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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Congrats to all who ran the Marine Corps marathon!

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  • Rant: Went house hunting over the weekend. Went to 4 showings, and really liked one of them. We came home to unwind and talk things out, and got on Redfin to go through the pictures again…but it was already under contract! WTF!!! Within 4 hours of our tour of the property, the seller accepted an offer. The place had been for sale for 105 days and on the VERY DAY that we go look at it and fall in love with it, it sells? I am irritated that we were even allowed to tour the property if there was an offer in the works. What REALLY gets under my skin is that the buyer is a man buying the place for his daughter. What’s up with that???

    • I understand the majority of the rant, but what about the last part of it? Why is that worse than the rest of it?

      • I’m guessing it’s worse because many of us have to work long and hard to save enough to even THINK of buying a house, and then others are just given houses by their Dads. I get the frustration that comes with that.

        • Well, who are you frustrated with – the man who can buy a home for his daughter or your parents for not buying you one?
          Like the man said – check yourself before you wreck yourself.
          I love the show “Selling New York.” Full of amazing homes and apartments I could never afford. I’m not frustrated that people on that show can drop millions on a pad without thinking about it, something I can’t do. Envious, sure; but not frustrated. And I’m sure there are people who are envious that I am a homeowner.

          • Wait until someone with way more money than you buys something out from under you just because they can.

          • just because they can? you think that’s why the guy did it? the guy wanted the house just as much as the poster did. i don’t think he did it to show off hey i have money and i am just going to buy this out from under your nose to show you how much money i have?

        • I wouldn’t assume that’s the case. My mom and I have talked about doing something like this, where she purchases the house under her name because she already owns two properties and has a better long-standing credit (and therefore also gains any tax benefit) but I would be responsible for the mortgage itself and slowly get my foot in the real estate door. Sure beats throwing half my monthly paycheck at Borger Management for rent!

        • do you also get mad at people when their parents send their kids to college?

          • Sending your kid to college and buying them a house are very different things. Lame comparison.

          • Yeah, because when you send your kids to college you’re simply giving them money, whereas when you buy a house with them you’re making an investment. Paying for college is way more of a hand-out.

          • Hopefully you are not a parent, Mike.

          • It is a good comparison because both are expensive ways of helping one’s family that not everyone can afford. It is normal for those who can afford it to pay for their children’s education or help them out in purchasing their first home. Why some, on this blog, see this as a problem is a mystery to me.

        • It is completely normal in the U.S. today to help your children purchase their first home.

          • No one said it wasn’t “normal”. The issue seems to be with the comparison between paying for college and buying a house.

          • Helping them come up with the downpayment is one thing, but outright buying them a half a million dollar house is not normal in most of the U.S.

          • It’s def. not the same thing to buy a house and send a kid to college and I understand the frustration by the original poster. Buying a house takes up one of a few houses that the poster is chasing after and leaves less potential properties for them. On the other hand, any effect of sending a kid to college likely doesn’t affect the original poster significantly.

          • right but the main frustration of the poster was not that the house was being taken off the market. of course that’s frustrating. but the main issue that poster had was that dad was buying it for daughter made it even worse. 2 different frustrations imo.

          • Maybe it’s normal in your little world, but I seriously doubt that’s the norm everywhere.

      • It’s just frustrating to lose a place to someone who is getting a home as a gift, when you have worked hard to save up a lot of money for it. I don’t know the daughter’s situation, so I don’t want to get too annoyed, but it is hard not to.

        • I’ll join your rant. Too many of my friends in their late twenties are living off of Mom and Dad, and I find that irresponsible and (for the most part) shameful. My parents taught my bro and me to be independent, and we lived up to that challenge. I have a hard time respecting “kids,” who are still living off the ‘rents when they should be self-sustaining adults. With too lush a safety net, incentives are screwed up and these same people end up being less successful professionally. I’ll take my own Honda civic over dad’s BMW anyday- if only to preserve my own integrity and pride!

          • You have some friends with exceptionally rich parents, apparently.

          • Don’t knock on Hondas – they’re great cars that keep their value. Plus, the new ones sell for close to $20K–that ain’t cheap!!

          • i am very independent myself. my parents did send me and my bro to college but now that i am on my own and working, i hate to take anything from them. but i also don’t resent other people for doing it if that’s what they want to do. live and let live i guess.

          • I do find it frustrating when the kids with the nice homes/cars/whatever that their parents bought for them act like they somehow earned those things themselves. Even more frustrating are the people who are impressed with them…. for what? Is taking advantage of their parents’ generosity some sort of accomplishment?

        • poster did not lose anything.
          Only late with an offer,thats all.

        • you don’t know this. the kid could very well be paying the mortgage, but just didn’t have enough credit or cash to put in the bid on their own. you don’t know people’s individual circumstances. the father is probably really pleased that he can help his kid out… why are you all hating? people get help from their parents. it’s not new.

          • Yeah, we had to do something like this. Even though my partner and I made enough to qualify for the loan, we didn’t have sufficient credit history to buy on our own since neither of us had ever taken out a huge loan for anything before.

    • Haha, welcome to DC house hunting.

      I had a similar one a few months ago (FYI – still haven’t bought a house). My wife sees a good listing that goes up on Thursday and sends it to me. I like it too. So, we agree to go to the open house on Sunday. Saturday morning – pull up Redfin to look at it and . . . . under contract, open house cancelled. Ugh. . . .

      On a side note, we ended up getting a buyer’s agent and life has been much easier since.

      • Yeah, as someone who was in the condo hunt back in 2001, I got outbid 7 times…yes, 7 times. in the 5 months I looked.

        Taking your checkbook to the openhouse was commonplace. While thigns have slowed down, DC is still the housing market poster child of the nation

      • Keep an eye on those places that you love, but lose. It isn’t unusual for the contract to fall through or be withdrawn. Then you might have a chance. Also, if you can get pre-approved for a loan so that you have more options if something comes open that you like.

    • So if it was someone in your same situation who got the contract would you be just as frustrated?

    • If it’s been on the market for that long, why didn’t you look at it sooner? If the answer if that you haven’t been seriously looking until recently, it’s probably a blessing in disguise that you didn’t get the house. Once you see more houses you’ll realize that house really wasn’t the best for you anyway.

    • The bitterness expressed by several of these posts is palpable. Get over it. Not everyone is created equal. Some parents buy shit for their kids. You know that smug superiority that you think the “spoiled” kids have. Ranting about how much better you are than they are because you “worked hard and deserve ____” is exactly the same song, just sung to a different melody.

      • That’s how I feel. Some parents buy their kids everything they want, others provide a stable and happy home, and others promote learning and education so their kids grow up to be self-sufficient and successful. Some parents provide all of the above, and many provide none of it. Recognizing that we are not all given equal opportunities– and being ok with it and working with what we do have– is a hallmark of maturity, in my opinion.

      • I actually loved growing up surrounded by friends with wealthy parents. I got some benefits out of it too and only occasional small spells of jealousy. Almost free rent to live in a brand spankin’ new house in college? I’ll take it.

      • Uh, no- this is not the same song. Being self-sufficient has always been admirable in American society (See: Protestant Work Ethic, etc…). It is the goal every parent wants for their children. There is nothing admirable about a 30 year old son or daughter still cashing in on the parents’ largesse. There shouldn’t be any bitterness or jealousy- there should be disdain, however. Parents who participate in this encourage even more materialism and consumption when they provide for all of Junior’s wants, even though Junior was too stupid or lazy to earn those ‘things’ himself.

        • I think you misunderstand the point of the Protestant Work Ethic. It wasn’t that work itself is somehow soul-cleansing or noble.

          The Puritans, being Calvinists, believed in predestination, and believed that nothing you could do in this life would actually cause salvation. According to the Protestant Work Ethic, hard work is necessary in order to become prosperous, which is a sign that you are favored by God, and therefore presumably destined for eternal salvation.

          In many ways, the Protestant Work Ethic is as shallow as the people you purport to disdain, so I wouldn’t go holding it up as a good reason to hate people who happen to be luckier than you (and more than I, and more than most people).

          • Former Lawyer, I would not consider my wealthier friends “luckier” than me. Personally, I don’t equate sheer financial wealth with “luck.” I do equate having a fulfilling life/job with happiness. This is quite different from offering observations on people blasting through their parents’ wealth with no direction in life. I always think of how my obituary will read if I die tomorrow. I think it’ll be just fine. For those who have been living off their parents and taking menial or no jobs (I can think of a few right now)- well, you gotta figure that out for yourself. And please don’t offer me a history on the Protestant Work Ethic. If you know anything about history, terms evolve to encompass more than their original meanings. Thanks for playing, though.

          • Don’t blame me because you improperly invoked a social phenomenon without bothering to find out what that phenomenon actually is. And no, just because you don’t know what something means doesn’t mean that the rest of us don’t — snarky, childish references to game shows to the contrary notwithstanding.

            Understand history better and you might make your points better. No matter, though — your point wasn’t all that valid to begin with. Unless your point was that you’re just a bitter person. If so, then I give. You’ve proved your point. You say that you don’t consider them lucky, yet you appear to spend a great deal of energy concerning yourself with what they have vs. what you have. Non-jealous people don’t do that.

        • You’re spouting off a bunch of generalizations, strawman arguments, and twisted logic. Sit down before you embarrass yourself.

          • Sorry, I offering my own observations. And your argument is…? Ad hominem attacks do not an argument make.

          • You need to google terms before you use them.

            Ad hominem attacks. Attacks aimed at the person. I was actually attacking your argument directly. In fact, your rant was far more ad hominem than mine. Get with it.

          • Anon, you still don’t get it. Ad homimen attacks are personal attacks. When you say you should sit down before you embarass yourself, that is an insult. Not sure what else that could be. You’re going to have to trust me on this. You still fail to say exactly why I’m wrong in my original post. I need some substance, friend, in order to counter your post.

          • No, it wasnt an insult. It was a piece of advice, that you clearly decided not to heed.

    • so?
      You went to see a property that the owner was still showing,maybe to see if they can get back up offers.
      Happens all the time.
      A man buying a house for his daughter rubbs you the wrong way? As someone who helped his kids buy homes,I dont see what your problem is.

    • I have a feeling that most of the people who can’t understand the frustration of having the house bought out from under you buy some rich daddy are mostly the ones whose rich parents spoiled the crap out of them all their lives, whether they’ll admit it or not.

      • some “spoiled” kids end up to be hard workers and solid individuals as well. everyone on this blog has it better than 98% of the world, so it would be behoove us ALL to sit down and shut up.

      • thats sheer nonesense.

      • yes, it’s frustrating. hopefully you will find the inner strength to carry on with your life.

        best of luck!

      • Really? This person didn’t get the house bought out from under them…they were just late with an offer. Who knows, maybe if the OP would have submitted an offer earlier, they would have been already under contract. Sheesh, enough with the hating and bitterness.

      • So as a corollary, most of the people who are frustrated at this, despite their claims of self-sufficiency, are those who wish they had rich parents that spoiled the crap out of them all their lives?
        I paid my own way through multiple levels of school and bought two places with my own money. And I don’t get the frustration or the feeling of being personally wounded because the person who bought your dream home “out from under” you had help from his or her family. This wasn’t even a bidding war. The original poster was just too late. He or she should be blaming his or her agent for waiting so long to show a property that had been on the market for over 3 months.

    • you should sue.

    • House-hunting is emotional — you look at a place and you try to imagine your future with it. It’s almost like trying to find a spouse in an arranged marriage (few chances to see it before you have to decide, etc., etc.).

      So it’s understandable that the OP was frustrated that the seller accepted an offer before he/she had a chance to make one.

      But at the same time, I understand what other commenters are saying. Just because a man is buying the place for his daughter doesn’t mean that she’s an annoying rich kid, super-spoiled and acting all entitled. As some pointed out, she might be the owner in all but name but needs her dad’s credit rating to get a loan.

      Or maybe her dad IS straight-out buying her the place, but maybe she’s a humble and genuinely nice person who recognizes how very fortunate she is to be in this position.

      Eventually the OP will see other houses that he/she likes better than the one that got away. It IS frustrating when a good place gets away, but that’s the nature of house-hunting.

    • In DC, it’s not uncommon for parents to buy their children a house. Surreal, isn’t it?

  • Rave: Finished my first marathon!

    Rant: My IT band gave out on me around mile 13 unexpectedly, which made the last 13 miles not so much fun.

  • claire

    Rant: Grabbed a box of second tomatoes (can’t believe they’re still around!) at the farmer’s market yesterday and was really excited to cook them down and jar them for the winter – and then I managed to scorch the sauce as it was cooking and completely ruin the whole batch.
    Rave: In the past, a setback like this would have left me feeling depressed, but I feel surprisingly zen about it.

    Rant: Didn’t dress up/go out for Halloween this weekend.
    Rave: Think maybe I’ll throw together a costume tonight for trick or treaters coming by… any suggestions?

  • Rave: Halloween!

    Rant: Nervous for tonight: I might have bought way too much candy to give out. I live in an English Basement in North Dupont, and I’m wondering how many trick-or-treaters I should really be expecting. How many kids ages 2-10 live in the Dupont area?

    • SouthwestDC

      I have a similar rant. It’s my first Halloween in Capitol Hill, so I asked the neighborhood listserv how many trick-or-treaters I should expect. Most of the responses were simply “a lot”, or something to that effect, but one guy said he had 2,000 last year. Another person who lives more off the beaten path had somewhere around 850. So I bought 1,000 pieces of candy. I hope the turnout’s what I’m expecting because I spent over $100 on it.

      Rave: Got a handful of people who are willing to hang out on my patio with blankets and hot cider handing out candy with me. Should be fun!

      • Rant: I wish I had $100 to spend on candy.

      • When did candy get so expensive? I bought a ton this weekend (I’ve run out early the last two years) and the cost was insane! I guess that’s what I get for buying the candy I like. Should stick the pixy sticks and dum dums. Low cost, and I won’t gain five pounds from all the snickers bars. 🙂

        • SouthwestDC

          I know; I can’t believe I spent that much. But I didn’t want to be the person that gives out the cheap crappy candy no one wants. At least it’s only once a year.

          • ha! me too! as much as my pixy stix/dum dums plan would save me some cash, i would hate for the kids to have lousy candy.

            when i was a kid, i lived on the same block as a dentist who handed out toothbrushes. as you can imagine, i never went back to his house.

            these days, i think pixy sticks/dum dums are the equivalent of toothbrushes. 🙂

          • What’s wrong with pixie stix and dum-dums? I like ’em.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I love pixie stix and dum dums!

    • save the leftovers for next year (unless you don’t trust yourself). the candy keeps forever.

  • Rant: Squirrels eating my jack o lanterns by day, rats by night; Mayor Vince Gray, the GOP, kid wanting trying to sneak a buy of “The Human Centipede” on Demand

    Revel: Getting a parking space right in front of Shake Shack Saturday night for a burger. Best place to watch young revelers shivering in their skimpy costumes while they wait to get into Halloween parties.

  • Rant: Spun out and rolled over on I-95 on the way to visit daughter at school on Saturday.
    Rave: I’m ranting about it.
    Rant: I’m never getting in a car with my husband again.
    Rave: Seatbelts

  • Rave: Mad props to the two dudes in the bottom right corner of the photo. Whether they are running a 5k or a marathon, doing it in bare feet is impressive.

    Rant: Here’s the solution for DC’s chronic unemployed – train them to be Metro escalator repairpersons. The need for their services is apparently endless. Georgia Ave escalator is out for a month. Back on line for a day. Out again. Ridiculous. God help people who can’t walk very well.

    • This morning the Q Street side of Dupont was out entirely. Two escalators were completely closed, and the one remaining escalator had to handle people going both up and down. Disaster.

      • this is scary especially since i hear they are supposedly CLOSING the entire south side for quite some time. imagine everyone exiting entering dupont (from both north and south sides) all of them go to the north side and only one escalator works. geez.

    • I hear you on the escalators. Foggy Bottoms brand new escalator was out of commission last week. Seeing that doesn’t inspire confidence that the new/repared escalators will be any better.

      Rave: Metro’s escalators always remind me of the late Mitch Hedberg.

      “An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.”
      Mitch Hedberg

      • Obviously, Mitch Hedberg didnt witness the astounding incompetence of WMATA.

        Otherwise, he would know that an out of order escalator will be disassembled, reassembled, and completely unusable for at least 6 months.

      • +1. I’m always reminded of him when I see broken escalators. Sigh.

  • RANT: Missed some good partying this weekend because I decided to stay home all week and sulk about things completely out of my control.

    RAVE: I’m so rested!! Have not felt this good on a Monday morning in ages. 🙂

  • Rave: To the woman who stopped me while walking my dogs to find out where she should take the dog she found on the street. She was really concerned about taking it to the right place. It’s really nice to know there are still people who are kind out there. Hopefully the owners find their dog soon!

    Rant: My landlord/apartment is a hot mess. Going to take a lot of work to make it tolerable for the next year…

  • Rave: Great weekend. Relaxing yet super fun. Hosted a 90s themed Halloween party on Saturday which a lot of people enjoyed, or so I’m told.

    Rant: Not too much to rant about so far yet. Still haven’t heard back from the place where I had a second interview. I just want a response to keep me sane.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I hate cold weather.

    Rave: My apartment is beautifully warm. I love my radiators. I usually only have to turn on the small 1 to have my apartment toasty warm.

    Rave: Saw some great jack-o-laterns on my way to work today. One big orange pumpkin was eating another smaller white one. Another jack-o-latern had a smaller pumpkin used as what looked like an eye patch. Very creative.

  • Rant: I also hate cold weather.

    Rave: I recently moved into an apartment building with a fireplace! I’ve never had a fireplace before, but I’ve always wanted one.

    Rant/Rave: Didn’t really celebrate Halloween as much as I wanted to this year (went to a small party on Friday, stayed in on Saturday). Kinda disappointing, but my body is probably thanking me for not wearing anything ridiculously weather-inappropriate this weekend.

  • Rave: Ran my first 5K in a decade and beat my prior time by a few minutes.

    Rave: Raised lots of money for Whitman-Walker Clinic.

    Rant: Running in the wind and rain in sub-40 temperatures was not my cup of tea. I had to keep pulling up my soggy sweatpants every few minutes.

    • em

      Congrats on the run! I was driving by the course on Saturday and thinking how miserable it must be for those out there. Props to you for sticking it out and raising money for Whitman-Walker.

  • Rave: I got a paying job! Hopefully this will mark the end of the intern portion of my life.

  • Rant: People who don’t hand out candy.

    Rave: People who do!

    Rave: I’ll be playing a Bauhaus, Misfits, Concrete Blonde type mix as I hand candy to the kiddies. Anyone have any other good gothy suggestions? No, Evanescence will not be accepted.

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

  • Rant: Missed out on all the Halloween fun because I had to pack.

    Rave: Seeing everyone’s costumes…never though I could live vicariously through others.

    Rant: The weather on Saturday. I’m from the upper midwest, so it’s not like cold is anything new to me, but the dampness on Saturday made it feel super chilly and miserable. And I didn’t have a coat that fit me, so I was doubly cold.

  • Rant: Crappy weather in St Michaels this past weekend.
    Rave: St Michaels this past weekend!
    Rave: Halloween Happy Hour tonight at work that my wife is joining me for. Excited for her to meet my co-workers.
    Rave: Trick-or-Treaters later tonight. Love seeing the kids in their costumes, super fun, brings me back.

  • Happy hour for the ladies of PoP looking to make some female friends. Tomorrow at Tonic, starting at 6pm!

  • 3155 Mt. Pleasant St NW.

  • Rant: shared laundry rooms that are seemingly impossible to get a load in. ever. unless you do it at 2am.

  • Rant: living in an apartment building with centralized heating where I don’t get to control the temperature in my studio. alternates between freezing and boiling!

    Rave: the sun is out again! and I’ve remembered how to dress appropriately for the cold.

    Rant: [possibly literally] insane coworkers. garrrrrrrrrrrrh.

    Rave: fun coworkers who throw awesome Halloween parties!

  • Rave: Awesome Halloween weekend with some of my favorite people. Already thinking about plans for our next big get-together!

    Rant: Love seeing everyone out in their costumes, but I think it’s time for some people to retire the “wear lingerie and call it a costume” look.

    Rant: No heat/hot water at my apartment for all of Sunday evening/early this morning.

  • RANT RANT RANT: The complete inability for Metro to handle the after-MCM crowd yesterday.

    It took us 30 minutes of simply waiting in line to get to the turnstiles of the Metro at Rosslyn after the Marathon ended (~2:00pm) with 10,000s of other runners and spectators. Then an additional 10-15 minutes to get a spot on the platform. And trains were spaced 12-14 minutes once we finally got down there. Could have walked to Columbia Heights in the time I spent in the bowels of Rosslyn before even boarding a train. Ten times worse than any Nats game.

    30,000 runners – just the runners alone – merit increased service but factoring in spectators (we had 10 spectators for 2 runners) plus regular Sunday metro users and this was quite the disaster. I don’t buy the increased service Metro relayed to customers, since we still waited at other stations for 10-15 minutes for trains.

    Metro has no incentive to increase service – since so many people are forced to take it anyways, adding trains does not get them any additional $$$. If 10,000 riders pay $1.60 to take the train, Metro makes $16,000 regardless if they send one or two or three trains. The additional surge of customers just get pushed back to later and later trains without actually increasing service but receiving the additional revenue. It’s such a shame this disaster of a transit system holds such a grip over so many of our livelihoods.

    • That sucks! I had heard about the metro cluster fuck after the race, so my husband parked in gtown and we walked over there afterwards. It is amazing that metro can’t get it together enough to increase the frequency of the trains- they were every 8 minutes before the race.

      Rave: congrats on the marathon!

    • if the marine corps marathon offered to pay for increased service then your complaint is legitimate. if not, then nobody can complain.

      • Do the Nats pay extra for service for their games? Nope. Only when they require the metro to stay open later than it normally would. MCM paid extra to have the system open earlier than normal – 5AM to accommodate runners/spectators.

        Metro is making the cash off the additional riders, so where is that extra $$$ going?

    • We heard about the cluster at Rosslyn after the MCM, some of my support crew hoofed it all the way to the Pentagon to catch metro there, us runners walked to Foggy Bottom…walking 2 miles after running 26 isn’t exactly my idea of fun, but we survived!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Company holiday party cancelled today.

    Rant: Dress I ordered for the occasion arrived last week. It fit beautifully so I cut the tags off. No return with the tags cut.

    Rave: I’ve got a great dress for some fancy occasion that I hope is in my future.

    • Maybe we should have a dress up PoP happy hour! I got a new dress to wearing to a wedding, that was cancelled due to the hurricane. Same rant and rave – rave about getting the dress, rant about now wearing it!

  • Rant: slipped on the stairs and broke my foot yesterday.

    Rave: I can’t wait to eat some leftover milk duds tonight!

    • Ouch. So sorry. Hope you’re not on crutches for long or at all. I’ve broken both feet at various times in my life. But be sure to milk everyone for as much attention and waiting on you as you possibly can!

  • Rant:snow on Sat ruined our Halloween partying plans.

    Rave:no salt on the roads! DDOT called it right,or were they just lazy?

  • Rave: My boyfriend’s Mom convinced his Dad that they should come to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Hooray for finally getting to spend the holiday with my boyfriend!

  • Rave: Bought a sweet house this weekend that had been on the market forever.

    Rant: Gossipy real estate agents that have been telling people I bought it for my daughter. Really it is none of their business what I plan to do with it.

    Rave: Any problems found during inspection may be a deal killer. 😉

  • Or, you could just pay attention and realize what every review and person who has completed the MCM in the past oh, 10 years has said, and arrange for alternative transportation. Take a cab, or arrange for a pickup etc. I arranged for a friend to pick me up. I was home in Petworth 30 minutes after crossing the finish line.

    If the MCM wanted additional service, they could have paid for it, just like anyone else does. There is no reason for the entire system and the daily users of the system to eat the cost of operating the system at rush hour capacity for half a day to accomodate a bunch of people who knew better.

    • to smoopyhead above

    • You must have finished way earlier than me- it took me over 45 minutes to get to the family link-up area after crossing the finish line. I’m going to stick to less-crowded marathons in the future!

  • I had a similar experience. Was hoping that my knee injury would magically get better for my first marathon. The crowds helped a lot for the first 13, but man, anything after the capitol was hellish. But it’s done and we have shiny medals to show off at work!

  • Rave: Had a wonderful and productive weekend and started the work week off with a very peaceful and restorative meditation session at 6am this morning.

    Rant: The first rant in this thread got more than 2 dozen comments questioning the validity of the rant. C’mon people… sounds like the situation sucked, and some of the particulars really rubbed it in. Let people rant. Or at least make your criticism constructive.

  • RAVE: I think people don’t know that the street sweeping restrictions are lifted until March, so I got a GREAT parking spot near CH metro. : )

    RANT: my house is kinda cold.

    RAVE: bought used boiler and am going to reinstall radiators on the first floor and basement of my house! Toasty! By the way, has anyone ever done this?

    • Haven’t done it but wanted to say how much I love radiator heat.

      And the boiler in my house was installed in 1960 and still works just fine.

    • You’re doing the work yourself? Hats off to you and your superior DIY skills. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who’s done that kind of work without a plumber or steamfitter. And I don’t mean that to scare you off — I’m genuinely impressed. Good luck.

    • I think the restrictions aren’t lifted until *tomorrow*. I hope you don’t get a ticket/tow! Maybe you’ll sneak by!

      • From DPW press release: Washington, DC) The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) announced today that weekly residential mechanical street cleaning will end for the season Monday, October 31, 2011. “No Parking/Street Cleaning” restrictions will be lifted and motorists may park on posted, alternate-side, daytime sweeping routes without moving their cars on street-cleaning days. Residential street sweeping will resume March 1, weather permitting.

        My assumption is that Monday means Monday and not Tuesday. I’ll find out tonight *__*

  • No. I should clarify. I’ve bought the parts, noted the existing infrastructure, and will bid out the hookup. However, I found some great radiators at CommunityForklift!
    Now I must say, I’m a decent plumber and electrician and have installed three ceiling fans and replumbed the powder room.

    • You are awesome.

      I miss radiator heat immensely. We used to put some clothes on the radiator, then go out to play in the snow, and when we came back in, we put the now wet clothes on the radiator and put on nice warm outfit.

      Then my fairy godmother gave me hot cocoa to boot.

      Some of that has to be true, I remember it!

      • I miss it too and hate that the previous owners of my house took the radiators out. Fortunately, they left the piping in so I hope that the project will not be too complicated or expensive. I only plan to reinstall on the freezing cold first floor and bitter arctic basement.

  • Rant: Cold. And our self-imposed no heat rule until Thanksgiving. Toughing it out isn’t that much fun, particularly in the morning.

    Rave: Contractors starting tomorrow! Woo hoo for ceilings that aren’t on their way to an imminent collapse!

  • What’s up with smashed glass?

    If someone breaks glass on a house, the owners clean it up. If someone beaks glass on a car, the owners leave it on the ground.

    I’m peeved since my bike tires get poked regardless of glass on the street or the sidewalk.

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