Horse’s Ass Award Nominee – Shepherd and Georgia Ave, NW (reader request)

A reader nominates the building home to the former Goins restaurant at the corner of Shepherd and Georgia Ave, NW. They write:

“The building at the SW corner of Shepherd and Georgia. Who even owns that thing? One of the large, metal gutters actually came off the building at one point– looked like a pretty big safety hazard. Someone broke a window a while back and it took a week for it to get plywooded up.”

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  • Agreed, this is a particurly bad block on Ga Ave.

  • That whole chunk of the block needs to be torn down and rebuilt into something less depressing looking.

    • I actually think that this is a beautiful building that’s just been neglected for far too long. The building at the corner of 11th and Monroe was a dump for years until it was fixed up. I can imagine a similar revitalization happening to this place. Shoot, I’d love to do it but I don’t have a couple of mil lying around.

      • I agree, I was across the street waiting for a bus recently, and had a chance to take a good look at the thing. Underneath all the ugly, it looks like there is a really solid building there. With a Metro station two blocks away, you’d think it would already have some value for office space or retail.

  • Is the whole building abandoned, or do people actually live in there?

  • It’s horrible. There’s so much potential on that little strip. The whole building is abandoned but squatters have been seen there. And the Caribbean store next to the alley has been ‘under renovation’ for what, two years now.

  • For what it’s worth, the “who owns the building at [insert address of property here]” question might be answered by going to the website and checking the real property tax database. If you have the address, you can plug it in to the search engine for the database.

  • All, I have received some e-mails from a potential developer of this property. This PoP posting reminds me that I badly need to get the information over to some nearby neighbors, so they can start coordinating revitalization of this landmark. If I get a good update, I will send it to PoP for posting. ANC 4C06

    • I just want to give some props to David Tumblin on this issue. As a nearby home owner, I appreciate your hard work!

      • I agree! David Tumblin has been a big help on this issue and many others. He will be missed and has been a huge asset to our community. I am also a nearby neighbor and would love to see this property revitalized. I think there are several safety concerns that are “over looked” by the city. It is a shame that the people who own the building haven’t taken care of it at all. My husband has been communicating with David about this issue, so hopefully things will start progressing sooner than later.

      • Ditto – thank you!

    • Good to hear that something might be happening with this building!

    • Agreed. David Tumblin has been great for neighborhood

  • It would be a fantastic spot for a diner, I think. A little greasy-spoon-type place with a long counter and a milkshake machine. Mmmm, Sunday morning bacon smells [to cover up the Sunday morning Wendy’s smells]…

    • saf

      Goin’s was still open when we moved here. It was fabulous to have it there. I’d love to see another diner there.

      • Goin’s was still open when we moved here too, but we were lazy and never made it in before they closed permanently. For years our friend never went in there because he thought it said Coins and was a collectors’ shop. I think the return of a diner would be nice.

  • I was never sure if Goins (Goins’?) was operational or not.

    When I was driving by, it looked like it was probably closed… but I thought the same thing about Eat More Chicken until the one time when — after months of seeing it closed on weeknights, weekends, etc. — I finally saw it with the security shutters open.

    And I thought the same thing about J.’s Petworth Cleaners, until someone in a past PoP thread said that it’s actually operational but the owner hangs out in a shop across the street and only comes over if he sees a customer hovering outside.

    It really does seem like a building this close to Metro is due for revitalization, especially with all of the new places that have arrived (or are arriving soon) not far away, like Qualia Coffee and Chez Billy.

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