Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Glyn Lowe Photos

Dear PoPville,

Just had a very disturbing experience & hope it’s a rarity. Was at the Petworth metro heading towards the escalator when I heard screaming. I turned around & saw someone on the outside of the metro who appeared to have his foot stuck in the door. The train began to move & I & the few people on the platform began to frantically search for the call box. As the train gained speed the kid jumped off & his friends started laughing. I found the station attendant & told her what happened. She immediately replied that it was ‘train surfing’. I pointed out the kid, he just walked out of the metro without being stopped. The metro employee was genuinely concerned when i told her but didn’t stop them. I wanted to say something to him but decided any teen insane enough to train surf wasn’t going to listen to me. My heart finally stopped racing & I walked home.

I hope this is an isolated incident!


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