PoP Pre-Preview and Sneak Peek of Menu for Boundary Road Coming to H St, NE

A few weeks ago I noted Boundary Road, coming to 414 H St, NE, was starting to look good. Last week I was lucky enough to chat with owners Karlos Leopold and Brad Walker (and much of the team) as well as get a peek of the space. It was great to see that construction on the inside was much further along than I thought. It’s also much bigger than I thought at nearly 2,000 square feet (probably seating around 80-100 people). You can sorta tell from a picture I’ll post below but there will be a phenomenal bar, lots of reclaimed wood, and even some awesome lighting from Corehaus Designs.

Chef Brad Walker was kind enough to share a bit of his background:

I started working in the restaurant business when I was 15 at a crab shack/Greek restaurant in Bel Air, MD. I worked mostly in front of the house positions through college and after. My first job in the area was with Ragtime in Arlington, where my current business partner and I met. I attended L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg in 2006. For my externship, I was with the opening staff at Central, Michel Richard. After 9 months with Central, I was hired as a cook at Proof, before being promoted to Sous Chef. I spent a little more than a year with Haidar Karoum before I moved over to Cashion’s Eat Place with Chef John Manolatos. After a few years, I left Cashion’s in a short-lived attempt to help an unnamed company open a few new places. After bouncing around the local restaurant scene, I landed with Chef Fabio Trabocchi at Fiola as a cook shortly after they opened. I have been working towards Boundary Road for many years, with some of the best chefs in DC. I’m excited for the opportunity to cook for my new neighbors on H street and the city at large.

And here’s a look at their opening day menu:


While there will be a serious focus on food – drinks will not be neglected. There will be 8 beers on tap and 12 or so in bottles. Karlos describes it as a combination between an American Bistro and Beer Tavern.

They are hoping for a mid-January opening.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again – this looks like another huge score for H Street.

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  • Sounds great. That menu looks very interesting / tasty. I definitely will be checking this place out.

  • Everything’s coming to H St NE. (Yes, that is envy)

  • I hate to be negative and I’m sure the nearby residents are overjoyed to see anything and everything opening up over there, but from the perspective of someone who lives across town, H Street fatigue is starting to set in. I used to get excited with the opening of every new bar and restaurant on H Street, but it seems like the overwhelming majority of them have either gone way downhill since opening, or were pretty mediocre from the start.

    Then again, most of the bars/restaurants in my home neighborhood of Adams Morgan are just as mediocre.

    • Wow haters don’t waste time.

      • That doesn’t sound like hate to me but like a simple opinion on the quality of the establishments. I think hate would be more like, “I’m sure it will be another yupster dump like everything else that opens up on that overrated trash strip. H St = Hate St as in I HATE H St.”

    • Interesting commentary, considering I too live near Adam’s Morgan and I’d prefer to see all of 18th st razed and a number of H st-like establishments move in. Guess that’s envy as well.

    • Haters are always going to hate. Nothing but jealousy. I love loving on H Street. People, once upon a time, said the same tripe comments about DuPont and U Street.

  • So happy to see more and more opening on this side of H! I live just 2 blocks away and am looking forward to being a regular!

  • Wow! Looks strikingly similar to Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale. What a rip off!

  • Haha!! Total rip off!

  • Wow! It looks just like the Boundary Stone. From the layout to the wood… Weird

    • Are we certain it isn’t the same restauranteurs who are involved in both places?

    • Same layout? Meaning it has a bar on one side and tables throughout? I think people are looking a little hard for things to hate on.

      Maybe PoP can weigh in, but I think this project’s been around for quite some time…meaning it didn’t just pop up after Boundary Stone opened.


  • Looks exactly like Boundary Stone, why would they want to open a place that looks exactly like another pub with similar name?

  • What kind of loser would open up a bar copying everything from the name of the bar and overall style of the bar. This bad karma smells of a Chapter 13 in the first year of operation. Be yourself, think for yourself and maybe good things will happen for you.

  • Having walked by the space for several months now, I was lucky enough to be invited in to take a look by one of the owners a couple od weeks ago. I’ve been to Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale and I can tell you that these two places do not look or feel the same and just one look at the menu, and you can tell that they are moving in a totally different direction.

    • ledroittiger

      Agreed – I live very near the Stone and I’m there all the time. I love the place. But I would say that what started out as a pretty ambitious weekly menu has fallen off a little bit. I used to get really excited about the food, but now I pretty much go expecting to drink only. It looks like Boundary Road will have some very interesting and varied fare. I guess it remains to be seen how the food will play out a few months after they’ve opened.

  • Hurry Up I’m Hungry!!!

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