Another New Mural in Bloomingdale

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up about this one:

“This is in Bloomingdale at the (totally wonderful) New Reservoir market.”

It’s from the same artist, Joel Bergner, who just refreshed the one on the side of Bloombars in Columbia Heights.

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  • how does one go about getting a mural like that? if you own an undecorated wall, do you commission the artist? does the artist do it for the exposure? is city approval needed?

  • I love everything about this mural. DC is loaded with so many wonderful public works, but the murals have to be my favorite.

  • I love it. Not only is it attractive and unique, it’s got an inspirational message. Are there other Hindu-themed murals in the city?

  • Rats should definitely be featured more prominently in DC murals. This is a good start.

  • These things are eyesores.

  • I think this mural on New Reservoir Market on 1st and U NW is more than ok, but not great. What I really dislike is the that it is on plywood that covers windows. Some day that market is going to change ownership and the first thing to do is tear down that plywood wall and open up the windows.

    Hopefully some freegan will find the plywood in the trash and save it.

  • I dig the mural. Can anyone explain the significance of the elephant figure riding on the rat?

    • The elephant is Ganesha, the Hindu god of wisdom. He is always depicted with many arms and a mouse. Hindu gods often have animal mounts called vahanas. Shiva rides on the back of a bull, Saraswati rides on the back of a swan. Ganesha rides on the back of a mouse.

  • thanks anon. Here I was thinking it was some sort of commentary on the presence of certain rodents in the area.

  • I like art in general, and support public art, but I have to say I cannot stand these murals. Not sure why. The colors are too cartoony to enjoy over the long haul.

  • from Joel’s FB page – awesome timelapse:

  • Why is the New Reservoir market “totally wonderful”? I’ve never been there but live nearby. Should I have been shopping there and didn’t know it?

    • Hi anon,

      I like the New Reservoir Market a lot. The owner is so friendly and the prices aren’t as ridiculous as some other corner stores. Over the years that I have lived nearby they have really improved the space–new floor, new shelving, etc. They also have a great diversity in what they sell. True, they still have boarded up windows and plexiglass, but it’s a great place anyway.

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