Washington, DC

Dear PoPville,

I saw a kid get hit by a car Thursday night [around 11pm] on Connecticut Ave [and 18th St,NW] its is was pretty bad. Not sure if he survived and I can’t seem to find any coverage on it for some reason.

With that said I’ve complained to the city multiple times about the cross walk timers being off from one side of the four lane to the other side buy roughly 8 seconds. I knew this was going to be tragic one day and it just so happened Thursday night while I was standing right there.

Another reader writes:

“I saw a pedestrian on crutches get hit by a car in the crosswalk of Connecticut Ave. near Jefferson Pl around 11:00pm. He was in pretty bad shape and was eventually taken to the hospital. I tried to find information about what exactly happened and how the pedestrian is doing this morning, but was unable to find anything.”

Has anyone else seen any news reports or happen to know what happened?


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