Good Deal or Not? “the Waterford fixtures and Schonbek chandelier convey” edition

This home is located at 1107 C St, NE:

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The flier says:

“In the Historic District! Move right in, no work required here! Pristine house beautiful, three bedrooms, master with ensuite bath, inviting open LR-DR, familyrmw/ fp off the granite and stainless steel kitchen. Glowing wood floors, energy efficient windows, skylights and yes, the Waterford fixtures and Schonbek chandelier convey. South facing deck, lush landscaped rear garden and PARKING!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $749,900.

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  • I think it looks like a nice place. When I was searching for a place, I would have bought this at this price in a second. Everything in the area was either much smaller, or it was over $1M. Seemed like this falls somewhere in between. And it had parking.

    • SouthwestDC

      I’m surprised you say this, because we saw a ton of houses like this in the $700-850 range when we were looking.

      I don’t think this is a terrible deal, but it’s not exceptional either. The neighborhood is nice but you’re getting pretty far from a metro station at this point. Parking’s always great to have but really not necessary here. I can’t tell from the photos– is it a garage or just a space in the backyard?

      The house itself looks nice enough, but it’s nothing special. I must have seen dozens of houses on the Hill that looked almost identical inside. I’m having a hard time getting a sense for how big it is– that would give me a better idea of whether it’s worth the asking price. Unless it’s huge I think it’s going to sit on the market a while.

  • It’s “nice” but also reminds me of the interiors of cookie cutter McMansions in the midwest. Aside from the chandelier totally lacking in character and the kitchen is very lackluster. I’m sure it’s a decent deal for the location, but with the number of classic townhomes I’ve seen updated while maintaining a classic feel I wouldn’t bite on this one.

  • Highlight for me is the perfect urban townhome backyard/parking pad. Deck, green space, secure parking – everything I’d want.

    • I’m a little surprised they didn’t combine the kitchen with the family room – to make a large, eat-in kitchen. People complain about open floor plans – but their purpose is pretty simple, to avoid “tiny kitchens”. Personally I’d rather open up the back rooms and make the living room less formal.

      • SouthwestDC

        I actually prefer the tiny kitchen (even if it’s a narrow galley kitchen) to an open floor plan, but maybe I’m an anomoly. I also don’t think this kitchen looks particularly small.

  • Looks very attractive to me. I like that the two bathrooms don’t have crazy-busy tile patterns like some of the ones we’ve seen recently.

    I’m impressed that the house is spacious enough for both a living room and a family room. I’m also impressed that it has parking.

    My main reservation would be whether the secondary bedrooms are big enough. The one shown with a bed looked small, at least the way the bed was placed. The one that _wasn’t_ shown with a bed left me wondering if maybe it wouldn’t fit a bed very well and that’s why it was shown that way.

    This maybe doesn’t have all that many of the older-house touches on the interior, but the staircase seems to have been nicely preserved.

  • I think this kind of boring design is exactly what sells in DC, and this will be gone for full asking soon.

    • It’s already been on the market 3 months…

    • Is this really “boring design,” or just “conservative design rather than modern design”?

      • I suppose I probably meant “traditional,” not “conservative” (although the two do kind of overlap).

        I guess what I’m wondering is: Do people who think that this kind of design is boring think that it’s impossible for design that’s not modern design to be good design?

      • I thnk this house could really benefit from professional staging. With the right furniture, area rugs, wall hangings, etc. it could look a lot more appealing. Houses with this style of interior look like sterile, boring boxes without furnishings.

  • The map-lover in me loves the OCD direction-obsessed captions in the photoshow!

  • I think the asking price is in the right ballpark, but it’ll probably end up going for closer to $700k. It’s a great neighborhood, and appears to need no work at all, which appeals to a lot of people. On the other hand it’s mostly lacking in any historic character, and it’s far from huge. The 1540 square ft. listed in the MRIS means like 1250 or 1300 of actual living space, and there’s no basement, so that means virtually no storage. There are certainly smaller houses in DC, but there are also larger in the same price range and within the same immediate neighborhood as this one. But then I’d guess they (the nearby larger ones in the same price range) mostly need at least some work, so I circle back to thinking the asking price is in the right ballpark.

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