Eagle Restaurant Sports Bar and Cafe Opens in Shaw

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that the Eagle restaurant was coming back to the former Vegetate space at 1414 9th St, NW. Earlier this week I walked past the space and it looked totally revamped. They’re also branding themselves as a sports bar – when I walked by there was a soccer game on the tv. Looks like it could be a chill space. Anyone stop by yet?

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  • This poor place just gets tackier and tackier looking. I really liked the Taqueria but I couldn’t stand to be in there waiting for the food because the green lighting was so awful. Red might be worse, looks like a cheap brothel.

  • Nice half-painted plywood. Classy joint, I’m sure.

  • A disappointment for those looking for the leather bar, the DC Eagle.

  • Really?
    They are so freaking cheap and so disrespectful to the neighborhood and their future patrons that they have not bothered with patching up the missing facade panel. Third world chic, all the way.

  • M. E. S. S.

  • I didn’t think it was possible to miss Vegetate even more than I do!

  • Really! No one has the capacity to throw something over that exposed brick and plywood section!!! WTF!
    I won’t set foot in that place until someone makes that most minimal effort to do something for the outside appearance of the place.

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