Cars Hit by Drunk Driver and Burned This Weekend in Shaw

Dear PoPville,

So a drunk guy ran into the back of my friend’s car at about 4:30 this morning! I woke up to someone screaming that a car was on fire in front of the house [9th and R St, NW].

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  • Did the cops come and grab the driver (or neighbors pound this jerk)? Asking b/c how did you know it was drunk driver? Crazy stuff.

  • This happened right out front of my house Sunday morning. By the time we came downstairs the police and fire department had responded and the driver was already in a cop car, under arrest.

    • I live on French St, just around the corner and the burnt up cars are still there… Its been 24+ hours

      • I too live on French Street….they were just starting to tow away the cars about an hour ago. Pretty crazy scene.

      • The cars were both towed away just over 24hr after the accident occurred. In my book that’s pretty damn good and very efficient of DC.

  • This starting sentences with “So” trend has got to stop.

  • I drove past this Sun morning about 10am, and someone was trying to jumpstart the white car in front. Seemed kind of futile, but they get props for trying.

    • Actually no one was trying to jump start the car. The fire department left the hood up after leaving the scene Sunday morning, and it wasn’t closed immediately.

  • I’ve got to wonder, though, the damage to the cars from the impact seems pretty minor. The front fender of the SUV in back isn’t even bent. Wonder why they burst into flames? They’re both Chrysler products (Chrysler Pacifica in the rear, looks like a Dodge Nitro in the front)… maybe some sort of design flaw?

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