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  • Yes, I went to rugby pratice on Tuesday last week and it was open for people to run.

  • How about the field itself? When is it available for open public use? I would like to get some soccer going on it sometime this spring

    • District Sports does soccer leagues there on Monday and Wednesday nights, so it would be unavailable then… not sure about the other nights though.

  • The problem with Cardozo is the hours aren’t predictable. They are “supposed” to be open a certain slate of hours but 30% of the time they aren’t. Been that way for years.

    For running I would recommend the frequently overlooked Banneker Rec center which is literally a block and a half to the East. It actually has a running track (squarish shaped but still 400 meters), along with tennis courts, baseball field and pool.

    • Joker! Ssshhhhhhhhh! especially about the tennis courts.

    • Are you familiar with Banneker in the evenings? If so, is it busy? I’m going to attempt to try-out for the DC Rollergirls at some point this year and I’d like a place to practice skating a bit. It’s for those nights I don’t want to trek all the way out to the Temple Hills Skate Palace or Anacostia Skating Pavilion.

      (Of course, I guess I could always use my alley way to practice, too.)

  • Does any one else know of other tracks open in the area? Like Oyster Adams?

    • I think Roosevelt (13th and Upshur) is open and is nice. (Go Riders!)

      • I just realized they had a track a few weeks ago when we were at Annie’s hardware on Upshur. People were out running on it so I guess its open to the public. Looks like a well maintained track and field.

    • i run some mornings at the track next to banneker swimming pool, i’m assuming it belongs to howard?

    • Wilson High and the 300M track in Georgetown are my staples.

    • I have been trying to find a track for quite some time as well. Roosevelt is often locked. The track is completely fenced in and the turnstile gets padlocked. People in the area often climb over to use the track in morning/evenings. I have found Cardozo is usually locked unless there is soccer game with District Sports. There is a track around Howard’s football field but it is not easy to get into. I have had some luck going over to Catholic’s track, prior to their fence last year but you can usually get in if you walk around to the parking lot side.

    • Any of the high schools which had their fields refurbished under Fenty. Try McKinley Tech on T Street in Eckington.

  • I ran at Cardozo early morning 2 weeks ago. I walked right in and did my track workout. The problem is that when I tried to leave I was locked in! The construction worker that finally let me out said that the track should be opening soon but didn’t know when. I’ll be moving over to Banneker in the meantime.

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