Dear PoPville – What’s Up with the Church at 13th and Monroe St, NW?

“Dear PoPville,

I live nearby and this just keeps running through my head every morning: why has no one cleaned up the rubble from the spire that partially crumbled during the earthquake on 8/24? Heck, if there was a dumpster bin nearby I would toss it in myself. Just seems odd.”

Checking it out on Saturday, it actually looks pretty unsafe:

I’ll alert DCRA Monday morning. But I do agree, it would be nice if the rubble was cleaned up as well.

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  • Why don’t the congregants spend and hour “cleaning up the church” one day? Is it actually an active church still?

  • Could be waiting to use the rubble to rebuild????? If not we will come tomorrow and clean up the rubble. We have room in our dumpster.

  • Well if I were going to rebuild with the rubble, I’d put it inside the church for safe keeping.

    @jeremy – I would not clean up the rubble, that loose brick is liable to fall on ur head.

  • they’re waiting for the settlement to come through from state farm. the initial damage appraisal was judged too low.

  • that’s if you have earthquake insurance….

    Almost all policies specifically exclude earthquake damage. So given this area I would be shocked if they had it.

    • I actually added earthquake insurance after the recent big one in Japan, and knowing we had in fact had a tiny earthquake 6-7 years ago. It really was not very expensive.

  • The earthquake was 8/23 not 8/24.

  • Yeah I’m guessing it’s an insurance issue.

  • I for one have really enjoyed the peace and quiet we have had with church being closed. There is a sign that says they have a temporary home in Suitland. This is the most “amplified” church I’ve ever lived near, every Sunday loud drums, guitars, and the screaming preacher all blasting out the neighbors with the windows open, not once but twice a day on Sunday.

    • i think mt rona is pretty fantastic. the music is great and the folks nice, in my experience. hopefully everything gets cleaned up and fixed soon.

  • Insurance issues aside, leaving that area wide open like that is a huge liability. If someone happens to be walking by and is killed by a falling chunk of concrete, this church will be out of business for sure.

  • There is really only one answer: Out of sight, out of mind. The church is meeting elsewhere and can’t be bothered.

  • I run by this church several times a week. I guess I should be smart and change my route…

  • I don’t see how an insurance dispute should effect the clean-up, the damage to the church is pretty obvious, and they can just photograph the rubble. And I can’t imagine that pile of rubble would be of any use in any rebuilding. The church really should spend the few hours it would take to clean up the sidewalk. I think that a business or a residence in that situation would receive a bit more pressure to remediate the issue many months after the incident …

  • God brought the rubble. God will take it away.

  • Just another DC church being a bad neighbor, with the double-parking issues, noise on Sunday mornings, not paying taxes, and poor maintenance of their property. I hope they like their temporary home in Suitland, and will sell this damaged but otherwise beautiful church building for commercial or residential use. Get that property fixed up and on the tax rolls!

    • i’ve never noticed double parking from mt. rona. extra cars? yes. parking too close to stop signs? yes. many of the folks who go to mt. rona live in the neighborhood and actually walk to the church on sundays and wednesday nights.

      • saf

        Do you remember when they put up (illegal) signs directing people to “Mount Rona Church Parking?” I never could figure out where the signs were directing folks or why there was one at 9th and Quincy.

  • The rubble is the only warning people that pieces are still falling from time to time!!!!! It’s crazy that such a dangerous thing as a collapsing chimney is allowed to go on with no barricades keeping people off that part of the side walk. The church is crazy to allow that and the city is just as crazy to not take basic steps to mitigate a life threatening situation.

  • Good point … it really seems like it would be a fairly easy / not terribly difficult temporary fix. Just remove the top part of the chimney that looks like it is about to crumble down at any second … If they make it even with the rest of the tower facade, it would be difficult to notice that there was even damage, and it would eliminate a safety hazard. No need to rebuild / replicate the old tower structure, which would indeed be very costly, just seal it off where that concrete band is.

  • Kyle B 27

    Liability issues for the church aside, what is wrong with the city that the area isn’t cordoned off? I live less than a block away from this structure and we make sure to avoid that area, it’s VERY dangerous!

  • I don’t live near this church, so I can’t say if they are good neighbors or not. But, I do know that they were the main obstacle to clearing the drunks out of the 11th and Monroe Playground. So, if they move to MD and take their drunks with them, that would be nice.

  • They care enough to drive in from Maryland and double park up our streets, but not enough to do basic maintenance on their property. great.

  • the ANC commissioner or councilmember might be able to help. that is, assuming that the people who complain hold as much sway/make as many donations as the church itself does.

  • Good job PoP. When I came home from work around 7, an engineer-type w/ a hardhat was inspecting the damage and stringing caution tape. I assume your post had something to do with that.

    For what its worth, double-parking isn’t a problem caused by the Mt. Rona congregation. I’m sure it happens once in a while, but it’s not chronic. I live across the street and don’t have any issues with their presence on our block. The tight parking on Sunday mornings is offset by the sound of live music floating out of the windows on the weekend.

    • Kyle B 27

      Ditto Nick’s first paragraph, I said hi to the engineer-type guy and he was very nice, and seemed incredulous that there was no notice to pedestrians. Props to PoP!

      However, I have to disagree to the double-parking not caused by the Mt. Rona congregation: it most certainly was. Soon as the earthquake hit the double-parking dried up on Sundays, which, among other things, allows emergency vehicles to move east and west on Monroe St with ease.

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