Dear PoPville – Where Can I Watch The Walking Dead?

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Dear PoPville,

Do you know of any bars or restaurants with a television that would want to show The Walking Dead premier on Sunday night? I think that’s usually kind of a slow night for most businesses, and I know I for one am tired of watching it and others like Game of Thrones alone at the house when I know there are other people who love it also. For example, when I was reading the Game of Thrones series on the metro, I had great conversations about the books with at least four strangers over the course of only two weeks! And The Walking Dead has a pretty good following as well, how cool that would be to meet other people into it at a neighborhood bar or something.

Great idea. Any other fans of Walking Dead? What bars do you think might be willing to show it? Blue Banana? Red Palace? Others?

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  • Back in the day, Asylum did a Buffy viewing (mostly for me & my mate) and then it was pick a movie to watch afterwards. I miss Ash.

    Find a local spot that is empty, and ask them.

  • Hmmm…isn’t that kind of a gross and gory show to be showing in public? I know if I walked into a bar or restaurant on Sunday night expecting to have a quiet meal or relaxing drink, I would be pretty disturbed to see a show about zombies being broadcast throughout the establishment. Maybe OP can invite a friend over so he/she is not watching it alone in his/her house. No reason to subject unsuspecting bar & restaurant patrons to zombies and gore.

    • someone call the waaah-mbulance. any bar would be wise to make an event out of the mid-season premiere of the Walking Dead….it’s a fantastic show with a huge following and the season left off at a very pivotal moment. it’s gonna be HUGE.

      • I’d be thrilled to drink or dine in an establishment that played a show about zombies on their televisions, instead of the usual sports, or CNN.

        • Allison

          I’d be thrilled to drink or dine in an establishment that DIDN’T have GIANT televisions everywhere, throwing their irritating and distracting LCD glow (not to mention sound, if it is on) all over the room. Note to all restauraunt owners, I purposefully avoid all establishments with TVs unless it is a sports bar with a current game on. If I want to watch TV, I’ll stay home, thank you!

        • +1000. It’s a great show.

      • Totally agree.

  • Marx Cafe in MtP used to show True Blood and Boardwalk Empire on Sunday nights until the DirecTV told them they could not have HBO in a bar. So they might be willing to show this if AMC is not also restricted. When you go in on Sunday, after 5 pm, ask Mike the bartender.

    • I’m the OP- Marx Cafe sounds perfect, I’ll definitely try them. I was thinking Looking Glass also, but a comic book store sounds like a good idea too.

      PS- The whaaambulance comment was awesome, I thought I was the only person still using that one!

  • I know when the show first premiered some comic book shops held premier parties at bars/restaurants. Sorry I can’t be of more guidance as to where to look, but the guy I had just started dating at the time went to one and had a blast, even though he’s not your “typical” comic book store patron. (Maybe stereotypical is the better word than typical, as I know comic book stores have a wide variety of patrons.)

  • We’ll be showing it at Red Palace at 1212 H St NE.

  • Seems like a golden opportunity for an all you can eat lower intestines special.

  • The fella and I went to Smoke and Barrel. Not only was the food fantastic, as usual (the mashed potatoes will murder you in the best possible way), but the always awesome Zach very kindly put TWD on the TV at the end of the bar for us. Might become a regular Sunday outing for us!

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