New Speed Cameras Around Cleveland Park

Dear PoPville,

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this already, but this post was recently on the Cleveland Park blog. The new speed cameras are at the following locations:

1900 block of Foxhall Road NW, northbound and southbound directions, 25 mph
2800 block of Calvert Street NW, eastbound, 25 mph
2300 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, southbound, 25 mph
2300 block of Porter Street NW, eastbound and westbound, 30 mph
Canal Road NW, .3 miles south of Arizona Avenue, northbound and southbound directions, 35 mph

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  • That spot on Conn Ave is at the end of a bridge and the 25 mph speed limit is bogus. It’s purely a revenue generator as that spot could handle much higher speeds. They’ve been handing out tickets there regularly for years.

    • One man’s revenue generator is another man’s way to ensure safe speeds. That’s a very dense residential area where the road takes two sharp turns (it’s at the south end of the bridge). 25 mph is appropriate.

      • Uh, most of DC is a “dense residential area”. Doesn’t mean 25 mph is appropriate on major thoroughfares.

      • I so don’t get this. I live in Dupont and people are always complaining about speeding. Here’s an idea – don’t jaywalk, step into a cross walk after a car has already started turning and the speed won’t matter! I see more pedestrians doing dumb things and then complaining about it than anything else.

  • Well, I wish the city cared as much about speed control around Grant and Sherman Circle. Like a speedway around them and NEVER an effort by MPD to patrol. Please can we hav espeed cameras?!

  • Please remember, all, that DC has *dramatically* jacked up the fines on speeding, so while I agree that these f*&^$% cameras are first and foremost about generating revenue, and only secondarily about safety, being rightfully indignant does not keep your hard-earned money in your pockets and out of our corrupt government’s hands.

  • There is a new speed camera on upper 16th St headed north as well, close to the MD line.

  • Love how that camera already has gang tags on it. If I’m not mistaken, it translates roughly as “NEW ZOO REVIEW KREW; HENRIETTA HIPPO 4 LIFE.”

  • Don’t know if anyone bothered to read the actual blog post, but it states: “The locations chosen were sites with high numbers of crashes and injuries, calls for speed enforcement from neighbors, or where high speeds have been measured.” Not simply because the council went to MPD and asked them for ways to raise more money. If you think the speed limit is too low, raise your voice and call for a change. Otherwise, slow down or pay up.

  • Do we know if Porter and Connecticut is working both directions? Here’s an apparent list of the speed cameras in DC….,a,1240,q,548257,mpdcNav_GID,1552,mpdcNav,%7C31885%7C.asp

  • If they’re going to enforce a low speed limit on porter they could at least have the decency to use the money they raise to help convert it into a normal road that at least sort of looks like you’re meant to go 30 and get rid of the horrible, worthless interchange.

    It’s so badly designed for pedestrians that it’s dangerous even if everyone actually goes the speed limit.

    • Exactly. That stretch of Porter is not designed for a 30-mph speed limit. If they first re-designed the road with traffic-calming measures and THEN put the speed camera in there, that’s fine. But putting a speed camera on a road that’s designed for cars to go at least 45 mph is just a cash grab.

      It’s the same as the cameras on New York Avenue just east of Bladensburg. The speed limit — on a stretch of road that was basically a highway, with few if any pedestrians — was an unnaturally low 35 mph, and the speed camera there was met with much reasoned outrage. They’ve since raised the speed limit there to 40.

      In any case, the NY Avenue camera doesn’t do much good. You can see the camera way down the block, so people simply drive slow past it and then floor it.

      • AMEN!!! New York Avenue is the most ridiculous speed trap in the history of man! It’s a HIGHWAY and you have cars literally coming to a complete stop there, TRAFFIC PILES UP just because of that speed trap. It is a major route in and out of DC, you would think they would allow traffic to go at highway speeds there, especially outbound. These speed traps are just ridiculous if you ask me. I wish those gang members would spray paint over the camera lenses and not on the side of the camera structure.

        • worse is the 4th street tunnel. on new york ave there is a blind entrance near the speed trap. and sidewalks. it’s not really a highway. 4th street tunnel is actually a highway.

  • I lived on the 2500 block of of Porter for 2 years. Crossing the street was especially dangerous. I agree that it’s really tempting and easy to speed through there – I’ll confess that I would do it – but you can’t always see the pedestrians trying to cross at the 2500 block. If cars were speeding at the 2300 block, many would still be (or had been) speeding at the 2500 block where there is street parking and considerable pedestrian traffic as a result.

    I also witnessed many many accidents. I don’t think that revenue generator and safety measures are mutually exclusive, especially in this instance.

  • That camera on the 2800 block of Calvert is not in a particularly good place to catch offenders who are likely to strike pedestrians. Lots of Omni Shoreham employees park on the street up in Woodley and jaywalk across the big wide part of Calvert near the hotel, and there have been some awful accidents down there, a block or two down the hill from the camera. It’s not very easy to exceed the speed limit way up where the camera is located.

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