Car Hits Woman with Stroller this Afternoon at 14th and H St, NW

14th and H St, NW around 3pm Wed. afternoon

A reader sent in this horrible photo earlier today. It turns out the scene was actually much worse. NBC Washington writes:

A woman and a baby were hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after being struck by a Cadillac in northwest D.C.

A man was traveling eastbound on H Street near 14th Street when for unknown reason he drove on to the sidewalk, striking a woman with a stroller.

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  • This is tragic. I hope there are no serious injuries/fatalities.

  • I am honestly surprised this does not happen every day.

  • Is the guy on the driver’s side of the car being arrested or are those people just looking at the car?

    So sad. I hope the mother and child are okay.

    • Those people were trying to help the driver while waiting for emergency vehicles to arrive. The Fire Dept had to remove the car door in order to eventually get him out.

    • sometimes a person has a stroke or something while driving. It may not be a criminal matter. I’m glad to hear it sounds like everyone’s going to survive.

  • From NBC “none of the injuries is believed to be life-threatening”.

  • I was walking a block from there 2 years ago and a Yukon jumped the curb, struck signs, tree, etc. and after a passenger in it stomped on the brake it stopped more than a block away – the driver had had some sort of seizure…

  • An hour later and a block away, a biker was hit at 14th and F St. Anyone have an update? Cops had the whole intersection blocked in front of the National Press Building, and it didn’t look good.

    • A female officer, part of a motorcade was hit. ‘Luckily’ she her injuries were minor and she was taken to the hospital so hopefully she’s okay.

      • Damn, I work in The National Press Building and heard nothing about this. I guess I need to get out more. I hope everyone is OK.

  • The car actually struck my office building and I felt the crash all the way up in my office. Apparently the car was speeding through the intersection, lost control of his car and rammed into my building. Apparently he just grazed the legs of the woman with the baby stroller, which so lucky for her and the baby, that she was not injured more. It was a total mess outside.

    • Judging by the cadillac, i was pretty skeptical that somebody had some sort of medical problems. As a bike commuter I know exactly what kind of cars are the ones to watch out for. Doesn’t surprise me at all, I see this happen at every single traffic light everyday. Funny I grew up driving in the sticks where a yellow like meant slow down and stop. Actually most likely could have safely went through most. In an urban area it is absolutely a must to slow down at a yellow.

      I hope this guy loses his license for good. Just beccause nobody was seriously hurt doesn’t mean a thing. Major tagedy was avioded. A child could have been killed, or very likely a crowd of people on the sidewalk could have been mowed over.

      If you drive a car to work and are too much of a spazz to follow the rules. take the metro, bus.. whatever.

      I am going to start slapping stickers on whatever car I see driving like a maniac. Think Ohio State. Only the more stickers you collect the bigger the a@#, I guess that is kind of the same as an ohio player.

      • is this a veiled racist comment, troll?

      • brookland_rez

        Right, like all the bike commuters follow the rules…

        • I appologise for the extremely racist comment. I am guessing you are suggesting Cadillac is racist. I am sorry, I will leave that word out of my vocabulary.

          There was absolutely nothing racist about my comment. Not about a person’s skin color at all. The only judgement I made is looking at a vehicle and with my experience, determining the type of driver, not the race of the driver.

          Oh yeah, another “bikers never follow the rule comment” Next time a biker flys through a light, almost kills a mother and her child, slams into a building shaking the whole thing, and possibly kills a group of pedestrians, I’ll be right on your side.

          • with that being said let me clarify Cadillac for you. alot of these cars are being driven, as with lincoln towncars, as diplomats, black cab service, city or government officals, etc. etc. All drivers in my 10 years experience on DC roads that tend to have a hard time following standard rules.

            Had this cadillac had aftermarket wheels and black window tints, that might lead me to believe there was a black driver. If you feel that makes me racist, thats you’re opinion.

            Call a spade a spade. Observation and experience doesn’t make one racist. Jumping to conclusions that everything revolves around the color of ones skin is.

          • brookland_rez

            As a pedestrian in a crosswalk, I have had bicyclists almost run me over. Just because they aren’t the subject of this post, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. You get hit by a bicycle, you’re gonna get hurt.

            Look, everybody breaks laws from time to time. But for a bicyclist to come on here and hold themself up on a pedestal of moral superiority of obeying the laws is just laughable.

        • You won’t die, unless you’re a baby or an elderly person. Even then, the chances are lower. If you’re hit by a car though, you’re exponentially more likely to die the faster they’re going.

      • Yes, Cadillac owners are well-known for their lack of health problems.

      • “judging by the cadillac”??? because people who buy cadillac’s never have medical problems? what kind of logic is this?

  • This was covered on last night’s TV news. The yahoo driving the car was going so fast he not only broke his axle, but the entire front passgenger wheel assembly was lying on the sidewalk (wheel, half axle, strut, etc…). Unreal!

    Again according to the news, the mom and baby are already out of the hospital and the dad walked the baby past the crash site later that evening.

  • brookland_rez

    Probably texting or another cell phone activity.

    • the fact that you compare the two is laughable to me. Seems we both live in Brookland. If you want to know what its like to ride a bike to work. Lets get together. I’m a nice reasonable guy, seems you most likely are too. I have plenty of extra bikes. We should meet up and commute to work for a week. I think you will have a different approach. You’re assumption is completely valid as I assume about cars too. See above.

      Where I think your wrong is how vulnarable a cyclist is and how awful drivers are. I agree that a cyclist can put people at risk take a look

      But to compare a 3000 pound vehicle where drivers are so easily dristracted and safe in their seat, to being on a bike is completely unfair. Lets try it. Get to know a neighbor, make a friend, and you might enjoy it.

      • brookland_rez

        I’m with you on this. I have a bicycle and two motorcycles. I’ve been riding them to work and all around the city for 8 years.

        Yes, there’s a lot of awful car drivers here. I’ve had them come into my lane numerous times because they were too busy being distracted by something. I know how vulnerable I am, trust me. I’ve hit the ground at 45mph before.

        I guess the thing I took issue with was the line about “if you drive a car and can’t follow the rules”. I just think that whatever you’re on, car, bicycle, etc, you should follow the rules. A lot of bicyclists seem to think they’re above the law, and maybe this isn’t you, but that comment just struck me as an “above the law bicyclist” comment.

        As to riding, I’ll ride sometime. Name a date/time/place.

        • brookland_rez

          Also, I won’t say I never break laws on my bikes or car. But I do it with full understanding that I’m liable if I get caught. I don’t feel like I’m entitled to break the law or am above the law in anyway.

  • Actually to put this all to rest, it actually was related to medical conditions. I posted already, that I work in the building where this vehicle crashed. And the driver does have some sort of seizures, probably shouldn’t be driving…but apparently that is what happened.

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