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Standard is located at the corner of 14th and S St, NW. You can see their menu here. How’s the bbq? Anyone try the donuts yet?

Full disclosure – after I took the photo above they gave me an apple cider donut. It’s hard for me to judge because I was starving at the time but in the .2 seconds it took me to devour it, I thought it was delicious.

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  • please, PoP, do not publicize this place! i want to be able to get a seat when i go.

    i for one love this place. great location, relaxing picnic tables and huge beers. bbq is yummy too. will have to check out the donut machine sometime soon.

  • I think their burgers are good, I like the menu, I like the prices (esp that with tax its always an even number). Service is fairly good in that indifferent hipster kind of way (I know you were waiting how long it took for someone to say that word in connection with this restaurant). The vibe is a little douche-y and it is often very very crowded. But overall I love having a cheaper good option on 14th.

  • Love it. Unfortunately dogs are no longer aloud in the outside area. First Ice Company now Standard. I guess BBQ and dogs don’t mix.

    • Maybe people just like to go out and enjoy an evening and not have to worry about tripping over animals or listening to them bark all night and shit everywhere?

      • houseintherear


        • I’m sorry, but there is no reason whatsoever someone needs to take a dog to eat with them.

          • 1. I don’t like leaving my dog home alone while I am out.
            2. I like having my dog with me; she makes me happy.
            3. My dog does not bark all night or shit everywhere, and you probably wouldn’t even notice she was there.

            You don’t have to agree with my reasons, but there they are. I would prefer that parents didn’t bring certain children out to restaurants (the ones who are loud or who run around or whatever) but I understand their desire to do so, and I realize that many children are well behaved and it’s unfair to make blanket generalizations about children as a whole.

          • No reason for YOU. So, leave your dog at home.

            For me, I respect the owner’s wishes. However, places that do not allow dogs, get less business from me. Its how the world works.

          • 2 for President of the US!

            It always mystifies me when dog owners are suprised that everyone else doesn’t want someones random dog jumping all over them, tripping them up, barking in their ear.

            Get a clue folks, leave your dog at home when you go out to the bars

          • + 1 Restaurants are for people, not animals!

          • Are you dense? Seriously.

            We live in a city where the same person can believe that a bicycle should be able to operate with careless disregard for the laws, parents and kids should get the most special of treatment, and dogs and dog owners are the demon spawn.

            Im glad that clearer heads prevail for the vast majority and its refreshing to remember that no matter how prolific the opinion is on PoP, these comments are not a representative sample of the whole population.

          • Amen. Restaurants are for people. Not dogs.

          • It makes me feel weird when someone brings their dog and ruins the vibe. Dogs shouldn’t be in restaurants, what if people started bringing their pet hissing cockroaches to the bar?

      • please don’t call them animals.

    • i see dogs there all the time! they have a water bowl set out on the patio and they let you tie them out next to the fence by the bike racks so you can sit next to your pooch and give them bbq scraps. seems pretty reasonable to me. not everyone likes dogs but some people do and you get to be close to your dog and not bother anyone.

  • Love the brisket sandwich and great beer selection. It is always packed, but just part of the places atmosphere.

    A winner IMO.

  • best grilled cheese and bacon in the city.

  • The doughnuts are FANTASTIC!

  • It’s a nice place on a nice day. The beer is good but I find the food one step above fast food.

  • Great donuts, good food, and good friendly wait staff. Just keep the brofest somewhere else, plz.

  • ledroittiger

    Seasonal only, unfortunately. Wish it would run all winter long!

  • Love the Standard, one of my favorite destinations in the neighborhood. Great addition.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    I like the vibe and the community tables at The Standard. I have yet to be impressed by the food. It’s not bad, but I think there is better bbq in the city.

  • LOVE. One of my very favorite places in DC. The brisket sandwich with a Belgian beer at 11:30 AM on a Saturday = perfection.

  • the place is fine, but it feels like jail. I don’t know why I’m supposed to want to hang out in a crowded outdoor jail.

  • Waaayyy too crowded!

  • THIS is how vegetarians and meat eaters can co-exist. I know everyone likes to fight about whether or not BBQ places should have anyything for non-meat eaters, but the grilled cheese is fantastic and having it on the menu gives vegetarians the chance to enjoy with their carnevore friends.

  • On the whole, this operation makes me nostalgic for the prior tenant, Garden District. Food is variable but OK. Fried foods (hush puppies, onion rings, donuts) are very good. I’ve had their beef brisket sandwich twice: good, but hardly exceptional. My sister who ordered a bratwurst found it did not compare well with brats she had in Wisconsin. My meat-averse spouse who ordered a grilled cheese sandwich was not especially impressed.

    The noisy, crowded beer-garden ambiance clearly finds favor with hipsters. But if I’m going to eat this food outside, I may as well do so on my quieter, more spacious patio one block away. So I’ve ordered takeout from them twice — both times fairly early on a Saturday afternoon. In the first instance, service was OK. In the second instance — when there were not that many people dining on the premises — service was incredibly slow and my sister was given the wrong order, to boot. I doubt there will be a third time.

    • initially I was interested in your post–it seemed well put together and reasonable.

      however, i will take your opinion with a grain of salt, mostly because you write on twitter every time your dog takes a poop: http://twitter.com/#!/otberbur

      • Hey, pooping made page 1A of today’s Post. Plus, the Post had live tweets from today’s trial about the dog walker ultimately acquitted of not picking up the poop.

  • Could people work on their definition of hipster or at least stop using the word? The crowd here is entirely fratty and basically terrible and whatever it is, it does not bring the nearly meaningless term hipster to mind. It’s too bad about the crowd really — the food is surprisingly good.

    • if someone is cooler than you, or wears tighter clothes than you, they are a hipster. thats they way it goes.

  • I like the idea of the Standard but I haven’t been to impressed with the beer. They’ve got the German beer down and the now obligatory DC Brau option, but the beer seems to me to be generally on the light or bland side and the selection a little slim for real beer lovers.

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