Props to the Cops – Another Graffiti Arrest

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, at approximately 12:49 am, a Third District midnight officer was patrolling the alley in the 700 block of Irving Street, NW. The officer observed a suspicious person in the alley and proceeded to investigate further. Upon observing the officer, the person ran from the officer but was stopped in the next block. The person was caught in possession of a bag containing items commonly used to deface public and private properties. During investigation, police discovered that suspect had made graffiti marks on privately owned buildings. Police arrested the adult suspect and charged him with Destroying/Defacing Private Property.

This arrest is significant in that business owners and residents had recently reported a number of “tagging” incidents in and around the Pleasant Plains and Parkview neighborhoods and we trust that this investigation will help reduce graffiti in our communities.

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  • I am not sure which bugs me more – the fact that he was defacing property, or the fact that this person is an adult. Someone should go to his place of residence and deface his personal property.

    • It’s not like he’s forty. He’s 18 or 19. Did you want to deface his grandmothers house?
      Hey, it’s pretty good if they can get Nero and Smüt to cut the crap. It’s not street art of any kind and is just defacing houses and vehicles.

  • Totally undeserving of “prop to the Cops.” Come on, just based on your website this morning their are handfuls of incidents that deserve more credit to the cops then catching a graffitti artist.

  • Excellent news! Even though it’s just a non-violent crime, every bit helps when it comes to quality of life issues.

  • Adult tagger = loser.

  • It’s really great to see these punks punished for their “art.” It reminds me of an incident at a bar I worked at several years ago when we discovered someone spraying their “art” on the front of the restaurant, no kidding, during business hours. With the help of two kind patrons, we chased after this guy, pinned him down on the sidewalk, kindly instructed him to hold still, and proceed to tastefully decorate his stomach, face, and hair with his white and gold spray paint. It was sweet justice for anyone who has had to clean this garbage off of their residence or business.

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