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  • isnt Mattress Discounters right across the street?

    why so many double stores, but no 2nd gym ?????

  • For the reessttt of yourr liiifffeee!

    • If you’re getting tired of the turnover in these spots, fear not! The Sleepy’s will be there For The Rest Of Your Life!

  • I’m so glad that I now have two places from which to choose my mattress. This will be a boon to the neighborhood for sure!

  • Really!?! I was hoping for another bank, cupcake store, BBQ joint or cross fit gym.

  • Another matrress store? this makes us as crappy as tenlytown. What a waste of a cool space in a historic building. The leasing agent needs to be fired.

  • A few months ago, I went to Nash’s and was almost tempted to purchase a Donovan McNabb Eagles jersey from their expansive stock.

  • I was hoping Chickass would open a men’s store in this space called Dudebutt.

  • I’m sure I buy at least one mattress every decade or so. This will definitely add to the vibrancy of the neighborhood.

  • Lol, Nash’s has been “closing in 4 days” for 3 years. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • And how soon will Sleepys be going out of business??

  • I think pv4life hit it spot on. I’ll also second Anon from 4:34, since when do we need two of ‘stores-we-only-go-to-occasionally (if ever)’? However, we could use another fitness center option other than WSC. Columbia Heights has so much potential…is someone trying to ruin that?

    • But Z-Burger took over the ground floor of the historic Tivoli. Perfect fit and use of that space…grease fires and burger wrappers flying all over the sidewalk!

      • You’re making it sound like Z Burger is a poor choice for that space. A) it’s not a slop and serve joint like McDonald’s, B) That spot has already housed other eateries, did you complain then too?, C) they are spending a good amount of effort to restore some of the architecture, and D) They haven’t even opened yet! It’s nice to see that you’re optimistic about the place.

  • Sad. This is a prime spot for a restaurant with outdoor seeting.

  • Yeah, we really don’t need another mattress store, thank you very much.

  • Was hoping for a Roti or some salad place…..

  • I’m surprised that mattress stores survive at all. And they should be confined to crappy strip malls in the suburbs where they belong.

  • with the target right there these guys were kind of doomed. nice little store though. a loss for the neighborhood for sure.

  • Ughhhh. The other mattress store on that block already seems to be nearly-always empty. And in addition to this being duplicative, it wastes a prime spot right near a ton of public transit on a store that requires a vehicle to utilize. The last thing we need is more cars stopping and standing on this part of 14th Street in order top pick up mattresses. Tivoli just seems for some reason to attract the absolute WORST tenants in the neighborhood, I don’t get it. I do hope Z-Burger at least is an asset, although I’ve never tried any of their food (and perhaps never will based on the interminably delayed opening).

    Sadly, Rumberos, the one truly unique place that had some character / attractive decor in there, was replaced by the absolutely and hideously cheese-arific Alero space, talk about a downgrade. Rather than duplicating a crappy strip mall with lots of mediocre chains, Tivoli really should have been made into a movie theater; it would have done gangbusters business. Oh well …

  • to be fair, there is a slightly higher chance that I would go to a mattress store in the next three years, whereas there was never any reason for me to go to nash’s

  • The mattress store across the street is closed. They’ve cleaned out the inventory and the space is vacant now.

  • That is the most boring place I can imagine opening, C-Heights needs a chopt or sushi

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