Bottoms Up Bar Changing Decor in Adams Morgan

Back in the day the Bottoms Up bar, located at 2309 18th St, NW, used to have an upside down woman in their front window. Now they have a duck out front. I felt that was worth sharing on the Friday before a three-day weekend…

Any fans of Pi Pizzeria or the bar downstairs?

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  • Never been to the bar, but I like Pi. The owner was very friendly and eager to discuss food / wine with us. We were surprised, but pleased with all the interaction. The food was delicious and the salad portions were large. I’d go back!

  • Pizza aside, I lived on third floor of 2309 18th for many years, when Pi was a short-lived sushi place, and then a Thai restaurant that tried ever-so-hard to be a dance club. Living on 18th street was not for the feint of heart. Best memory is when I awoke in the middle of the night to a group of well-mannered Japanese tourists knocking at my apartment door, asking if I’d mind if they used the bathroom. I let them in, they did their business, and were on their way, all in a most polite fashion. It was not unlike a Murakami story.

  • “Back in the day”? You mean about two months ago? And no comment on the new fountain in the corner (that’s about three weeks old).

  • Put a bird on it

  • seems like the lady with her bottom up is still there.

  • I had a really great meal at PI a few weeks ago and will definitely go back. The salad with bib lettuce and gorgonzola was delicious. The pizza was good too. I dined on a Tuesday night and the atmosphere was nice and quiet, I can see the dining room getting cramped Thurs-Sat.

  • Had a great pizza there two weeks ago. 6pm on a Friday evening got a great table on the back deck. I’ll definitely go back

  • Assuming this is the same Pi Pizzeria that’s out of St. Louis and has a location in Gallery Place, it’s absolutely fantastic. Unquestionably some of the best deep dish you’ll ever have.

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