The Petworth Christmas House

I’ve been getting tons of emails about this festive at house at New Hampshire and Upshur St, NW.

Where’s your favorite decorated house for Christmas?

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  • Two blocks from 16th street is The Bishop’s House at 1665 North Portal Drive NW. It wraps around the corner onto Birch Drive. It’s occupied by the leader of the United House of Prayer, has 10,000 lights and is completely over the top.

  • There are a couple of really nice houses along 13th Street — one South of U and the other just South of Fla. Very Classy.

  • Those giant inflatable things just scare me. god damn them every one. I love my neighbors across the street with lots of gentle blue and white lights.

    • +1.

      IMO, “more” and “bigger” do not necessarily constitute “better.”

    • The giant inflatables are the mylar balloons of Xmas decorations. They just shouldn’t be done.

      I love gaudy holiday displays as much as anyone, but there shouldn’t ever be more than one Santa in such displays!

  • Great.

  • If you’re going to feature this house, you really need to put up pictures of the house at the NW corner of Varnum and 4th (’bout a block east of Grant Circle). Makes the folks on New Hampshire look like amateurs. 🙂

    • Totally agree! I try to walk my dog by there as much as possible.

    • +1

      Was driving around the circle late night a few days ago and spotted it. I did a full loop around so I could drive by and get a look.

    • Totally! We go out of our way to drive past that place. They are each unique in their own gaudy, awesome Christmas way. There’s also a place on 5th between Gallatin and Hamilton that plays music when the lights are on. Prettttty awesome.

    • Ditto! I absolutely LOVE the holiday decorations at 4th and Varnum! Those people have a meticulously manicured lawn year-round that I am very envious of too!

      • Yeah, 4th and Varnum is amazing at Christmas, in fact that house is one of the best looking houses in the city. The strange thing is, I never actually see them working on the yard, it’s like magic.

  • This house rocks!

  • someone just told me the other day that the people who live in this house have no children.

    • This is not true. I live across the street, and have met this family. There are, indeed, children living in that house. (When the giant inflatables aren’t up, they have a couple of big plastic play sets that live in the front yard, and which their kids use frequently.)

    • What does it matter if they don’t have kids? Only people with children can decorate their homes for Christmas?

  • There is a house on 13th street up in Petworth, right around the corner from the house above near the intersection with Taylor st. It’s got a mini light show that runs on loop!

  • the south side of Webster between 14th and 15th has some SWEET lights. It has to make it a little hard to sleep for the neighbors.

  • Love this house and all others that go insane for the holidays! Have to put a plug in for the Christmas Wonderland that is my neighbor’s house in the 600 block of Emerson Pl NE (North Michigan Park/Fort Totten)- awesomely epic Christmas tacky in all its glory!

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