Georgetown Falafel & Koshary Coming to Georgetown

Georgetown Falafel & Koshary is coming to 3205 Prospect Street, NW in the former Prince Cafe space just west of Wisconsin. While, I love falafel, I wasn’t familiar with koshary – Saveur magazine has a recipe and defines it as:

“The ultimate Egyptian street food, this rib-sticking dish consists of two pastas, two pulses, fried onions for a crunchy contrast, and a spiced tomato sauce that ties it all together.”

Anyone ever taste koshary before? I can’t wait to have a taste!

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  • Sounds tasty, but G-town seems like an odd choice of location IMHO. Seems like this type of place would do much better on H Street or in Columbia Heights.

  • YES! Koshary is DELICIOUS!! Try it at (the little gem) Astor Mediterranean in Adams Morgan – they have a great koshary!! Their’s: macaroni pasta, rice, chick peas, lentils, baked onions topped with a tomato sauce. Suuuuch perfect comfort food – AMAZING!

  • Koshary is awesome – simple and delicious, but not for the carb-phobic. Hopefully the restauranteurs will recognize that it’s designed to be a cheap way to fill up and price it accordingly.

    • agreed – koshary costs $1 or less in egypt. a place in gtown will probably find a way to charge $12 for a bowl of cheap carbs. let’s hope whoever is opening this place used to work at felfela so it’s worth it!

  • Ha-ha. Based on the name, at first glance, I thought it was going to be a kosher deli–>koshary! What it is sounds pretty good too, though 🙂

  • Koshary is awesome! It’s an Egyptian staple. I’ve had it many times from small, side street cafes and vendors in Cairo. I’ve never had it in the States. I’ll have to give this place a try. I doubt it will be like 20 cents like it is in Cairo though. Haha.

  • One of my favorite foods. I live around the corner from this place and will be getting all koshary on its azz, on the regular 😀

  • I love koshary! I hadn’t been able to find anyplace in the U.S. that sold it, which always confused me because it’s cheap and delicious comfort food. I’ll have to try Astor Mediterranean while I wait for this new spot to open up. Is it the same as the Astor Mediterranean in Arlington?

  • I’ve been wanting to try Koshary since seeing Bourdain eating it on No Res’

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