Memorial Park Project RFP for the 2009 Metro Red Line train crash

Photo of Red Line Metro Collision June 22, 2009 by @technosailor

From the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities:

The purpose of this RFP is to commission an artist, landscape architect, or design team to develop an artistic concept for a memorial park and to fabricate the artistic elements to be included in a permanent memorial. The memorial is intended to honor the remembrance of the nine victims, first respondents and others whose lives were altered by the 2009 D.C. Metrorail Red Line train collision. The selected artist, landscape architect, or design team will work in collaboration with the District Department of General Services (DGS) to install all artistic elements of the permanent memorial park.

The memorial park should allow for meditation, remembrance, reflection, hope and renewal. Accommodations are inclusive of an entrance marker, public artwork, seating, play area, pedestrian walk way, landscaping and solar lighting etc. along with other environmentally sustainable features.

The memorial will be located within the existing park land area, just beyond the corner of South Dakota and New Hampshire Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20011

This commission is open to Artists, Architects/Landscape Architects, and Design Professional teams. All members of the team must be practicing, professionals residing in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

The design and artwork fabrication budget is $200,000, which must include the site specific design honorarium (awarded to three semi-finalists), artists’ fees, and costs associated with the design, fabrication, transportation, insurance and documentation of the artwork.

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  • I hope this doesn’t sound callous, but at a time when budgets are strained so tight, is a memorial at the top of the list?

    • My thought was on the other end: Can $200,000 even buy anything appropriate?

    • I am wondering if this was a part of the settlement deal with the families of the victims. I agree that it seems a little strange to have a memorial for this purpose. I don’t mean to be callous either but this strikes me as highly unusual.

    • You’re not the only one with this thought.

    • That is not callous at all. In fact the neighbors on the block are asking the same question. We do not support the project and are concerned because the entire project is suppose to cost $1 million dollars.

  • saf

    If there must be a memorial to every bad thing that happens, soon we will not be able to have anything else.

  • could they use the $200k to improve safety on the metro instead?

  • Perhaps something tasteful can be done for less than 200k, but I think that if I had lost a loved one in the accident that day, I would want some sort of remembrance there.

  • Seems like a whole lot of nasty people on this thread. DC needs more beautiful things. 200k isn’t that much money cheapskates.

    The bigger issue is… South Dakota and New Hampshire Aves NE do not intersect. And the park space is going to be where?

    • I agree with you. In addition, people have already created a make-shift memorial on the bridge on NH over the tracks, so the people who have been most effected have already decided that a memorial is appropriate.

      NH and South Dakota do intersect, just before the bridge on NH over the tracks. There is an existing park there. This branch of South Dakota is near where Blair and NH NE intersect.

  • how about busts of top management’s heads on stakes?

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