Judging Bars – Last Exit

Last Exit opened up in Apr. ’11 next to Tonic and under Radius at 3155 Mt. Pleasant St, NW. Their Web site says:

“Last Exit is an informal cocktail lounge located in Mount Pleasant DC. We feature unique cocktails, infusions, and specialty beers in a relaxed atmosphere. With its plush couches, chaise lounges, and intimate seating, Last Exit is a unique venue for private events and informal gatherings.”

You can see their menus here.

Any fans?

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  • While a fan of the downstairs of Tonic, Last Exit just seems odd, out of place, and in the wrong neighborhood. I’m still lamenting the exit of Patrice.

  • It’s a fun place for interesting cocktails, but if they share their kitchen with Tonic, you probably don’t want to eat there. The food at Tonic has been pretty bad for years now.

  • I was always fine with the food at Tonic. Nothing special, but was good. Maybe a case of low expectations or maybe I just really love bacon mac and cheese.

    Last Exit does seem a bit out of place for the neighborhood, but maybe that’s a good thing?

  • I am not a huge mixed drink guy but I love this place. The peppercorn infused vodka is my favorite but everything I tried was great. Think the Gibson with marginally better prices, a cozier, more chill atmosphere, and less pretension. Plus even better drinks.

  • Had a good Old Fashioned here. Cute place though a little odd that you enter through the sports bar. They don’t relate very well. I hope it stays – the street benefits from a little diversity. I’d also love a place like Room 11 or a biergarten and Tryst/Diner venue – but maybe I should just get over my 11th street envy.

  • I love this place. Great addition to our neighborhood and I try and support it as much as possible. the staff has been super nice to us.

  • I like the bourbon rickey, I get it with the Basil Hayden. Nice to find a bar that feature’s DC’s official drink.

  • Have been there once and it was Saturday evening, and it was empty (which I have absolutely no problem with). Seemed nice but unremarkable. I couldn’t even tell you what I ordered but I believe it was a “signature drink.” I don’t really see this as a separate spot but more of a themed room (and what that theme is I have no idea). It provides an alternative to the quasi-sports/college bar feel of the downstairs bar. Good as a neighborhood watering hole but not a destination spot (and god knows I don’t want any bar in Mt. P that draws the BaT crowd).

    • We have only B, no T. And unfortunately, like it or not, we are not NYC and a good many places in DC would go under without the patronage of the BaB crowd (Bridge and Beltway).

      • We do have tunnels…the metro.

        • Dude, trust me. People coming into DC aren’t coming so that they can be in Mt. Pleasant. That area has been so hostile to development that it’s been left behind by Columbia Heights and H Street. I get it, people in Mt. Pleasant want it that way, and that’s fine, but let’s not pretend that it’s a destination.

          • Have you never been to The Raven on a Saturday night? That might change your perspective.

          • Oh, I’m under no illusion Mt. Pleasant is a destination. I am totally fine with that reality. DC has ample destinations for people to destinate their way to.

      • i call them the virginmarys.

  • Really enjoy the place. Great vibe and good drinks. Terrific addition to the neighborhood.

  • PDleftMtP

    I really, really wanted to like it – love the bar at Tonic, tolerate the food, and am completely in favor of anything on Mt Pleasant Street that isn’t a laundromat (not that we shouldn’t have them, just that we seem to have enough). I also love a good cocktail. But when we were there it just fell a bit short. The food bite pairings were forced and didn’t really add anything, and the drinks themselves were meh. Maybe I should try it again – this was early on.

  • Timely post! Went there last night for 1.5 hours and did not successfully have a full drink. The bartender meant well but did not have his act together at all – took forever to even take our orders, couldn’t find the pairings for the infusions (and didn’t tell us until 20 minutes later), didn’t have the glogg ready 1.5 hours after opening… We told him we’d give him another chance next time, so hopefully service will change for the better. At least the shoestring fries were good!

  • Very meh drinks…. I can make MUCH better cocktails at home. For this price point, I’d rather imbibe the superior drinks at The Passenger or The Gibson.

  • I find Last Exit a little sad. I’m a big fan of Marx Cafe in Mount Pleasant.

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