Dear PoPville – 3 Little Pigs Got Eaten

Dear PoPville,

So I got a chance to check out 3 Little Pigs at their Petworth location (5111 Georgia Ave, NW) on opening day and it was adorably CUTE! They offered barbeque chiccarones (pork rinds) for those of us waiting to be served. The Executive Chef from Rosa Mexicana was standing next to me and we chatted away about what to get. Another guy was buying the proscuitto being cut by the owner in the picture. Based on their recommendation, I bought duck confit for dinner and when I got it home and cooked it the response from my fiance was “I want to marry the guy who sold you this duck!” If that’s not a huge endorsement I don’t know what else is. I’m so happy they’ve come to my neighborhood and I will be getting my fresh meat there every weekend.

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  • That girl in the picture is the owner?! She looks like she’s 17.

    • She is not 17. I met her at a Petworth community meeting. She is a normal adult, and super nice at that!

    • I really think it’s inappropriate to comment on the physical appearance of the owner. She’s a woman, a chef, and a small business owner in the community. Commenting on how old you think she looks seems really disrespectful.

      • And I think you’re being overly sensitive and reading meaning into my question that just isn’t there.
        The woman in the picture looks very young and quite honestly looks to be about 17 or so to me (I’d go as high as 20). That fact that she’s a business owner, pillar of the community, and general great person is irrelevant to how old she looks in this picture. I didn’t cast any dispersions on her at all. I didn’t say anything at all about her that could be construed as negative in any way — except that it’s very surprising that a 17 year old could be the owner of a restaurant. Does that seem like an unreasonable thing to be curious about?

        You can try all you want to make this about sexism. It just won’t wash. If it were a 17-year-old-looking man/boy, I would have said the same thing.

        Have a nice day.

        • AND, if I had said the same thing about a 17-year-old-looking man/boy, you wouldn’t have even taken notice or bothered to chastise me.

          So what does that say about you? Sexism is a 2-way street.

          • Um, I’m not trying to make this into a sexism thing. I’m just saying that it’s rude to comment on someone’s physical appearance. Just because you thought of it does not mean that you need to exclaim it in a public forum. And I’m pretty sure I would have felt the same way if you had made the same comment about a young-looking man. Perhaps you did not intend it to be rude, but that’s how it read to a casual observer.

          • So, if I saw a really tall guy on the street, it would be rude to say, “Damn, that guy’s tall!”? That’s just a statement of benign empirical fact.
            I think what you mean is that it would be rude to comment on someone appearance *rudely*, which I did not. She does look very young and I’ll say it every day without need to apologize. As I said, I think you’re reading WAY too much into it.

        • Aspersion not dispersion. 🙂

    • she does look quite young . . .

  • pablo .raw

    Is it “chicharrones”?

  • Is that a leg of jamon serrano?

  • An epic experience. Truly epic.

  • Serrano or Iberico?

  • claire

    I can’t wait until I can stop by this place!

  • Re: “I’m so happy they’ve come to my neighborhood and I will be getting my fresh meat there every weekend. ”

    Do they sell fresh meat? The only raw product I saw was leaf lard, which they should incorporate into emulsified sausages (boudin) or pâtés to increase their return.

    A very classy store nonetheless, though the case should be full. I only saw duck confit, bacon, andouille, pancetta and smoked fish.

  • Fantastic! But I was there on Sunday at 3pm. Waited too long and finally walked away. While I was waiting at least two other people walked away too. I never got to have anything. A 25 minute wait seems excessive for a $9 ham sandwich. I want them to do well, but they may have to right size their staff

  • Stopped in today. I am sure the food is excellent but the wait, with only a handful of people in line is crazy. Quick and good is the order of the day….not waiting in line with 3 other people for over 20 min.

  • Sadly I was not happy with my first experience at Three Little Pigs and I was so excited it came to our neighborhood. Unfortunately it will be hard for me to walk back in there again.

    1. We waited for 50 minutes for three sandwiches and a pound of ribs. I kid you not, 50 minutes and there were only 4 other people in front of us.
    2. We first ordered the ribletts (spelling) sandwich and when they brought them out to us they were NOT sandwiches. It was a piece of bread and some meat that you could eat in about 3 bites. I was dumbfounded that this slice of bread was $9 and sent it back.
    3. The total was $45. I thought that was a bit ridiculous. I dont mind paying a lot for good food, but we ended up with three country ham sandwiches and 2 of 3 were on different bread and were not the same sizes as the others. So we felt a bit cheated. And the meat was fatty on 2 of the 3 sandwiches so we kept having to take pieces that were too chewy and just not eat them.
    4. There are 3 people behind the register/package area and it was very disorganized and several people in line were complaining about how long it was taking. After 45 minutes we considered walking out and just leaving, but we really wanted to support a local neighborhood eatery.

    My positive comments are the place is adorable and they decorated very well and the ribs are fantastic. But this will not convince me to go again.

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