The Crave Opens in former Philly Pizza & Grill/Grow Fresh Space in Georgetown

The Crave is located at 1211 Potomac St, NW. I’m always on the lookout for a good pastrami sandwich. And a good lobster roll. Anyone try them out yet?

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  • What is “corn beef”. Sounds gross…. Is that like a Corn Dog?

  • It was philly I think two restaurants ago. For the past year or two it was a place called Go Fresh that I walked by hundreds of times on my way to Tuscany Cafe.

  • Agreed. I have to award them an “Epic Fail” award for their “Corn Beef” sign. There ain’t no corn in corned-beef. The term corned-beef refers to the use of a coarse salt in the curing process.

  • I’ll have to give it a thumbs down. Two co-workers grabbed takeout sandwiches yesterday and said it was terrible. Expensive and not worth it. I almost went there today for lunch but was saved by my coworker who advised me to skip it.

  • Had lunch their last week and enjoyed the “Ooey Gooey” grill cheese and my girlfriend liked the shrimp roll sandwich. We both thought the food was great.. appreciate the pepperoncinis and pickled okra that came with the sandwiches! Also dig the upstairs seating area.

  • My associate and I went on Thursday it took over 10 minutes to get our sandwiches but was totally worth it best corned beef I have had outside of NYC. My partner had a melt and said it was awesome dont remember what was on it other then jam and goat cheese.

  • Had some cheesy sandwhich with fig jam. Freaking awesome. Def worth checking out. Inside decor reminds me of a headshop.

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