Judging Pop Ups – New Hampshire Ave, NW (reader request)

Dear PoPville,

This appears to be a “pop-up” done years ago. The house is located at 3519 New Hampshire Avenue NW. It’s quite a remodel that looks to have been done sometime ago.

This was actually one of the first pop ups we ever judged. It was also the first ever first ever GDoN pop up posted in Aug. 2008.

From the OPs email I can’t tell if they like it or not? When we first spoke about it back in the day it was nearly universally hated. So four years later – what do you think now?

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  • Wow. Terrible. It looks like that house is wearing an ugly hat. They should outlaw pop-ups altogether. Do these eyesores occur in other cities? I’ve never seen them elsewhere (although I might have missed them).

    • “They” DO outlaw pop-ups. The visible ones, at least. “They” are historic districts.

      • It reminds me of an owl. It’s all cute and wise. 100 years from now, they’ll be trying to save this quircky pop-up.

        In the future, the popups will be “glass” domes made out of photocells with ventilation to protect us from the radiation.

  • Hated it then. Still hate it.

    I think this was the first pop-up I ever saw. I wish it had been the last. 😉

  • So incredibly hideous.

  • Looks like something out of a comic book…

  • The pop-up portion is not at all congruous to the style of the rest of the house – not atttractive.

  • I think it looks funny like an Alice in Wonderland house. That being said – it looks like it’s incredibly spacious inside.

  • The style is very Scooby Doo. Old man Withers lives in there, freaking out the local kids by pretending to be a zombie. Until the gang uncovers his scheme, of course.

  • distressing. instead of pop-ups, let’s agree to call them polyps.

  • did they build it out of legos?

  • I lived a block away from this for three years, and it’s still just as hideous now as then. But it’s light-years better than this behemoth across the street: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/10/building-at-new-hampshire-and-otis-gets-named/

  • There’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere… similar to the mullet’s ‘business in the front party in the back…’ something ‘suburb on the top urban on the bottom’ but much better. caption contest? 🙂

  • It looks crooked – like none of the angles are square. (Or maybe it’s the photo. Or maybe it’s me at almost 5pm.)

  • orderedchaos

    Y’know, from the front it’s actually not bad (or at least, I’ve seen worse). From the side, though, with the bricks angling into the crappy-looking siding, well, that’s pretty awful.

  • I actually just spit my drink out – immediately thinking – bad face lift!

  • An architecural bad haircut. grab the clippers and use the number 1 on that high top.

  • I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either – maybe I’ve seen enough truly hideous ones on this blog that that I’m desensitized?


  • Um, please don’t insult the odd numbered side of New Hampshire Ave, this house is an even numbered one. I have the pleasure of looking at it from across the street, it’s ugly for sure

  • On top of being bad it looks weirdly scaled. They must have turned that into a master suite with ceilings taller than the other two (almost combined).

  • ACK!! Horrible.

  • Seriously though – pop ups are a great idea – increasing residential space- infill in existing urban areas. Ecologically sound and economically sensible. So WHY with all the talented and clever architects available, can’t we see something great – or at least not ghastly?

  • The proportions are just so horrific. I honestly would be embarrassed to live there; i don’t care how nice it is on the inside. It should be criminal to subject the universe to such a monstrosity (okay, maybe that’s a little overboard, but that’s seriously what my gut screams. It’s that nasty and that sad to ruin a house and muck up a whole street/neighborhood.).

  • Top Floor: Victorian
    Middle Floor: Federal
    First Floor: Colonial
    Basement: Neo-Classical

    This house has multiple personality disorder.

  • Fail.

    and the windows… those are for a colonial style house. I sure hope this was a result of the owner and a builder’s ideas and not that of an architect!

    Poor little house — you can almost see what it used to be.

  • Looks like a house viewed through a funhouse mirror.

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