New Sculptures Go Up on NY Ave, NW Outside Women’s Museum

New sculptures have gone up on New York Ave between 12th and 13th Streets, NW, outside the Women’s Museum. Last year folks had very mixed opinions about the colorful sculptures. A significant contrast this year – what do you think about these (which I think are made from old tires)?

Closeups after the jump.

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  • I noticed the new sculptures this weekend. Although I’m not typically a fan of modern, sterile, corporate boardroom art, I like these. I wasn’t a fan of the mosaic fat women dancing on dolphins. It seemed a bit goofy and cheap to me.

  • i like these much better than the last sculptures. the ones in the first two pics are especially elegant. they definitely class up the street.

  • These is more tasteful and modern than the previous sculptures. However, these dark sculptures will be lost in the shadows of the surrounding buildings.

  • Definitely better than the cartoon characters that were there–Looked like they should be at an avant-garde Disneyworld or something… These sculptures are a lot more classy

  • MUCH BETTER than the candy-colored fat ladies.

  • Does anyone know who the artist is?

  • Love these, some of the best public art sculptures I’ve seen in downtown DC, hope they stay for awhile.

  • I like them a lot. I like that Washington has at last become an expressive town when it comes to public art! The potential was always there.

  • I like these a lot better than the yellow corkscrew-seat-to-the-slaughter-house one at Busboy and Poets.

  • What I know: Chakaia Booker is the artist. She is African-American and her pieces seem to explore the concept of identity. She often manipulates tires and other items she has reclaimed. On the third floor of the museum, she has a great piece called “Acid Rain” displayed.

    BTW, go to The National Museum for Women in the Arts! It is free on the first Sunday of every month. If you want to support the museum that day, check out the buffet of crepes and omelettes, coffee, mimosas, meats and muffins for $25:)

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