Miss Pixie’s Signs 5 Year Renewal Lease to Stay in Logan Circle

Back in Aug. ’11 we heard that Miss Pixie’s could lose her lease at (1626) 14th and R St, NW. So I was super happy to hear from a reader who forwarded me an email notice from Miss Pixie’s. It was announcing a 3rd Thursday sale for Dec. 15th with 10% off but the real news was at the bottom of the email:


Great news.

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  • That’s great news, indeed!

  • Totally relieved, completely happy! And by the way – Ruff & Ready’s new place (14th st. near the bus barn) is wonderful!

  • GreaT! 5 More Years of Over Priced Crap.

  • Great news for local DC businesses. Miss Pixie’s is more than just a store, it’s a symbol of the community. I’m happy they were able to remain in their location instead of ceding the entire community to bars and chain stores.

  • More exciting than Trader Joe’s, in my opinion. It wouldn’t be 14th St without her.

    Ruff and Ready is in fact open, and surprisingly navigable! Maybe getting kicked out of their old place was just the incentive they needed to get organized.

  • Any hope for AYT next door to keep their lease? I am quite bummed to see those guys go 🙁

    • Doubtful that AYT will stay and personally hoping they go. We don’t need auto repair shops in the neighborhoods. They belong in the suburbs where you need a car to get around. No need for either in the city. Good ridens AYT!

      • Have an old car and kids that you need to get around town and then tell me we don’t need auto shops in the city. You are an idiot.

        • sorry, I take that back. You are not an idiot. But I do recommend that little car repair shop around the corner on Swann.

      • LisaT

        That is completely unrealistic. Neighborhoods offer all kinds of services to residents, including auto repair shops. If *you* choose not to have a car that’s your business, but others choose and even need cars for a variety of reasons.

      • Also…riddance

  • too bad they didn’t want to come up our way in the 16H. We already got Ruff & Ready to come up here.

  • sorry to hear that. Was hoping she would move to Bloomingdale

  • Maybe they can finally update that awning!

  • If you’ve ever wondered where she gets all that great old furniture and why Thursday mornings are the best time to score new stuff, they go every Wednesday to a country auction out on the Eastern Shore in Crumpton, Md. There are two open fields and a huge barn full of stuff that get sold off in one day. It is open to the public, but it happens only on Wednesdays. You will see trucks from all the antique shops around town there, waiting to load up their purchases. They also have an Amish cafe with soft pretzels, roast chicken, ice cream etc…once you see the prices you will laugh when you realize how much they mark eveything up. Highly recommend it for a day in the country. http://www.crumptonauctions.com/

    • Crumpton is fun for a day in the country. If you want a long drive, a soft pretzel and a truck-load of junk along with the one cool item (you have to buy whole “lots”) go to Crumpton. If you just want the one cool item, and understand the value of an expert curating all that junk and making it conveniently available every day, go to Miss Pixies.

    • I know for a fact she also goes to weekly Weschler’s auctions on Tuesdays. I saw the cutest flower chandelier at the auction the only time I stopped by to look, and thought it would be good for Miss Pixies. Sure enough I checked the next week and there it was.

  • So glad she’s not going anywhere. I’m not sure where else I would go when I want to pay a lot for a beat up old piece of furniture.

  • that is AWESOME news!!! the neighborhood is better for having miss pixie’s around. not just saying this because of the mini chocolate chippers…

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