Reader Nominated Horse’s Ass Award – Privado Condos

Dear PoP,

Can you please give a horse’s ass award to the empty lot on the north side of the 1400 block of Chapin St NW? It once promised the “Privado Condos” but has been sitting accumulating garbage for at least two years. The fence, and accompanying weeds and trash, has also been encroaching on the sidewalk making it difficult to pass. Ruins what is otherwise one of my favorite blocks in DC.

Interestingly their Website is still live (thought the phone number listed is out of service):

And here’s the rendering of what could have been:

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  • “Haughtiest” new neighborhood. Sheesh.

  • There was an article about this not too long ago (can’t remember what publication). There’s an ongoing lawsuit between the builder and the lender. Nothing can be done until it’s settled.

      • That’s right! Thank PNC Bank for this hot mess. Is there any way Councilmember Graham can fix up the sidewalk portion? As the OP mentions, the weeds and debris have almost overtaken the entire sidewalk at this point.

      • Yeah, as usual, PoP has misfired with another ridiculous “horses ass” award. PoP, just a suggestion, maybe do even the smallest amount of research before you post these things assuming the builder just doesn’t care about the neighborhood. Obviously this isn’t about the “encroaching weeds” it’s about the incomplete building.

        Lets not go blaming builders and developers for things they obviously can’t control. I’m sure they would prefer the development move forward. Calling these guys “horses asses” not only diminishes this “award” (there are plenty of examples of real horses asses out there) but makes you look frankly out of touch with reality, the current state of our economy, and our sue-first ask questions later society. cheap shot.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Hey Tony, I know these posts can get confusing, but when the title says “Reader Nominated Horse’s Ass Award ” it is nominated by a reader… There’s also this really interesting thing called crowd sourcing. The info gets out there very fast.

          • it also says “by Prince of Petworth” at the bottom. surprised you don’t take ownership of things you post on your own blog. which I love by the way.

  • Privado is not for anyone.

  • I’ve lived on Chapin for 4 years, and the property has always looked like this.

  • Anybody notice the cat in the first pic?

    • I notice that precious cat every time I walk by the lot. The only good thing to come out of this property.

      • Are you kidding me? That cat was the bane of my existence! I used to live in the building on the right and this cat would always hang outside my bedroom window and proceed to make god awful noises! I didn’t know if it was mating or dying but every couple of months it would wake me up at night. If only I had been able to get my hands on it!

  • My favorite thing about having a horse’s ass in my neighborhood is the hope that it will appear on PoP in a year or so with a nice little follow up about all the progress being made. Shit, did I just jinx this….

  • The last action I could find is a favorable court ruling for the developer 1443 Chapin in September 2011:

    Appeals court remanded the issue to the lower court to determine damages, but definitely found PNC Bank liable for breach of contract in blocking continued funding under the preexisting loan agreement.

    Another article says the developer could finish it in seven months. If Schwat wins big damages, you might see this project completed by this year.

    ps: Before calling a developer a “horse’s ass”, wouldn’t it be fair to at least Google for info to see if there is a good reason (say, ongoing litigation) for the failure to complete the project?

    • the award is for not maintaining the site and it’s affect on the public right of way. Regardless of development challenges, the property owner still has an obligation to the community. Willing to bet the sidewalk there is not kept clean when it snows either.

  • This project is back in permitting, and they are just waiting on DCRA to renew the permit. It’s feasible that they will begin construction again in the next few months.

    • Thank god! It is a dumping ground for litter, Christmas trees (past the DPW collection deadline), old furniture and even a dried bag of concrete.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if they will have to scratch the original project and start over. The foundation is a complete mess. For a while people would go in through the back gate and hang out underneath in the parking area. The sidewalk is a mess and just a dumping ground for trash (especially beer bottles/cans). It would be nice for this to all be resolved and have a nice building put in. @tonys, why do read this site if you get so annoyed by PoP content?

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