I would’ve Thought the Chefs come from Japan

I was checking out the new display at Umi Japanese restaurant in Woodley Park. Here’s the description:

It says:

“Umi” is a fusion Japanese restaurant with a Manhattan feel by transforming Japanese dish to modern cuisine. All our esteemed chefs come from New York city with the goal of providing the highest quality Japanese food to the DC area.

So it’s a Japanese/New York City fusion? Sweet. There better be some lox and pizza incorporated…

And, on a side note, Happy Valentine’s Day:

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  • Personally, I prefer Thai restaurants with Chef’s from New Jersey but I have been known to be picky.

  • PoP — of all the places on that strip of connecticut in Woodley Park that DESERVED to be mocked (b/c they are terrible), you mock the one that is actually delicious.

    Save your ridicule for the Indian place two over than randomly started serving “Organic” italian food to unsuspecting tourists. I’ll take a sushi chef from NYC over an italian chef from Bangladesh anyday.

  • Despite the lame marketing, I too think Umi is delicious. Solid sushi at a (mostly) reasonable price.

  • I agree, the sushi is the best in the area in my opinion. But the last three times I tried to call for delivery they didn’t pick up. Even after many attempts. I assumed it had closed. Guess not?

  • I don’t think it matters where the chef is from, as long as they’re trained right.

  • New York City is known for having great sushi, hence the reference. I have seen this many times.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    A couple of years ago I read an article about how the demand for Japanese restaurants outweighed the supply of Japanese chefs. It stated that most chefs in Japanese restaurants are Korean. A few days later I found myself in a Japanese restaurant at St. Pete’s beach. One of those where the food is cooked table side. I asked the chef if he was Japanese and he said no, Vietnamese. He had started as a dishwasher.

  • I briefly worked at a high-end sushi restaurant in boston, and all of the prestigious sushi chefs had come from new york–because they were smuggled in illegally and forced to live in the smugglers’ chinatown tenements (like 8 beds/room) while they worked off their debt of several thousand dollars. takes about 3 years of hell if I recall correctly.

    so, yeah, I guess some good sushi chefs come from new york, but not for any reason I’d want to brag about…

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