YO Sushi!, Walgreens, Panera Bread Coming to Chinatown

The Washington Post’s Jonathan O’Connell continues to share tons of great scoops. Yesterday he told us about the Nike Store taking over the Barnes & Nobles space in Georgetown. And I forgot to share his big retail news for Chinatown:

“One of the most visible strips of vacant storefronts in the District — beside the Chinese Friendship arch in Chinatown — will become a YO! Sushi restaurant, Walgreens pharmacy and Panera Bread bakery and restaurant.”

You think YO! Sushi, Panera and a Walgreens will do well at 7th and H St, NW?

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  • I’m just glad something is finally moving in there. I’ve always been baffled by it’s vacancy. I always assumed it would be a CVS and am glad it’s a different drug store.

  • I still don’t understand why the CVS never reopened on that corner. Does anyone know?

  • This project keeps getting hacked backed. Started off multi-story destination retail with a condo building in back.

    Then scaled down to small generic office building with retail.

    Now we find out its a Walgreen, Panera, and conveyor-belt sush.

    Hopefully the CityCenter development doesn’t also turn into DD Silver Spring.

  • Glorious!!! Walgreens is infinitely superior to CVS, particularly after my last attempt to pick up a maintenance prescription from CVS (on time, just at a different location. Biggest hassle ever!)

    • So agree about Walgreens being better! I live in Mt. Pleasant and we’ll never get a Walgreens in the area due to the CVSs in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. Randomly, Walgreens has really good athletic socks.

      • Both Cleveland Park and Van Ness have CVS and Walgreens within a block or two of each other, so I don’t think that alone will keep them out. Based on that, I assumed Walgreens was choosing locations aimed at competing directly with CVS directly, knowing that CVS has a less than stellar reputation, shall we say. I have had great service at the CP Walgreens pharmacy.

        I also can’t believe how long that building was vacant. I think those stores will probably do huge business there. Despite being absolutely horrible, the former CVS there was packed whenever I went in.

  • fan of Walgreen’s

  • not a fan of panera, walgreens, sushi…it’s all so generic. i get that’s kind of the flavor of the blocks around, but still. not exciting.

    • True. Gallery Place is overrun with chain restaurants and mediocre to bad bars. There are few reasons to go there unless you’re a tourist. That said, Panera and a gimmicky sushi place will do well there.

  • I always thought that this would be a great Walgreens FLAGSHIP location for the DC market, however it escapes me as to why CVS would vacate a location, only for a competitor to move in? And why is this taking SOOO LONG?! It’s been several years now. That is prime real estate, a highly visible and vibrant location, yet it’s just been sitting there. And what about the upper levels? Are they going to be leased for office use? Is Walgreens going to be multiple levels? This story is flat, I need more information.

  • is H Street the new 7th Street???

  • I work in the Penn Quarter & so glad something going into the space. It was supposed to be a renovated CVS & I guess the powers that be dropped their option.

  • For folks who want sushi in the area, stick with Momiji 1.5 blocks away, very solid sushi at fair prices, huge and always can get a table, very underrated and one of the few palatable food options in Gallery Place that won’t break the bank.

    Walgreen’s will do a booming business with folks trying to aviod the jacked up concession prices at the movie theater, if nothing else …

    • If there is any more vacant space around Chinatown, here is my brilliant idea: an actually-good Chinese restaurant (Chinatown Express is pretty good, but would love at least one slightly more atmospheric place with consistently stellar food … sigh). If there is a worse Chinatown (cuisine wise) in any American city, I’d be curious to hear about it …

      • agree with earlier poster – would love to get great chinese food in chinatown! Specifically – dim sum. Tony Chang’s is horrible.

  • I don’t know how many square feet this location has, but I would have thought this would make a great location for the reported Eataly that is reportedly coming to town.

    with Starbucks everywhere, and the new Corner Bakery, do we really need a Panara Bread?

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