The Future Home of DSW Coming to DC USA in Columbia Heights

Future home of DSW on Irving St, NW in DC USA

Back in March 2011 we first heard that a DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) was coming to DC USA in Columbia Heights. I was having a tough time visualizing where it would be located. So last week I finally got a tour from DC USA’s Director of Building Operations, David Stein. And holy cow, this is gonna be a way bigger deal than I thought. So it turns out there is going to be a whole second wing called the Irving Street wing which will have it’s own entrance and lobby accessible, naturally, on Irving St, NW just west of 14th Street:

And DSW will occupy 22,000 square feet over the entire second floor. If construction goes according to schedule they will be open in July/August.

Future location of escalator to 2nd floor and DSW

The first floor will consist of 2 more retail tenants. There have been lots of discussions though both leases are still available. I’ll be sure to announce as soon as new tenants are found. In the meantime get ready for the opening of the Irving Street wing featuring DSW this summer.

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  • Shoes meh. Does this mean no grocery store? Sadface. 🙁

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They are still looking to get a grocery store for one of the two first floor spaces. Remember DSW will take over the second floor.

    • I never understood why people still clammor for a grocery there. Giant is a block away. Teeter is nearby. Bestway is two blocks away.

      • Giant sucks. Bestway smells and has limited selection. Target is meh. What we need is a TJ’s. It’ll change your life.

        • Bestway is awesome and I’ve never noticed a smell. The selection is somewhat limited though.

        • saf

          Differences in what you want – I can’t ever find anything I need at Trader Joe. I can almost always find the basics at Giant.

          • I was looking for garam masala at Giant the other day. I asked if they had it and the guy said I’d need to go to “an ingredient store” for that. Hehe.

          • Difference is Giant sucks. It’s poor quality and overpriced. For what I pay for at Giant I can find cheaper at Harris Teeter (and to some extent Whole Foods), except HT is farther from where I live, a bit off of the 16th st S buses, and too far away from the Metro. Having another grocery alternative here would be way more convenient and give Giant a bit more competition to clean up their act. Target’s market helped a little bit, but it’s not enough.

      • Because people want “their” chosen grocery, usually a WF, TJ or HT.

        There are 5 groceries within 1 miles:
        Safeway (.8 miles)
        Harris Teeter (.9 miles)
        Giant (292 feet from Metro)
        Best Way (.6 miles)
        Yes (2 of them, Columbia Rd .8 miles and W St .7 miles)

        and WF on P is 1.3 miles away

        • yeah. dude. people are being sort of obnoxious about this. it’s one thing to ask for more local-y, independent grocers (which would be awesome), but quite another to whine about wanting some more big chain grocery stores. man.

  • Isn’t there a grocery store right across the street? Columbia Heights is not exactly a food desert.

    • I don’t think anyone who says they want a grocery store in this space are hoping that a Safeway opens up here. They’re looking for a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or something similar to either of those. Basically, something different, with some higher-end products.

    • Yeah because a shoe store is so much better.

  • How big is a typical DSW? Many of the ones I’ve been to take 2 entire floors of a building like this. I predict most will be woman’s shoes, with mens shoes squeezed into 1 row in the back somewhere.

  • DSW…I am in soooo much trouble…

  • talula

    oh I love DSW and think it’s a great fit for this space… but having such easy access to shoes will be very bad for my wallet

  • Bear

    This is very bad news for both my bank account and my closet space.

  • Yay! No more trips to Virginia. But my favorite part might be the Irving Street entrance.

  • That facade has some history. I believe it was a car repair place back in the day, and someone decided to preserve the facade and work it into DC USA.

    I saw photos once, I think on Greater Greater Washington, of the former building in the early 2000s, then the facade being held up by a steel frame a few years later.

  • Great news! I hope they’re still trying to get a Yes! organic food-type store on the first floor. We would love love love one of those. Whatever happened to the organic food store that was supposed to open up in that space last year?

    • The-Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named delayed and delayed their opening and then chickened out after like 2+ years of promising it was going to come.

  • I heard the opening will be delayed by approximately 8 months in order to install the escalators.

  • This is great. The clothes selection at Marshalls is pretty good, but their shoes suck.

  • I’m not big into shoes but I’m glad they are finally opening that SW entrance to DCusa. For those of us coming from Mount Pleasant it improves access. Now if only they could lure Whole Foods back that would be be outstanding. I will never for the life of me understand the people that point out there is a Giant 2 blocks away. The people aren’t asking for another crappy grocery store. They are asking for an all organic grocer. This is a densely populated neighborhood with more apartments getting built everyday. The young professionals and families that live here want better access to better food.

    • Whole Foods is not all organic.

      • Exactly. The household basics, including canned goods and frozen foods, aren’t necessarily better quality than Giant, just more expensive. The only things that are better at Whole Foods are their produce, meat, seafood, salad bar, and wine selection (which isn’t all that great). I live just off U Street, so I shop at both.

        • The produce at WF often is the same (literally, like Driscoll berries or Clementines) as SWY or Giant and often no better. The bakery stuff is very uneven and the prepared foods are often surprisingly bad. The wine selection is hit or miss. If I want something interesting or special, I try to go to Calvert-Woodley.

  • DSW is grossly overpriced, every shoe I’ve bought from them has fallen apart nearly a month after I buy them. They use so much floor space so that they can spread their stock of completely boring shoes out wide so that you don’t get to compare shoe prices against each other in the store. I’m tired of paying their rent by buying their overpriced and flimsy shoes.

  • +1 for TJs, Whole Foods or any other decent grocer. Giant isn’t worth the walk around the corner from Mount Pleasant: 1) long lines; 2) too pricey for what it is; 3) marginal produce at best. Does the “Irving Street Entrance” include access to WSC and Target (I hope)?

    • Probably not, unless that wall to the left of the Marshalls entrance is a knockout panel leading to a corridor that goes to the back half of the building.

      Not that I understand the wisdom of constructing a mall where one half is inaccessible to the other half unless you walk outside for a block and a half…

    • ++1 for a tj’s or whole. Foods. Probably too small for a whole foods, though.

  • One less reason to head out to Virginia. Hope they get a Ross and a Stride Rite too.

  • Something about this building is so strange and unwelcoming.

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