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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • cool picture!

  • ULTIMATE RAVE: My father-in-law received his liver for a rare blood type yesterday. The surgery went well and everything seems to be going great. This was a true blessing because it was potentially a life a death situation resulting from bile duct cancer (the same disease Walter Payton died from).

    We drove down to ATL on Thanksgiving and I asked him how he was doing and he said, just waiting for a call…4 days later, he got that call. All praises due!! Thank you Heavenly Father and thank you to the selfless organ donor.

  • Rave: Family time- Thanksgiving was great and our big family Christmas party is this weekend. And Santa is coming!! ;-D
    Rant: Still need to buy gifts!! I need to get on top of that…
    Rave: We do a Pollyana- so I don’t have to get gifts for all 86 of my cousins!

    • What’s a Pollyanna? Some kind of assigned gift-giving thing where you give gifts to just one person?

      • Yup- like a secret santa except everyone knows who has who. We have such a large family that we divide it up into age groups and we draw names.

  • Cube mate won’t quit complaining about how much work she has to do, even though she comes in late, takes long lunches, and leaves early everyday. I’m actually surprised that she’s in, it’s not even 11:00 yet. I wish she would shut up

  • Rant: I am the only intern at the company I work for. I am 100% unpaid (no transportation stipend, no college credit, nothing) and work full-time. I wasn’t invited to the office Christmas party and I’m a little hurt about it. Internships are very humbling experiences but at what point does the humbling end and something more negative begin..?

    • Unfortunately, many companies see interns as only temporary help, so don’t include them in a lot of things. I was a part-time intern during grad school for one company that trusted me so little that I didn’t have my own computer log-in (had to wait for the IT guy to get back to his desk to log me in) or bathroom key (had to borrow from said IT guy). I got out of there as soon as I could while still getting a decent reference.

      If it’s a company you’re really interested in working for down the road, I would reach out to some of the junior level people and go out to lunch or coffee or something. I know it’s hard, but sometimes they’re wrapped up in their jobs and don’t realize you don’t know people as well. Or maybe mention to the HR person that you’d really like to join in the holiday fun — she/he may simply not know you or didn’t think you’d be interested.

      • It’s a very small office (<15) and I've gone to all of the happy hours they have invited me to and we've even spoken about the Christmas party previously. I'll try to think of a way to bring it up to someone.

        I guess I am just incredibly spoiled because my previous internship I was given excellent feedback on all of my work, I was paid, was able to attend any meeting I wanted no matter how high profile it was, and the president of the company took me to a nice lunch at least once a week. Spoiled.

        • Sounds like your previous experience was great! Sad they can’t all be like that, but just power through it and get the reference/credit/whatever, and throw your own christmas party 🙂

          • Speaking of giving intern due, I have my first ever intern now. They’re unpaid but given a monthly transportation stipend. Considering we have them part-time for less than 8 hours a week on average it’s okay. But I remember being an unpaid intern and how much it sucked. Should I take them to lunch or coffee?

            The other consideration is that this intern is my age (23ish) and we’re the opposite sex. I don’t want it to seem weird but I do want to be considerate.

          • C.L.- I know that I always worked a little harder for the staff people that included me in things and gave me the most feedback. If I completed a task for a member of the staff and was never acknowledged, then I might not work so hard for them in the future 🙂 Any little treat helps!

          • C.L.- It might be nice to give them a small gift card for Starbucks with a thank you note. It’s thoughtful, shows your appreciation, and doesn’t create an uncomfortable situation. Just a thought.

          • Or get a group together to take the intern out to lunch and show your appreciation? Even if it’s only 2-3 people, you can take them for a sandwich and it’s only a couple dollars each — and I promise the intern will be super appreciative.

          • Thanks for all the suggestions. Two of my coworkers and I have extended an invitation for lunch to our intern. 🙂

    • As an HR professional, this strikes me the wrong way. Are interning through a formal program? Or is it an informal internship set up on your own?

      If it’s the latter, then I can understand why you were not invited. Employers need to be careful not to treat non-employees (contractors, temporary help, temp-2-hire, independent consultants, etc) as an employee. Non-employees should not get company clothing, attend company events, lunches, etc.

      Why? A non-employee could come back and sue the employer claiming they were treated as, and acted as, an employee. They would be entitled to benefits and other employee perks.

      • Uhmmm, it’s not a program set up through a third party internship company but I didn’t just set it up on my own. There was an advertisement on their website and I applied for it.

        I know some people would look for any reason to suck a company dry but I for one would never do what you mentioned. There are too many useless lawsuits these days.

      • I’m not an HR guy but I think you are wrong.
        Inviting someone to a company event does not make them an employee. An unpaid intern or volunteer who does the exact same work as an employee is not an employee. An employee is defined as someone who is employed for wages or a salary. Your employment is evidenced by some agreement between you and your employer. In the absence of such an agreement, you’re going to have a tough time convincing a court that you were a de facto employee.
        The non-employees you cite – contractors, temps, consultants – are all getting paid for their labor. They might have a better shot at claiming they were employees, assuming the highly unlikely circumstance that there is no formal written agreement that specifically disclaims they are employees. But an unpaid intern is not going to win an “I was an employee suit” if he or she never got a dime from the company but got taken to lunch a few times and was invited to the Christmas Party.
        The simplest solution is usually the right one. In these difficult economic times, the simplest answer for most decision by businesses is money. If the company is paying for the party, maybe it can’t afford adding you to the list.

    • This might well be violating several employment laws. From what I understand (I’m not in HR), you either need to be paid or be receiving course credit if you’re doing anything “of value” for the company.

      This wouldn’t be on you, but them.

      • Meh, I’m not really worried about diving into the legality of it. I just want them to throw me a bone and include me in the office Christmas party.

        • Try to remember that maybe “it’s not you, it’s just them.” Perhaps they had an intern-disaster at a Christmas party past (oh internet horror stories,) and they’re unfairly projecting that onto you. Or maybe it really *was* a mistake that you weren’t invited. Maybe they assume since you’re a student that you’ll be leaving for home for the holidays around that time.

        • I find it appalling that they’re showing you such disregard. At my company, everyone is invited to company events—interns (all of whom are paid, BTW), security guards, contractors. We took our summer intern to lunch at the end of her tenure. We’re a large company, so maybe that’s the difference. I have a friend who just started a new job, and her new co-workers go to lunch and don’t invite her. She’s the 50-something in an office of 30-somethings, but again. What up wit dat? Totally classless and unnecessary.

          • Dear Christmas Party Snubbee,

            The answer is to go to the party anyway, and just assume that you were invited. Act and speak as if you’re invited. Show up. Eat and drink everything and rave about what a nice party it is. Awkward for everyone.

            Then you’ll see how they really feel about you.

            Please let me know what happens.

        • If it’s any consolation, office Christmas parties generally suck 🙂

  • Rant: my non-grooming cat. He expends the absolute minimum effort on hygiene, and as a result, doesn’t smell so good. He’s not actively stinky, just not quite clean. My previous cat had the nicest sweet dusty scent. Yet this lazy sod still manages to barf up hairballs!

    • He must have been a fraternity man in his prior life!

    • he might need a professional grooming-sometimes they “give up” but after a good bath they groom much better.

      • Yep, anon, I refer to him as the resident frat boy! Giant gut, not real bright, not real clean, but really great company… when he’s awake.

        Tall E, he’s not filthy or matted or anything. I know what you mean about giving up– I had a cat as a kid who would get awful mats in her fur, and it made all the difference to her effort and attitude when she got a trim.

        Alas, my cat is just plain lazy.

  • Rant to follow the previous cat rant:
    My cat refuses to drink water from anything but a sink. Yes, I enabled her to do this but it is getting SO ANNOYING. She does not even touch her water bowl no matter how long I might be gone from home.

    • Have you tried those pet water fountains?

      • I’m thinking that is my next step. Although, I know she would just play and splash in it like she does the sink. Gosh, she’s a weirdo.

      • I had one of those for my cat Sam. He was so obsessed with it that whenever I turned it on he would just sit there and drink from it until I turned it off again. So I couldn’t leave it running when I left the house and basically it was just like having to turn the sink on and off.

        Now I have a dog. She drinks out of anything, including the toilet. Come to think of it, Sam used to drink out of the toilet as well. Animals are awesome.

    • Had the same problem. I bought a kitty water fountain from Petco, it was kind of pricy and you have to replace the filters (more $$) but the cat finally stopped sitting by the sink.

      Or option 2 – get a dog, and suddenly the cat will decide that the dog’s water bowl is the only bowl she’ll drink from. (Must be the essence of dog spit that makes it so appealing.)

      • houseintherear

        Isn’t that the weirdest thing? My dog and cat get in slapping fights over the stupid water bowl all the time.

    • My cat splashes all the water out of his bowl and then licks it off his paw. My other cat finds that very off-putting (as do I). I always have water all over the floor. I put a bowl in the bathtub so it doesn’t matter when he does it there.

      • ohh that’s a really good idea – bowl in the bathtub. my cat gets water EVERYWHERE! he does the same thing that someone previously mentioned – splashes to get it on his paw, then licks it off his paw. we tried the water fountain thinking that maybe he was splashing because he couldn’t see the water surface, but he would just get even more water in even more places. we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we need to give him sink playtime everyday.

        • Glad I’m not the only one with a weirdo cat. I can’t even pour myself a glass of water without him jumping on the counter and trying to force his paw into the stream. Kinda gross actually. I know where that paw has been!

  • rant: holiday birthdays.
    revel: turned 30 over the thanksgiving holiday and it’s not so scary. i feel great and i’m excited for the next decade stretching out before me!

    • 30s are awesome – exponentially better than my 20s. i’m heading into the over-35 category in the next couple of weeks…now that’s kind of scary!

      ps – happy belated birthday 🙂

    • Oh my gosh. I’m a turkey baby too and I think it is worse than having a Birthday close to Christmas. My Birthday forever gets lost at Thanksgiving. The good food, family and cash helps though ;0)

      • thanksgiving babies, unite! i used to get a cake with a turkey on it. ha! being around family is great though (especially my husband and in-laws who try to spoil me almost as much as my own parents would). and because i’m never around friends for my birthday (sad), i get to celebrate my birthday for weeks to come when everyone is back in town, which is kind of cool. it’s less of a big birthday bang and more of a slow birthday burn. in a good way.

        anyway, hope you had a happy birthday too, lady!

      • As a person whose birthday is right before Christmas, I have to disagree with your statement. My birthday also always gets lost in the holiday (with the exception of with my husband and immediate family). I am not trying to say that having a Christmas birthday is worse or minimize your feelings. I would just say that having a birthday around Thanksgiving, is equally as bad as having one around Christmas, not worse.

        • agreed. let’s face it, all holiday birthdays are kinda cruddy. except maybe st. patrick’s day. or cinco de mayo. curse our parents for birthing us when they did!

          this thread is making me so happy to be alive. thanks, you guys.

    • em

      Happy birthday! 30 is the new awesome…my life has been on the upswing since turning 30 last year.

    • Happy birthday. Loved my 30s. Forties are even better!

    • My Dad passed away the day before my birthday. Well, more like half a day before my birthday. I didn’t want to be selfish but I didn’t want to be forgotten, either. My family and friends didn’t forget – amongst everything awful that was happening, I still got flowers, 2 cakes, and cards.

  • Rant: Didn’t want to include it with my earlier rave but this headache just won’t go away, so annoying. It was bothering me all day yesterday and stopped towards the night but is back again. I’ve never had migranes or anything so hopefully this is minor and nothing potentially serious. It is the back right side of my head and my right seems sensitive to light.

    • Maybe it’s weather related? I have pain throughout my body that comes and goes (think it might be arthritis) and it’s been unbearable this week.

    • Sounds like a migraine — localized on one side, and occurring with a sensitivity to light.

      (Not everyone gets migraines with the same symptoms, but those two are on the list of “sounds like a migraine” symptoms.)

      Have you tried taking pain reliever for it? My experience was that ibuprofen wouldn’t do anything for my migraines, but over-the-counter migraine medicine would make them go away.

      • The other thing to try is a strong cup of regular black tea. Nothing else seems to help my wife’s migraines, though the tea starts helping quite quickly. And the one migraine-like headache I had responded the same way: impervious to ibuprofin, but went away with the tea. Good luck!

        • me

          There may be something to that. I know that Excedrin Migraine has just plain ol’ Excedrin plus caffeine, and that’s it.

        • Yeah — the Target generic of Excedrin is aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol), and caffeine.

          • Excedrin Extra strength is identical to Excedrin migraine – just a marketing strategy. It is the best OTC for migraine. But ask your doc for one of the specific migraine meds. They actually only work for about 60% of people, but if they work for you they’re great. A good prescription migraine pain-reliever (if the others don’t work) is call Fiorinal (generic Butalbital) which is a souped-up Excedrin.

        • +1 for strong black tea. Or even something stronger, like a shot of espresso. Also, for medication over the counter, try Excedrin Migraine. I suffer from migraines and have a prescription, but in a real bind when I am without my medication, I find that Excedrin will help alleviate some pain. Hope you feel better soon!

        • For migraines, I swear by excedrin migraine and a double shot of espresso in something. The extra caffeine just seems to shock it away, and I’m so tired from dealing with the headache that it doesn’t make me wired.

        • Thank you! I will give that a shot.

        • Thank all of you for your kind responses. My wife suffers for them as well and she too told me that Excedrin Migraine and coffee does the trick. I don’t drink coffee so it should be that much more effective.

          Thanks again!!

      • Yes, I took ibuprofen last night and it barely helped. I took advil this morning and it has done nothing.

        I am going to try and work out and hit the steam room, maybe that will help.

        • Another thing that also helps sometimes – tylenol sinus. I can’t take sudafed anymore, but the combination of sudafed and tylenol used to work for me. and sometimes plain old aspirin does the trick.

          when you’re home you can also try this: a bag of ice on your head where the pain is, and wrap the rest of your body up warm in a blanket. the ice is an anesthetic, and will chill out your brain, and it seems like the warm/cold gets things moving and restores circulation somehow. after the first ten seconds it will really feel good. i don’t know, it works for me.

          i’ve had a nagging headache all day, too. stupid weather!

    • Emmaleigh504

      If the headache went away and came back, it could be a cluster headache. I hope it’s nothing major.

  • Rave: Finding out that civil rights pioneer Charles Hamilton Houston was friends with my grandfather and sometimes took my Dad and my Uncles to watch planes take off by National Airport.

  • Rant: They’re baaack – the jumping spiders/creepy indoor grasshoppers.

    Rave: Cats luv taking them apart – literally.

    • I was just thanking the upcoming winter for the slow down of bugs in my basement apartment, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THESE CREATURE OF WHICH YOU SPEAK?

    • I hate those damn things. We called them sprickets when I was little.

    • I think those are camel or camelback crickets. They scare me.

    • What is the deal with those grasshoppers? I swear my apartment is a cemetery for those things. They crawl in and then die on their own within hours!

    • I’m seeing those stupid brownish bugs with lots o’ legs – they’re kind of flat and incredibly creepy. I thought that fall/winter would push them to death (at least hibernation!), but no such luck.

      Not as bad as camel crickets (I hope I never see one in real life, I think I would have a panic attack), but still gross.

      • em

        House centipedes? My dad is absolutely terrified of those (okay, he’s terrified of all bugs).

        • yup. that’s them. and of course, i had to google image it to figure out if that’s what they were called. bad idea. i have to find a way to completely eradicate those punks.

          i’m terrified of all bugs, too. 🙂

          • They are super gross, but they eat all the bugs that are smaller than them so they’re also kind of useful. According to a pest control guy, the fact that you’re seeing them means you’re probably providing a good habitat for the bugs that they’re eating. Get rid of the food, you get rid of the house centipedes. They also tend to like moisture–we encountered them for the first time in the bathroom of our old apartment, which had plenty of moisture issues. I try to tolerate them, unless they are anywhere near my bed at night. They come near the bed then and they’re goners.

          • @dreas — thanks for the info. i’ve spotted them in our bathroom and around other moisture-bearing areas of the home. our basement can get pretty damp and i suspect they may be coming in through there somehow. so, seems like moisture may be our problem! our cats stare and swat at them, but maybe i need to train them better. 🙂

        • I have a phobia of centipedes!! I had them in my apartment in college. I lived in terror. I’m equally afraid of cockroaches. Ick!!

        • House centipedes are great! They eat every other nasty bug – fleas & bedbugs.

          • Damn, I can’t even imagine having fleas and bed bugs. I hope this hasn’t been the case for anyone. And for them to eat bed bugs, don’t they have to be on your bed? Nevermind…

      • houseintherear

        They crawl up through my classroom sink drains at night all the time. bsaljdsalkdsaljdas!

        • *shudder shudder* there is nothing creepier than things coming up from a drain! Especially when you are in the shower at the time. Then you’re screaming bloody mary but you can’t really run away because you’re wet and naked and it’s cold outside the bathroom.

          • houseintherear

            It’s all I can do not to yell every curse word in the world in front of my 5 year old students when one of them comes up the drain… ugh!!!

    • I had a run in with a spider cricket in our new basement apartment just this morning. It was the biggest one I have ever seen, and it took me a full ten minutes to catch/kill it! It may be time to teach the dog how to hunt them.

    • This entire thread makes me laugh. Sprickets! That’s great.

    • Co-ranting with Marcus Aurelius: Aaaaah! I thought their season was up, too until I woke up to one of those camelback crickets crawling up my arm this morning. All of my thrashing around to get it off managed to rip off a couple of his putrid legs but the damn thing continued hopping around like it was a spring morn in a poppy field. What a wretched way to start the day!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Caught a terrible cold from my grandpa and I want to die.

    Rant: Used up all my PTO to visit my grandparents.

    Rave: I got to see my grandparents and I’m not really dying, just melodramatic.

    Rave: Kam’s rave is pretty wonderful.

  • Rant: I witnessed a mugging yesterday outside my office building (next to Union Station at 4:45pm). A couple teen/tween kids knocked an older 60ish lady down and stole her purse. They were laughing and running away. She was bleeding from a cut on her forehead. A security guard from my building and some boys from Gonzaga high school chased after them. But I was on the way to pick up my son and couldn’t stick around to see what happened – as I left several people were helping her and calling the police.

    Rave: I heard this morning that some police on mountain bikes were nearby, caught the kids, and the woman who was mugged got all of her belongings back.

    • It’s so sad that kids can grow up in an environment where they think that doing something like this is remotely possible, let alone acceptable.

      I’m not going to rehash what was said in multiple threads yesterday, and I’m certainly not going to propose race and ethnic cleansing…but perhaps there’s something to be said about sending these kids away. Where? I don’t know. Boarding school? They need to be removed from this environment, otherwise they’ll never know any different.

      • As the poster said, a group of boys from Gonzaga tried to help and chase the boys down. I too work near Union Station and see many Gonzaga students everyday and SURPRISE- they are White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic.

        Race, and even neighborhood, are not the only factors in predicting crime.

    • I feel slightly heartened that some high school boys chased after the little punks to catch them.

    • If you fear muggers in the NOMA area you can get someone to walk with you to your car or the metro. http://www.nomabid.org/about-the-bid/services/

  • Rant: Thank you to the inconsiderate Glover Park resident who failed to clean up after their dog. I unwittingly tracked poo all over the D2 floor this morning…I’m sure my fellow passengers were just as thrilled as I was. Seriously, rude!

  • Kalorini

    Rant: Also contracted some terrible cold while visiting my boyfriend’s family in Maine. I feel like death. New day, new cold symptom appears.

    Rave: My boyfriend and I adopted two, 4-month-old kittens from WHS on Saturday. They are ADORABLE.

    Rant: While they are cute and adorable, these kittens stay up all night, trying to either (a) eat my hair/ears/nose/earrings/fingers or (b) knock over everything. They are getting better, I think, but running on 5 hours of sleep for 3 days isn’t sustainable for me.

    Rave: My Christmas tree is up and decorated!

    Rant: With these kittens, I don’t think it’ll be up for long… 😉

  • Rant: “ish”. I wish people would stop using it.

  • Rave: Jimmy Johns opened a location next door to my office a few weeks ago. I didn’t understand what the big deal was until I went there last week. Can’t wait to go there again today! Its nothing fancy, just good old fashioned subs on fresh bread.

    Rant: November rain

  • PS:
    Rave: Tourtiere (family Christmas tradition- French Canadian meat pie) for lunch today- YUM!!

    • Yum! My family does this too –but we always wait until the 23rd to make the many, many pies. Perfect day for it!

      • Mel- waiting until the 23rd would be impossible! How do you do it- it’s so yummy!
        Is your family French-Canadian? I’ve not many others in America who make tourtiere!

        • My Grandmother is French/Belgian-Canadian. I’m originally from Detroit, and there are a lot of us up there.

          We make the super-basic recipe of ground pork, potato, and onion in the crust. I think they pared it down through the years since my family always made +40 to giveaway and feed our giant family. Your recipe sounds delicious –could you share?

          I’ll be happy to share ours but there’s no way my childhood memories will come through 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think this recipe should be shared with Pop so he can feature it in the recipe section. (hint hint)

      • Well…I forgot to say it’s a family SECRET tradition ;-).
        I’ll try and type up the recipe and send it along. Not sure if the photo will be possible, cause I don’t think my family would wait! We’ll see what I can do.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I mostly just want to know if it’s like a Natchitoches meat pie because those are heaven! And if it is like a Natchitoches meat pie, I def want a recipe. (If you want it to stay a secret you can just send it along to me 🙂 )

          • With a little googling I found the pie you’re referring to. Tourtiere is definitely not like the Natchitoches meat pie. The one my family makes is ground meat, maple syrup, mashed potatoes, onions, cinnamon (and other spices)…

        • Emmaleigh504

          My lazy self finally googled it, and it seems it is not like a Natchitoches meat pie, but still intriguing!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes, please send me the recipe with a photo if you have one to princeofpetworth(at)gmail

  • Question: Is it rude/presumptuous OR nice to buy neighbors residential address signs as a Christmas gift?

    Background: We receive a lot of mail for our neighbors, and they receive a lot of our mail. Our house is the only one that has a street number on it, and it’s in the front yard (not on the house) so it is easy to miss.

    • I think its nice but ultimately I doubt it will help the mail situation. As previously discussed in another thread on this site a few months back, some DC area postal carriers can’t seem to match the numbers on the mailbox to the numbers on the mail.

    • Without knowing anything else I don’t think it’s a good idea to give a gift that you expect someone to display prominently on the outside of their house.

      Have you spoken to your mail carrier or local post office? Have you thought about making your own house number more visible? Seems like you’re going after the least direct solution first…

  • Rave: Leftover Pho for lunch!

    Rant: The ridiculous number of separate tupperware containers (broth, noodles, sauces, veggie/herb toppings)I had to lug to work in order to enjoy said Pho properly (yes, I’m picky about leftovers). Also, I forgot the basil.

    Rave: My sister’s pregnant with my first niece or nephew and we’re having a baby shower for her this weekend in Pennsylvania with all of our relatives.

    Rant: I just had to make the 4+ hour drive up there last weekend for Thanksgiving AND I’m going to miss the Logan Circle house tour and Wagtime’s anniversary party this weekend, both of which I would have liked to attend.

    • Can you or someone post some info on the house tour? Thanks.

      • I copied this from Logancircle.org where you can find a link to purchase tickets:

        The 33rd annual Logan Circle Holiday House Tour is scheduled for Sunday, December 4, 2011, from 1 to 5 p.m.. Plan to join us for a tour of traditional and contemporary luxury homes and enjoy our Wassail reception hosted at Studio Theatre, 14th and P Streets, N.W., from 3 to 5:30 p.m. Proceeds from the tour help fund the Logan Circle Community Association’s ongoing mission to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses in Logan Circle and all of Washington, D.C.

        Online tickets are available for $25 in advance. You may also purchase tickets for $30 at The Studio Theatre beginning at noon on the day of the event.

      • There’s also a list of what houses the tour will be visiting on Borderstan.com under the “News” tab. (Not that I read other blogs, PoP!)

  • one opened up in tysons corner too

  • After installing Lightroom and a few thousand pictures on my Macbook…it’s really suffering! Soooo slow. Any recommendations? External hard drives? Was looking at the time capsules but they are really expensive and only have mediocre reviews.

    • I’ve heard good things about Carbonite.com. That way you don’t have to futz with an external hard drive.

      I’ve had a Time Capsule for 3 years now, and it mysteriously broke down last week for the first time. It’s back up and running, but that would’ve been really expensive to replace, and I probably wouldn’t have anyway.

    • I use CloudMe, it’s got an automatic upload that’s on a timer which backs up the files of my choice every day at 3:00pm. Bonus that I can access the latest upload on the internet from any computer.

    • I have a western digital hard drive which I plug in and my macbook automatically backups my whole computer since it is formatted as my time machine. I can also just drag files to keep on there separately from my back up files. Not sure of the model, but it was a brand my boyfriend recommended and I haven’t had any problems with it.

  • rave: amazing 8 day trip to spain- my first time there! a lovely week spent wandering the streets, mountains, and vineyards with a great friend.

    revel: american coffee, absence of jamon, and general post-vacation blues.

  • Rant: I went to the dentist to have an old crown replaced and ended up needing a root canal! My mouth is throbbing. I need stronger drugs. Ick.

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