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  • Looks like a great place to fuel up after getting falling-down drunk at Stan’s.

  • I work in this atrocity of a building. General consensus of me and my coworkers is that this was an ill conceived and poorly executed “upgrade” to the building facade. Whoever dreamt up this design should be publicly flogged. It is hideous!

  • LisaT

    FUGLY. I work around the corner from this one and every single person I’ve talked to, even strangers on the street, have said it is downright fugly. Looks like Juice Joint is expanding into the old Vermont Village space though.

    As for Grill Kabob. Haven’t been yet. Still mourning the loss of Spice Express. *sniff*

  • Happy to see a new spot at McPherson Square. Had the food the day after it opened and been back a few times since. Food is great,with nice portions and great for carryout when leaving work, as for the design of the building I find it to be clean cut but very hard to read and notice the signs when passing by….otherwise an overall good experience

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