Multiple Robberies Sat. Night

From MPD:

On Saturday night, the Fourth District experienced multiple robberies in a short period of time. Below are summaries of the robberies:

On Saturday, January 7, 2012, at approx. 10:30 PM, a complainant was walking toward her residence in the unit block of Kennedy Street, NW, when she observed a person approach. The person followed her into the gate and demanded the complainant’s property. The suspect tried grabbing the complainant’s purse and a struggle ensued. The complainant was struck by the suspect. The suspect then fled with the complainant’s property. The lookout is for a black male, 31-35 years old, approx. 5’10”, 165-175 lbs, med brown complexion, wearing a black jacket with white trim and a black knit hat.

Shortly after 11 PM, two complainants were walking in the 700 block of Rock Creek Church Road, NW, when they were approached by three subjects. The first suspect displayed a handgun and demanded the complainant’s property. The suspect obtained the first complainant’s property. The second suspect demanded the other complainant’s property, who complied. The suspects then fled the location. The third suspect stood as a lookout during the robbery. The lookout for suspect # 1 is a black male, 5’10”, 20-25 years old, 150 lbs, black clothing, black ski maks; suspect # 2 is a black male, 6’4″, 160-170 lbs, light complexion, think build, ski mask, wearing a gray sweatshirt and light colored jeans; suspect # 3 was described only as a black male wearing dark clothing.

Shortly before midnight, two complainants were in the 700 block of Newton Place, NW, when they were approached by two subjects. Suspect # 1 asked the first complainant a question and then punched the complainant. Suspect # 1 then told the second complainant to get on the ground and brandished a handgun. Both complainants gave their property to the suspects. The suspects then fled the area on foot. The lookout for suspect # 1 is a black male, 18-19 years old, 5’10”-6″, 155-170 lbs, dark complexion, think build, wearing black clothing. Suspect # 2 is a black male, 18-19 years old, 5’8″-5’9″, 160-175 lbs, dark complexion, wearing all black clothing.

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  • I was the one that called the police, this all happened in about 1 minute. These kids were visous. Be aware of you surroundings at all times. And they did the right thing give up your stuff its replacable.

  • My friend and I were also attacked at 13th and r st nw. Three black males fitting the description above. No ski maskes though. Took all of our stuff.

  • Awful. When I was in Brazil a few years ago, someone suggested to carry around an old wallet with a few dollars in it and fake/expired credit cards and, if mugged, turn over the fake wallet instead of your valuables. I guess it works better for men than women.

  • This is horrible.
    And I thought the 4 broken in to cars I saw on my walk from my place to the gym today (on top of all the glass from cars that I had moved) was bad.

    What is with this place? As much as I love living here, there is a huge segment of the city that simply has zero respect for other people or their property. It’s ridiculous.

  • When I was walking around 9 PM in Friendship Heights I started seeing a bunch of cops all over the place. One of them actually stopped me (I was chatting with my sis as I walked to my apt) and told me that 2 robberies had just occurred. He told me to get off the phone as distracted people are often victims of crime – I’ve heard this before but now I’ll definitely think twice about talking on the phone. I haven’t heard anything about them other than that though. Anyone have any info?

    • I saw something on the Post about a robbery in Friendship Heights near or on Reno Road. There also were a couple of robberies in the Cleveland Park/Van Ness area. It seems like the police & politicians are too busy patting themselves on the back for the lower murder rate to do anything about this seeming surge in violent robberies.

  • They sure do get away with a lot up in those scary parts of town, east of Georgia. East Dupont/Logan/Shaw too. Dark streets, quiet, no cops for blocks (even if near the 911 delay makes any meaningful response useless), hood controlled by the crews carrying guns and bullets. At least it’s not NE or east of the river where I hear they have even better armory for the kids.

    • Well this should liven things up… welcome to the conversation.

    • Well, if you create a two-tier society, you have to expect a little blowback.

      What? We’re surprised that kids who, from day 1, were given no reason to buy into the social contract, aren’t? No parents, no positive role models, no expectation that education or work will pay off, no future, no hope. Hello? This ain’t rocket science.

      • actually i think the kids probably did have parents – it’s fairly typical for children to have parents, in fact.

    • Actually two of those crimes occurred only 2 blocks from the Park Road police station which I consider to be a good one. So there were a lot of cops around, the perpetrators just don’t care.

    • What 911 delay? I witnessed a mugging on 11th a while back and cops swarmed the scene (on foot, on bicycles in marked and unmarked vehicles) within 90 seconds of hitting “send” on my phone.

  • I live on Emerson and 9th. Walking to my car at 10 p on wed night a mpd officer stopped me and asked me if I was lost. I’m w/m in my 30’s.

    He seemed shocked I lived in the neighborhood! Not a good sign, I’ve been in area only 3 months!

  • We were robbed in front of our house on Park Road at 1:45 AM on the 1400 Block. There was a party and people were gathered outside. An early 2000s Chrysler or Plymouth minivan pulled up and two black males with ski masks emerged one carrying a gun. They took a purse and a camera and struck one of us in the face then fled down Hiatt towards Irving. Just want to document this one too!

    • Did you report it? That is crazy, now people are jumping out of cars with guns in drive by robberies? Is this San Paulo Brazil?

      • Yes. We reported it. The 911 dispatcher was really unhelpful and insensitive to the fact that we had been through a traumatic experience and needed an officer. We ended up just flagging a patrol car down. They were helpful.

        • all the mentions of ski masks make me wonder if it’s the same people, or maybe a group of people that all decided to do similar type of robberies on the same night. like a gang or something. the most unfortunate thing is that, they probably won’t get caught. and will do it all over again. i’m glad everyone is okay though, and they didn’t resort to using th guns on anyone.

        • That is a shame about the 911 dispatcher…glad you are okay

    • I wonder if this was related to the huge cop presence I saw at 3am outside my window on Saturday morning. This was on the Kenyon St side by the Kenyon Square apartments/Heights patio. About 8 cop cars, a van, dozen plus police and 3 groups of suspects (looked like 4 adults, separated into 2 individuals and a pair), the cops were arresting 2 of them.

  • As mentioned earlier, two of these were around the corner from the police substation on Park Road with a fair amount of police presence…wtf

  • Outlaw ski masks in DC? Come on it doesn’t get that cold here!

  • Unhelpful but I saw two guys, one with a ski mask on, the other in his hand(I assumed that’s what it was) around 6:00 at Irving and Mt. P. Probably unrelated but I thought it odd considering it was in the 60’s Saturday evening.

    • Well that should warrant a police officer to search or at least question the subjects… Profiling my a$$, we need to be more proactive and if this hurts somebody’s feelings than so be it.

  • Same block! A friend and I were headed to a party around 11 Saturday night near intersection of Rock Creek Church and 8th. Guy in black ski mask jogged past us… we turned around to see 2 other guys, one on our side of the street the other on the opposite side following us. They came out of nowhere. We were totally surrounded so we quickly turned around and got under the street lights in the middle of Rock Creek Church Road and headed back to GA Ave. One guy tried to ask us a question but we just kept going. Glad we turned back, but sorry to hear they got someone else. Had to be the same group.

  • My husband was mugged at gunpoint at the corner of 7th and Randolph- one block from the police station I might add- on Jan 4th coming home from Safeway. Thankfully he was not hurt and the police were really responsive but these guys are still out there. Be safe everyone!

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