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  • Hooray!! Good luck with your big day tomorrow, and welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Send a salami to your boy in the army.

  • Hopefully the first item on the menu is the annoying pig from the GEICO commercials.

    • Holy crap. I would stand in line to eat that little annoying piece of…. pork. He needs to die.

  • Fantastic menu for meat lovers! I’m already salivating.
    …but aside form the smoked salmon, I’m wondering what else they have (ie, cheeses, non-meat sides, etc). And what about wines for those who like wine/cheese/meat combos?

    • Same questions I had. Perusing the website, it’s hard to tell if this place is a “restaurant” or if it is just a carry-out place to grab meats.

      • Ran by yesterday with the wife, looks like it is going to be a store, not a restaurant. Take it home and enjoy it there! I am super excited about it.

        • They also have some sandwiches/soups listed on the website, so it looks like they are planning on also maintaining a small take out business, while remaining mostly a store.

  • Cannot wait to come and see you guys! I live right on Hamilton, so I can see myself quickly becoming a regular.

  • What, no vegan options on their menu?! I’m boycotting this place!

  • claire

    Awesome, I’ll definitely be checking this place out as soon as I can!

  • I actually dreamed about getting a sandwich from here last night- it was delicious. Can’t wait to visit while I’m awake!

  • What are the prices? Will it be in the range of 10$ for a jar of pickles?

    It annoys me when there are no prices listed on a menu. I really do like to know how much things cost, so I can figure out if the cost is too high for me. And yea, I could assume it is… but there could also be a price listing for assisting customers with figuring out their order.

  • Whoa, sugeestthey take down that one pic of the adorable baby piglets. I just lost my appetite for bacon. Those piggies look humble and radiant to me.

  • Whoa, suggest they take down that one farm pic of the adorable baby piglets. I just lost my craving for bacon. Those piggies look humble and radiant to me.

  • I just had lunch this afternoon. It’s a store that also makes sandwiches and other dishes to either eat in or take away. I had the smoked pork loin sandwich, which cost $9. It was pretty amazing! I also picked up a quarter pound of the most amazing prosciutto I’ve had outside of Italy. That was a little more expensive, but definitely worth it. All in all, everything looked amazing, and I’ll be eating my way through the menu over the next few months. On top of the food, the proprietors are super friendly and passionate about what they’re doing.

  • I also went today for lunch and everything was awesome! The smoked salmon sandwich was fantastic as was the Taso and the Andouille sausages!

  • Welcome to the neighborhood!! I’m always so glad when stores in our area take pride in their appearance, and look forward to stopping by!

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