be a great opportunity to use my skills, language ability, and hopefully grow!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Put an offer in on a house in Petworth, and this time we actually have a chance of our bid being acccepted!

    Rant: the house is further north than I would have preferred, haven’t spent enough time up there to keep my anxiety from nagging at me.

    • Congrats duder! Hope to welcome you to the neighborhood. Life is pretty nice here, and i see good things to come.

  • Rant: I try to avoid politics on here but I was really troubled by an email blast I got from Move On yesterday. I have previously gotten a zillion emails from them about how swift boat type attacks can’t be tolerated etc. but yesterday’s email said – basically – Mitt Romney is a bad person and a gay bully and that type of man can’t be our president. Reallly? I have no idea what went on when Mitt was 18 but I know people, develop, mature etc. To presume you know what is in a person’s heart or what type of man that person is in order to sling mud for political reasons is a new low in my opinion. We should be better than that in our political process. Win on our ideas and our results, not on ad hominem that is based purely on speculation.

    • me

      I agree with this. One side says Romney was a bad person for doing something in high school, the other says Obama is a druggie for trying drugs enthusiastically while at approximately the same age. I hate to hear it, but I know it’ll happen, so I just try to ignore it.

  • Anyone have a suggestion for a travel agent in the DC area?

    • I have a good friend that specializes in beach vacations if that is the type of thing you are looking for.

      • It is a trip to Europe – but I’ve only been on a plane a few times and haven’t traveled outside of the US. It involves arriving in one country but trying to depart from another a few weeks later.. The regular web travel search engines are giving me headaches trying to sort this out.

        • I know you can do multi-city searches on Kayak (dotcom), and am pretty sure the others all have an option for doing this. I have had very good luck using Kayak.

      • Scott Yeomans at Executive Travel in Dupont Circle.

  • Rant: Got publicly reamed out by my usually-supportive boss yesterday for something that was beyond my control. Now everyone is asking me if I’m okay this morning.

    Rave: Being slowed down a little this morning by my son wanting to sit on my lap while I did my makeup at my vanity. Liquid eyeliner is tricky while supporting an infant in my lap. But I managed.

  • Rave: Interview today! so nervous….

  • Rant: Under-employment sucks and is obscenely boring. Have a lot of energy, experience and interests, but it’s being slowly sucked out day by day. If anybody would like to hire me, I’m available.

    Rave: Sun is out and under-employment is better than unemployment (sort of)

  • Rant: Wish the weather would hurry up and decide what it wants to do today.
    Rant: Have had it with the piss poor “leadership” at my agency.
    Rave: I could quit today and move in w/ boyfriend in the middle of nowhere Georgia and take my time finding a job, but I’m not that spontaneous or irresponsible.

  • Rant: It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve not been able to get a free WiFi signal. I’ve been getting this free WiFi signal for 3 years. I might have to break down and get Verizon Internet.

    Rant: I seen a bed bug in my apartment and I am a happy tenant. I have lived in my building for 35 years and we never had this problem, until 3 years ago. Some tenants live like animals and they just don’t care about keeping their apartments/homes clean.

    • Correction:

      I saw a bed bug in my apartment and I am ‘NOT” a happy tenant. I keep my apartment immaculate.

    • Just so you know, bedbugs aren’t a symptom of a dirty apartment. Bedbug cases have skyrocketed in recent years, partly because of the great increase in international travel and partly because of the ban of highly toxic chemicals once required to kill them. High-end hotels have been plagued by them. Upscale apartment buildings have them. Bedbugs don’t feed on dirt or food or filth, they feed on humans and no amount of cleaning will get rid of them. If you really have seen one, I’d take steps to protect your unit and belongings and bring it to the attention of the landlord immediately. They may not be required to treat the building for them, but everyone in your building should be aware of this.

      • +1.

        I’d imagine bedbugs thrive even better in dirty apartments than they do in clean ones, but they aren’t a sign of lack of cleanliness.

      • We used to tell our kids that they needed to keep their room clean or they’d get bedbugs, even though we knew that wasn’t true. That strategy never really worked anyway.

  • Rave: discovered british comedy ‘peep show’ on netflix. Good god, that show can be laugh out loud hilarious. Any other fans?

    Rant: watching the aforementioned series is keeping me up too late. Didn’t stop watching until after 3AM last night.

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