Dear PoPville – Beware, Rogue Dog Crap Throwing Lady in Georgetown

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Dear PoPville,

I live in Shaw and have been biking around town for about two years and haven’t encountered many dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs, but then this past Saturday I was biking through Georgetown (distinctly remember being at 29th and P) when a lady literally threw her dog’s droppings in the street, narrowly missing me as I passed by. I looked back and was suprised she was tossing it in the street, as she had a plastic bag on her hand. I mean seriously, she had a plastic bag, why couldn’t she bag it up? Just wondering if you’ve ever heard anything like this before?

I once saw a lady throw her dog crap in a sewer but never just randomly in the street. Pretty freaking disgusting.

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  • I also live in Shaw, and have experienced something quite similar and equally annoying and upsetting. In the area of 10th and M St.’s NW, there is a 50 or 60-something African American male with a large red pitbull. On more times than I can possibly count, I’ve seen the guy’s dog do its business; then, the man scoops up the poop in a plastic bag BUT… he either throws the bag directly into the street for cars to run over it OR he brings the bag to a city trash can, but instead of properly throwing it out, he throws the bag at the base of the trashcan!!! Every time I see this, I’m infuriated! But, as I am typically walking my Mini Poodle, I don’t have the guts to say anything to the guy, as I’m afraid that he’ll unleash his dog on my dog. As it is, as soon as I see the guy and his dog, I typically cross the street, as my gut tells me that if the guy has seemingly no respect for his neighbors, than what kind of respect does he have for his dog or anyone else’s???

  • That’s how they do it in Europe, but you’re right, it’s no excuse for that sort of behavior here. If you’re a dog owner, you pay the extra 5c per grocery bag and use them to pick up your dog’s poop (God, I love that word) and dispose of it properly.

  • just pick it up people! i have a dog and always pick up after him but because others don’t pick up after theirs, I get blamed by my neighbors for poop in front of our building (small building and only one with a dog)

  • That sign should be on

  • people who don’t pick up after their dog (or properly dispose of waste) should be forced to have their noses rubbed in it.

    • I agree with U St V…and I’m a dog owner who scoops her pet’s poop! It really fking annoys me that some dog owners are so fking irresponsible and won’t clean up after their dogs. Lazya$$ futhermuckers.

  • There are a few people on my block who don’t pick up after their dogs (but one is a very old lady and I don’t think she can physically bend down to pick it up, so she gets a pass), and it is so gross. Another problem is cat poo…seriously! I caught one of the regular stray cats from my neighborhood taking a giant, dog-sized poo the other day and he did not pick up after himself. So rude.

  • surprised this post has such few comments… more so on the black dude with a pitbull doing the same thing… actually now that i think about it, not surprised at all

  • poo-flinging hobos? this early in the year?

  • I used to have a small dog and would occasionally flick her poop into the gutter or sewer if I didn’t have a bag or didn’t feel like walking all the way around to my trash can to dispose of it. Frankly, it’s probably a better option environmentally because the poop then makes its way to Blue Plains where it gets treated with the rest of the wastewater as opposed to stinking up a trash can and then going in its plastic baggy to the landfill.

    • “all the way around to my trash can” you are no better than the pittbull owner. Lazy.

      • Or as a single female who doesn’t want to walk in an alley at 11:30 at night, just cautious and an advocate for greener ways to dispose of dog poop that doesn’t inconvenience my neighbors. Jerk.

    • Oh dear. You’re an idiot.

      • Oh come on now, was that really appropriate?

        • Well, yeah it kind of was necessary. The poster above is already ignoring the many, many posted signs and stickers near storm drains warning of the environmental effects of depositing anything other than water into the drains. Perhaps they should go to the EPA’s website and read about the extensive damage pet waste can do to local water sources, like the highly polluted Anacostia and Potomacs, when pushed into storm drains or left on the ground. If that doesn’t work, they could also read one of the numerous studies on TheWeatherChannel and other weather reporting organization websites about the harmful effects of pet waste washing into sewer drains during storm seasons and rainy weather. Then they can go to the CDC website and read the long list of diseases that humans can contract from pet waste that has infiltrated their drinking water and ground near their homes.

          • I dunno if I agree with you, house. It seems to me putting dog poop in the sewer makes sense since that’s where all our poop goes anyway. I think the issue of water contamination from animals has more to do with surface runoff that goes directly into river, etc. Storm drains are there to capture water so that it can go for treatment. Most everything that goes into the sewer does get treated. True, we have combined sewers that are designed to overflow in heavy rains to keep the treatment plant from being inundated–and DC Water is building tunnels to mitigate that—but on days without heavy wet weather, I think putting poop in the sewer is akin to flushing it down the toilet.

    • Actually it probably doesn’t make its way to Blue Plains, since the poop probably festers in the sewer catch basin until there’s a massive rainstorm that then washes it into the overflow pipes and, depending on where you live, either into the Anacostia or Rock Creek Park.

    • People walking dogs should ALWAYS have disposal bags with them.

      And wanting to avoid a dark alley at night is no excuse — someone in that situation should take the bagged poop back into their house/apartment, maybe put the bag in the kitchen trash overnight, and then put the poop in the alley trash can the next morning. (Presumably inside a larger bag of trash, as D.C. trash collectors won’t pick up individual baggies of dog poop.)

      • While I think I agree mostly with your comment and I think dog owners should always pick up after their dog (part of the responsibility of being a dog owner), would you want dog poop in your kitchen trash? Even if it’s bagged well or tight, won’t it smell in the home? I’m not advocating that it’s okay to leave it because you don’t want to walk into a dark alley late at night but I don’t know if I’d want to bring it inside my kitchen trash.

  • This seems more like the behaviour of a Tea-party Libertariain intolerant of others and does not like the “nanny State” rules. Why falsly assume it is someone of a social political liberal nature?

  • At the dog park I will pick up other dog poop if it’s just sitting there. But I’m a little hesitant to pick up poop if it’s on the sidewalk, in an alley, or in a park. Mostly because I have seen peeps in my neighborhood drop their pants and take shits whereever they feel like. For whatever reason, picking up human shit disgusts me, but I have no problem picking up after my dog (or other dogs).

  • Seriously people, this conversation never seems to end. I live on Willard St. where neighbors take great pains to garden and maintain their tree boxes. Nothing is worse than having to pick up all the dog poop in your plot before you can garden. I, and many of my neighbors, have had to resort to buying low fencing to keep out dogs after the disgustingness of encountering dozens of pieces of dog poo when tending flower beds.

  • I see no solution other than to extend dog hunting season…

  • I do have to wonder… yes, we all have heard that pet waste is the terrible awful of the urban world, that it transmits AIDs and cancer and is also the reason many neighborhoods don’t have enough parking, etc. All the horrible ills of pat poop aside, how it is my friends with yards who use it as the *only* place their dogs use the bathroom don’t have a yard that is just over-run with mounds of feces? Eventually (and apparently pretty quickly) this stuff biodegrades. There’s just poop in the world. It’s unpleasant to think about, but it’s there, and the majority of the time it never gets picked up because the majority of the time, it’s not a domesticated pet leaving it there. Rats poop, birds poop, stray cats poop, opossums poop, horses on police patrol poop, and yes, stray dogs and owned dogs also poop, and yet somehow it doesn’t actually cause the rivers to run red with blood (or brown with poop), plagues of locusts, etc. I recognize it’s not fun to step in by accident, but if poop was going to lead to the world flying off its axis and going directly into the sun, that probably would have happened by now…

  • If you see someone not pickng up their dog’s wastet. The nicely ask them to do it. If they do not- CALL THE POLICE.
    Don’t be afraid or cross the street all you are doing is disrespecting yourself and your neighborhood.
    If you are full of pride for living in SHAW (don’t know why you would live there) then tell these people who disrespect you to go and shove it.
    If you are afraid (which is probably the case in SHAW or these other places where folks are trying to gentrify) then call the MPPD. That’s why you pay your taxes.

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